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I've been buying since 2019. Will I make it? I only have a stack of 850~ or so. I have been accumulating as much as I can.

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you need 1k to not blow your brains out. you will not make it and you may even commit sudoki

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You will if you wait long enough. Keep DCA'ing as fast as you can, time is running out

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COVID Unemployment nigger, but I'll try and continue to DCA where I can. My tax returns and any stimulus is going straight into Link.

All the same, I'm just glad I have a(n) stack that isn't as small as some of these other poor fuckers around here. I'm atleast within grasp of a suicide stack, I guess.

Silver linings?

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How old are you? Time is your most valuable asset not money

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20, live with my parents, but I'm working on an AS at my community college. Current plan is to go into aerospace eng.

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No offence op, but why so little link? Have you been only putting in $50 a week or something?

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College student living with my parents, Anon. When I was working I didn't have much to spare because of medical issues with a loved one.

Plus, I got in around mid 2019.

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>I got in around mid 2019.
thats the big problem?
why not 2017, we shilled it hard

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Wasn't here then, I was busy being a retard on /k/ and /o/

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