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Me again. After the Visa/Cirle and Paypal/Paxos warnings, pic is unrelated this time. Three years, and some people on this board still doubt what you were chosen to hear. Stop. Doubting. Everything will come to light eventually. Even though sometimes we despise you, we prefer you all 100x to redditors and tweeters. One last crumb was recently thrown to you all, but you seem to have missed it. Johann hinted:

>Unlike a blockchain that operates as a single unified network with a single consensus mechanism, the Chainlink Network has a multitude of independent oracle nodes and oracle networks running in parallel to one another without any cross-dependencies.

None of you ever wondered “why are so many enterprises involved yet we see no calls on-chain”? They are. On their own networks. The shadow fork got a laugh out of us, as it’s not too far from the truth. That is; until staking. When the switch gets flipped, public nodes will be merged into those enterprise networks for ultimate definitive truth. You know who those companies are.

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shut up

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Meh.. nice crumb.. but that’s already what I expected. Also, “we”? Lol

Anon..... you had 3 (three) years....

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my IQ is too low to understand what OP is implying

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Thanks anon. Have a bump.

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Why the fuck is this place so dead

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Enterprises (Swift, Deloitte, JP Morgan, re: all WEF partners) are building upon “private” decentralized oracle networks. Those nodes are ran by those companies and therefore not paid in link. To ship those features publicly, they’ll need to rely on the public nodes (paid in link). This is what is seemingly hinted by Johann “there are multiple networks”. You’re welcome.

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thanks based anon. how far out is staking? or arbitrum? tsigs, deco? any info you can share is appreciated

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price eoy? eta on switch flippening?

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Listen here fag, I just want Lambo and easy cooter, pump this shit and get on with it.

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are you telling me that link will never be under $20?

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I just remembered I had the UNI airdrop. Thinking of flipping that 3k-ish into LINK....

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Thanks for swinging by again. Will I, as a rando, be able to set up a currency-exchange-rate checking node that actually ends up being used?

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Sorry, I'm all in XMR, I don't believe in link's concept

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All I’m going to say is that the team has been somewhat consistent in past years releases; and focused on the highest value/effort tasks. I’m not going to lie though, “flipping the switch” won’t be overnight. Even VRF is still “early” access.

What I’m saying though, is that today’s price doesn’t matter. And once the switch starts flipping, it might be too late.

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Was Sergey giving us a clue/warning with those recent tweets about implicit and explicit staking?

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Have your thread from a few days ago open. Been thinking about it since. Any stocks you think will benefit from this? Only V/PYPL or others? Already pretty heavy on link, trying to diversity a bit

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link to thread?

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If you haven’t seen the Keep3r+Chainlink medium post, this highlighted paragraph is not something you’ll want to overlook.

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I've got my homework! God bless

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Cheers for the crumbs Steve

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Today was a little extra comfy. Sleeping well tonight waagmi

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thanks sir

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Posting in comfy thread

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Bumping an underrated thread. I am a relative normie and now I am learning about what a liquidity pool is. Very interesting stuff...

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It’s not a crumb. Wolpert has discussed this before. Op is just an attention seeking nigger

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How is this not bearish?

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Are you retarded?

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It’s another hoop to go through in order to run a node. So I might be eligible and I might be eligible if Sergey picks me after I kyc with him. How is that decentralized?

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bump for nufags. Oldfags know.
Meanwhile watch this channel https://youtu.be/3451JCwzbl0

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How is that excerpt another hoop? What are you talking about? This is just another source of defi to tap into. More jobs to pay link with and future collateral required. This is only good...

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Do you like decentralization? So in order for me to increase me chances in running a node I have to go through all the keeper shit on top of getting the ok from Sergey. How long have you been posting here?

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Dumbass, you do not need to be a keeper node to run a chain link node. Keeper nodes would be a subset of total nodes.

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I appreciate these exquisite crumbs, fren. Flipping the switch will not be overnight, but nor will it be an interminable wait. How many more features are we expecting before the dials can start to be tuned, so to speak? Off the top of my head we have


to be implemented before staking becomes the bottleneck. Presumably whoever their game theorist is can solve the dilemmas involved with staking before then, because all that's supposedly launching this year or Q2 2022 at the latest.

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But it helps my chances in running a chainlink node since I’d be keep3r certified. Which means I have to go through keep3r to be competitive. If there are only 15 people running nodes right now it wouldn’t do much of anything

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more sir pls. the hopium is an addiction for my 100k LINK stack

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I don't think you have any idea what you are talking about, or you are just finding. There is no keeper certification. Current keeper nodes will migrate to chain link nodes. If someone needs a keeper job done they can use a chain link node. This is just an extra job, and not a required function of every node.

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Who chose us and for what purpose?
How does it benefit your group to create a group of millionaires and maybe billionaires who have a stronger emotional control and wish for freedom to stop wage slaving after having their psyche corroded by the truths of this world?

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>To ship those features publicly,
What does this mean? You lose me here

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Moving from test to production environment

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You’re still over my head, sorry. I understand what you’re saying in a vacuum but what specifically is someone like Swift doing in context? What is being moved from test to production environment? I thought LINK was essentially validating data in smart contracts using nodes (dudes checking data and reporting back). Swift apparently has their own secret node network or whatever. To be truly decentralized they have to move their network to Chainlink. So are you just saying they will switch to Chainlink nodes to get data for smartcontracts? Why does it seem like there’s way more complexity to it or that Swift is building some elaborate system?

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They're testing their own system integration with Chainlink, but if they want those systems to be interoperable with other companies (which they do, it's the primary value prop of LINK), they have to move to public LINK nodes as well.

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Clear and concise answer, thanks anon