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I only have 100 LINK. Can I still make it bros?

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how does $100,000 sound?

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Lol enjoy your $20 stablecoin

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Larp. No one has more than 50 link

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buy at least $1k if you wanna have a significant profit.

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Same here bro. Hoping to short the end of this bullrun and get a 1000+ stack.

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Is 1k link a meme or real?

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1000 is the suicide stack anon

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i only have 63.2 whatever happens happens

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Will be memed till its real.

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Is it too late to buy in? Should I wait for a dip and at what price?

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You have 100 too many at this point. You would literally be better off with 3 BOR

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81K is real.

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Well youre gonna make a bit of money then realize "if I had been a little richer initially i would be a millionaire right now" and kys.

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See you at the other side poorfags

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data from the real world need to make their way into the blockchain for smart contracts to be useful. link tokens will be used as collateral for these data. we're talking about trillions dollar worth of contracts.

1k link is fud.

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