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Holy shit, I may actually make it this cycle? I always thought it was a pipe dream but it’s seeming more like reality by the day... how are you newly made millionaires handling all the wealth? Cashing out any or letting it ride?

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Not to burst your bubble too hard, but I would say 1.5m is making it if you want to live fairly cheaply off of 1 million dollars, you have to factor in taxes among other nonsense

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Where's the other ~$69k?

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Good for you anon. You should add some AVAX to turbo charge your gains from here on in.

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You can make it anon. We still got at least 6 months of bull cycle.

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I need at least 3 mil to truly "make it", sad.

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It’s really just a milestone for me. I don’t plan on not working forever after that, I just wanna be comfy. I have other side hustles I’m working on that I’m passionate about that should provide enough supplementary income
Couldn’t fit it all on screen

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I’m shooting for 5M minimum. Invest in boomer ETF shit and then live off the payments.

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FYI this is what I thought when my portfolio hit 6 figs back in 2017. That I was on my way to making it to a million. But it crashed. Probably will for you too and you'll feel the pain.

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In a similar position, but holding better tokens. Gonna cash out a few 100k during this run and holding the rest forever

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Did the calc this morning.
Im at 100K networth if I factor in all my assests from every personal wallet and exchange wallets.

Currently 25, alt bullrun is about to get started. How do I NOT fuck this up. BTC gbr's and ALT gbr's are cyclical when the fuck do i get out?

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Short now

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you own EXACTLY 1.5 btc and EXACTLY 32 eth and EXACTLY 2000 DOT?
why would you make a fake blockfolio and post it to an anonymous imageboard? seek mental help

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Oh yeah if you just have a million to sit on through investing and other stuff and you are pursuing a working passion you have definitely made it then. Even after taxes 1 million is enough to not be completely bound by a company taking whatever time off you want

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Sorry but 1 mil is not making it , 10 mil is

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I was up at 180k last year and hovered between 5-6 figures for a few months not too long ago so I’ve been around a similar range before, but I think this may finally be the time for breaking out of it and never hit 5 figures again as long as I’m not an absolute retard

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Is this over diversification? I have a few small bags like in this pic but it's just a few hundred in each bag...

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what the fuck is your problem

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What sort of amounts did you start investing with? Im just starting and I go from feeling hopeful to hopeless so often

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>you have to factor in taxes
Lol no

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Also you have a separate link stack in a cold wallet, right? If not get one right fucking now

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Roughly, yes. I’m slightly OCD in wanting to have aesthetic numbers in my portfolio and keep clean stacks. Being that these are my main holds I sell off even amounts of them into other alts to keep the number always looking clean. I’m staking all of these as well so I don’t want to update my portfolio every few days with adding a few DOT or .0002 BTC. Once I’ve gained enough then I’ll make the changes to my portfolio

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I'm at 123k right now. I really fucking hope I can make it.
I'll be laddering out later this year when I think the top is in. Gonna convert to stablecoins on a non KYC exchange to avoid paying taxes until I cash out to fiat. From there I'll park the money in either defi or blockfolio to get a good APY while I wait for the market to crash. Take a portion of it and buy back into the bear market.

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lmao you have issues if you're upset about people having nice round even numbers in their portfolios which is exactly how mine is too.

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>no LINK
Anon... what the hell...

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Chainlink is the most important project in this space. It connects and secures everything, this positioning makes it the most important value capture in all of web3.0. I was asking OP if he excluded his link holdings from his pic because he considers them to be a permahold like all the other high IQs here

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I got into crypto in 2017 and put in 5-10k at that time, watched it turn into 40k then all the way back below 10k again. I DCA’d over the years and probably put a total of 15-20k all in all when factoring 2017 as well. It takes time anon but gains can be made, DYOR and remember you’re still early compared to the average person. You can make it fren
If you have less than 1-2k you don’t need to diversify that much. Just go all in 1-2 coins. Once you start getting above 10k you can start branching out into a handful of alts, this is what I did. People usually talk shit on this strategy but last summer during the defi run I held 20-30 alts at one point and went from 20k-100k pretty quickly. This is very risky though if you’re not in the right alts and depending on what the current market sentiment is, you have to follow things closely

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I guess he really doesn't own link. Am I right you had three years?

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If you cash out you're fucking dumb. At least keep half and also if you cash out use the money to buy dips. We are literally replacing the banking system and becoming the elite of the worlds. Literally and unironically. And on top of that we can combine and direct our power and wealth on an anonymous shit posting board. The new world order is going to be like nothing history has ever seen and it's gonna be fat basement dwelling virgins sitting in the basements of their mom. Hilarious to think about

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Anon... you need to at least have some LINK.

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Good taste in coins
What's RBC and XOR?

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Legit stunned he doesn’t have any LINK

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I'm pretty sure OP has three years

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Why? You learned all these new age tools and acquired all this power that's forever locked to boomers that will never understand it and you go back to Boomer stocks that will lose most speculative value when the crypto space keeps getting consistent growth?
Keep it in stable coins and provide liqudity at least that's the safest way to live off of gains

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>also if you cash out use the money to buy dips.
This is how I will really make a shitload of money with LINK over the next decade. Cash out near the top and use half the money to buy back in during the bear market. Also allocate some funds to other promising stuff so I can get in early

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>Cash out near the top and use half the money to buy back in during the bear market
How to know when is top?

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Because the government can snap its fingers and ban crypto or at the very least tax the absolute fuck out of it. It’s good to have a hand in both the old and new school. Cashing all the way out into ETFs is retarded, but putting $1-2M would be a smart move.

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Just gotta guess given the data we have. Seems to be 4 year cycles. Pumps for about a year (2017) and then bear market for 3 years (2018-20). Personally cashing out 80% at the end of this year depending on the price of LINK. I don’t mind holding it another cycle if it’s not where I want it to be. Don’t sell this shit too early.

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OP is a larp just advertising his shitcoins... nobody with 200k in crypto right now has zero link. such a thing is simply inconceivable.

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Motherfucker got dat dot. I didnt buy at $4... im at 195k kek

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Good for you anon. /Ignore all anons telling you 1 mill is poor. You will have to work, but 1 mill is a symbolic and important number.

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You dipshit. You're not supposed to sell.

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If you are into inj, aave, grt, I’m expecting to see some prq as well.


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Show nose moshe.

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We will be so fucking rich and have so much power, the government will bend to our will. Money is power. There aren't only crypto millionaires, there are also crypto billionaires. If governments bend to corporations, imagine what happens if they try to turn against an entire monetary space. Also some of us are working to get into politics. I am 100% dead serious. We are going to become the new elite ruling the world. In the future we won't even have governments. It's all going to be decentralized and everyonr will be able to participate in the government. Like DAOs except for governments. DAGs if you will. These decentralized governments will be free of corruption and actually try to build the best society possible.

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>100k RBC
my man

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shut up nigger

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Why didn't I buy BTC and ETH a couple of months ago

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I had 1.5k LINK but sold into BTC a couple months back around $14-16 and have made 2-3x with Bitcoin since then. Some of the Chainlink community started coming off as a little too cult-like for me desu, plus I got in early enough around $1 and made good profits regardless. Happy for you normal LINK holders to finally pump again but it hasn’t really been a great investment in awhile. Even with this recent pump you were still better off holding BTC or ETH since the summer, and even other alts like DOT, AAVE and SNX. I have considered buying back in once a significant portion of my ORAI rewards get unlocked

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I had 25k at one point but sold a 2x around 40 cents... I’m too salty to buy back in now. I’ve made some great plays over the years so I’m trying not to get too hung up for missing this one but it does suck. Happy for you guys though. If it majorly dips again I might buy back in
RBC is just a flavor of the week/month coin I’m looking to make a quick 2-3x with and get out. It’s only 1-2 million MC with a non-anonymous team so it seemed like a legit enough moonshot. XOR is the token for the Polkaswap network which is releasing in the next month or 2. All XOR holders will be airdropped VAL tokens sometime around then too, snapshot should be happening any day or week now

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Similar boat to you so my mentality is that i will not make it in this bullrun, so setting up to make it in the next one if there's a pullback instead. Withdrawing incrementally as the price goes up so that i have a ton of cash to buy back in if the market tanks. Although if it straight skyrockets now without rebounding then obv I should have just held instead

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LMAOOO falling for the rubics pump and dump TOPKEK. you might say no not this coin, this is the exact same shit this tranny discord keep pulling > just remind yourself of ersdl (unfederal reserve). different coin but same shit threads same fud, no explaining what it does. sell it nigger

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take your meds

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If I lose 1.5k who cares, I’m already up 50% anyway. The non-anonymous team seemed okay enough to toss an ETH at

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stop doing this to newfags, screencap this. wanna bet in a week these shit rbc threads are gone and dumped. I bet my left sack on it

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>things poor people say

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I’m happy for you fren. Maybe cash out a small percentage if you need the money. No harm in taking profits...especially if well you’re a neet like me.

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