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I'm never going to escape wage slavery am I

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1. improve the value of yourself so you can get a high salary job that pays more than it costs you to live
2. invest more than half of your money in crypto that will appreciate long term
3. ???????

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I don't want to work for some asshole skimming 10% off the top of my efforts with the time I have on earth

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#3 is buy link

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Then become that asshole

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I'm trying, wtf do I need to do, kill someone?

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sacrifice everything you are doing right now, because it has not lead you to yourself. If you continue doing what you do and expect a different result, you are insane.

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Just buy LINK. It really is that easy Anon

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The system is predicated on stringing you along for 50 years or so until you realise this. So good job.

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Alright, now what?

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Buy XRP.

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Not unless you can break the design they set out for you. They prefer homeless and sucking the teet really.

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Keep waiting until that number moves a decimal place.

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You need one right move. You won't be as happy if you make it by being spoon fed, but fuck it: dyor on bor poorfag.

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Sounds like a pajeet wrote their whitepaper

gonna pass

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"escape"? You are lying to yourself. You are not trapped.

What it is is that you have no skill and value to the world other than a task a fucking robot will do in 5-10 years.

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I'm a software developer and it sucks cock

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