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>"There has to be regulation. This has to be applied and agreed upon ... at a global level because if there is an escape that escape will be used.”
>Zuck planning to launch Diem into the cryposphere this year
>Tether drowning in litigation
>Bitrex and a number of other exchanges delisting anything with privacy features even if they don't do anything

You can't even call it fud anymore. This shit is literally writing itself out on the fucking wall.

Pages 39-49 of the DNC's platform outlined their strategy for disarming the American people by fining firearm manufacturers every time someone commits a crime with their guns. US senate bill 5054 is going to destroy porn by ruining anything that doesn't have verified models that have a public record of consent to participate in porn, including animated porn. District of Columbia enacted Act A23-0532 which allows schools to vaccinate children against the wishes of their parents and requires insurance companies not to have any record of it.

The future is the all-digital Zuckerbank which has the authority to ban you from money if you criticize the wrong person and make the term "lease on life" a material reality. Unsanctioned digital currency will be strangled out of existence.

I used to think Sam Hyde's claim about state enforced homosexuality was comedy. I'm not laughing anymore, because literally ANYTHING is possible, as long as it's bad.

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and /pol/ was right again.
I hope you hold some chainlink

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Whats that anon?? Buy more link? YOU'RE THE BOSS!

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>US senate bill 5054 is going to destroy porn
Uhm, based?

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Only if I get qt IMF gilf gfs can she get my bitcoins

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It's what the people voted for.
Or did they?

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Whether or not they did is a non-issue, because the result is the same.

The major players are making a move and whatever leverage you as an individual have in a market and whatever gains you might have in the moment, all it takes to render you broke is for an exchange to de-list your asset.

This is the real danger of crypto /biz/ keeps ignoring. It was safer when it was niche and the banks hadn't a clue what it was. Now it's gone mainstream, everybody and their mother knows of Bitcoin's existence and the ground is crumbling away under the whole operation.

I'm not going to tell you what to do. Do whatever you feel is best in the current situation and if that means daytrading or hodling it's up to you. But it's not going to exist forever and if you bet your nestegg on it, you're in more danger than you think.

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This is definitely going to happen.
I work for an eu agency in Brussel AMA, before that at known investment private bank and know staff members of the commission

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>There has to be regulation. This has to be applied and agreed upon ...
Yeah it's the code retard

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Taima.tv is discussing bitcoin. Is it over?

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No one is going to use their gay NSA globalist Bitcoin fork... you normies don't get it... the cypherpunks won 12 years ago

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you know what doesn't make any fucking sense? holding assets and the liquidity that BELONGS TO THEM. the people are making a choice and that choice is ownership, savings, and self sovereignty. it's too late. cats out of the bag. the best they can do is coopt it, which means we win regardless.

you claim that they plan to shut down our assest, and why? because they have no control over it. and yet you think that holding their assets, being at their whim would be better? who gives a fuck if they shut this down in one country; another country will take up the mantle. if they wanted to destroy this they should've done it already. now it's too late. they have to rely on their authority to claim something has value, and thats just not gonna work.

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>US senate bill 5054 is going to destroy porn by ruining anything that doesn't have verified models that have a public record of consent to participate in porn, including animated porn.
I see this is an absolute benefit, what's the fucking problem here??

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My body is ready.

The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and transact in anonymous money is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
The same is true for owning weapons.

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>The cypherpunks won
KEK. They are dead, sold out or are behind bars. It was a nice decade, it's time to grow up

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Yeah wow that well thought post convinced me you have a solid grasp of what you're talking about

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all this sounds based op, like literal nazis are in control. why is that bad?

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All that has been left of the vision are numbers going up and down, integration into what was supposed to be fought and about cultural impact, try asking 20 random people about cypherpunks, report back

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>There has to be regulation
funny thing lady bitcoin works just fine without regulation. that's like the entire point of it.

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If bitcoin goes down, you don't think other coins are going to follow?

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>I work for an eu agency in Brussel AMA
Europe doesn't matter, anymore.
Demographics suck and EU is literally importing it's next workforce generation.
>Europe dictates.
It's over.
When USA pulls out of NATO and the EU has to fund it's own defense -- (e.g. "free heathcare" gone) then the world will know.
You know, now.
Good luck!

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>tfw I'm highly invested in privacy coins when these jews are trying to regulate them

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>which means we win regardless

What do we win, a participation trophy? XRP was de-listed over the hit from Tether FUD. Monero, ZCash and Dash were de-listed for the same reason, except not due to losses but BECAUSE THE EXCHANGES THEY'RE ON ARE TRYING TO SURVIVE IMPENDING DOOM.

But it's fine, don't worry about the ticking noise in the basement. Just buy the dip and carry on.

Nazis were nationalists. These are globalists. All the authoritarian bullshit of nazis but with the added fuckery of criminalizing nationalism because worrying about little things like foreign refugees raping your neighbors and setting fire to your front yard is just plain selfish.

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>boomer kikes refuse to fomo by doing their classic SHUT IT DOWN
Truly awful ‘humans’

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Not if they are dumping their btc into those other coins

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>This has to be applied and agreed upon ... at a global level
We told this whore to go fuck herself many times before. How does she still have any power? Who elected her?
>try asking 20 random people about cypherpunks
This is way too retarded.

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That’s why they hate it. Can’t allow goys to hand rub - kike hobby only.

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certainly. Amazon dumped like there was no morning, but some will not rise from the ashes. Do you remember Lycos?

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the arrogance has gone to their heads kek

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>if there is an escape that escape will be used
lol. She's crashing the economy with no survivors.

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If BTC fails, crypto fails. 70%+ dominance after 10 years and 6000+ clones.
BTC is the category killer. To use Amazon (the category killer) as an example is just...well you are just clueless.

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I agree, crypto will fail, in some sort it already failed

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BTC ATH a few days ago?
Where are you, nocoiner lol.
BTC is being adopted by institutions right now. Future projects are up and to the right as the USD loses purchasing power.... that's the consequence of printing $$

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yes, institutions. You have it all figured out

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globalists are just neoliberal American nationalists, they want the entire world to have america's "ideals" of multiculti consumerists faggotry.
I guess they are like the inverse of nazis as that is exactly what they sought to prevent. Still using the same measures to carry out their shit tho

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xrp's only claim to fame is that it was the "banker coin." it's about as crypto as fiat is and does not represent the market. as for privacy coins, do they not still have value? have they not fully recovered if not gained after the system dumped it? you don't get it, they can't fucking stop it. the only thing they can do is prevent it from participating in the current system. well what happens when there's a pile of value without a market to trade for it? THE MARKET IS CREATED.

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A decentralized ledger.
Yes, I know.

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No certainty that people will dump into other coins. If anything, the sheer paranoia will cause people to fear crypto's as a whole and flee for other investments. I'm actually okay with that as it gives us the ability to short or buy at the bottom (if it makes sense to do so).

Lycos... blast from the past.

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>globalists are just neoliberal American nationalists.
Incredibly wrong take. Globalist want to censor. USA is the only 1 w/ free speech. Looks like they found workaround w/ dat der private corporation.

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>and /pol/ was right again.
i lost everything by betting trump won

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Why do you glow?

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>What do we win, a participation trophy?
we win wealth. the only way for them to coopt this new system is to buy into it in an attempt to gain control. the longer they wait, the more expensive it will be to do.

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nobody in the ruling class anywhere in the world likes free speech or democracy lol USA no different

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Another glowie/commie?
American nationalists do.
Americans that believe in the constitution do.

>> No.26048250

>USA number 1 free speech
>US media cancels and censors everything so that normal people with unique opinions need to go to fringe sites like this in order to express said free speech.
K, looks like I'm the one who is totally wrong here.

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Because I am God. Cope faggot

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Looks like you lack reading comprehension as well, loser:
> Looks like they found workaround w/ dat der private corporation.

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they didn’t expect THAT amount of fraud

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>This has to be applied and agreed upon ... at a global level because if there is an escape that escape will be used.”

You are right central bank tranny janny bitch.

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Correct the cypherpunks have alowed god to return to the planet.
Proof of Work and blockchains literally are DNA made database for the monetary system , it works exactly like DNA.

Meanwhile their CBDCs will be closed system and in a closed system entropy will always increase.

Bitcoin on the other way is not a closed system it's a database using the model that DNA does following the laws of the universe and proof of work to get the energy to operate and decrease it's entropy by taking energy from other places.

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This. Amateur shit needs to be banned, only state approved interracial pornography should be allowed and made mandatory in every school.

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Enjoy your cashless slave society , you will pay your karmic debts soon.

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"Internationalists" literally want to destroy America you idiot.

>> No.26048871

> it works exactly like DNA
I don't think you know how DNA works.

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And what do you recommend we do in light of this OP? Sell all our crypto for USD and then kill ourselves?

>> No.26048922

You clearly don't understand what nationalist mean, they're called globalists precisely because they're in opposition to nationalism.

>> No.26048950

>got 7 times my money back on a two thousand dollar bet that Biden would win 2 of the following states: Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina
Feels fucking good. I don't even give a shit I just knew he was going to win and he either did it by clinching back Iowa and Ohio or pulling two southwest or southern states.

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>xrp's only claim to fame is that it was the "banker coin."
And that was enough to get people to buy it. I saw plenty of fomo for XRP the past couple weeks. That means people were trying to pump it. Which means they bought, and since it was de-listed, if they hadn't got out, they lost it all.

>you don't get it, they can't fucking stop it.
Yes they absolutely can. They've identified the correct pressure points, they have a plan of execution and they have announced their intent. You are not prepared.

>what happens when there's a pile of value without a market to trade for it? THE MARKET IS CREATED.
You don't fucking create markets for files that hold hashes when there is literally no one to trade with owing to the fact that no exchange will list it because the financial institutions refuse to do business with volatile speculative investment.

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>ruin porn
bro it needs to be banned

>> No.26049699

>what is a decentralized exchange
>it doesn't count if the kikes don't want to play anymore
Fuck off doomer cunt
Theres plenty of money to be made outside of mainstream marketplaces

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>US senate bill 5054 is going to destroy porn by ruining anything that doesn't have verified models that have a public record of consent to participate in porn, including animated porn.

>> No.26050933

>if there is an escape that escape will be used

They really want to kill us all.

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Lmao Tether fud didn't work. Who still falls for these fuds?

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Let’s do it Ms. Kike

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>ruin porn

Thats a good term for it, I always saw this kind of posting as a form of findom fetish.

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How does it feel being a parasite?

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you forgot to quote the part where the IMF/ECB Dom Mommy mentioned that "BTC is an asset, sorry, it's not a currency"

it's over.

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This kike also paid Ecuador a shit load of money to get Assange.

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Fuck this orange grandma

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For some reason I thought of this.

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I would be incredibly fucking happy if a porn ban was enforced with any amount of rigor. I don't need to have the option of using porn literally any moment that the urge arrives. The public schools thing is fucked, but since I'm homeschooling it doesn't matter. If you put your children in public schools in the current year then something is wrong with you. Everything else is fucked though.

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