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2016 fag here
had some fun giving advice on portfolios on a portfolio thread last night (>>25998703)
back again if anyone wants to ask anything

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Buy or sell?

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should i buy more link

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i think we're in for a bearish week or two in terms of the overall market
but some alts will still be popping off here and there (see LINK today)
personally i never try and swing dips in a bull run

depends on your portfolio
in general buying more link is a good idea unless it's near the height of a bull run

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Brand Newfag. Don't have blockfolio set up yet to screencap. Of my 12k savings I had to invest I put 6k in XSN, 1k in RBC, 500 in BOND, and debating what to do with the 6k or so I have left to invest- PRQ looks promising- maybe LTO or AVAX
Looking to turn my chump change into a decent stack then diversify into long term holds. Welcome any advice or reccomendations on what to do w the $ I have left

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welcome fren
your portfolio is full of the 'current' biz shitcoins being heavily shilled
12k is a good starting amount to build a good portfolio and safely x10
50% LINK/ETH split and diversify the rest into better quality alts

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2016 fag here

Decided to go into Zilliqa last year with some of the ETH I was holding
Seems like a decent project, but so far no real price traction. Any advice how this could play out this year, keeping the price evolution of BTC and ETH in mind, old fag to old fag

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Any advice on this? I can do another $1k this month

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ZIL is actually one of the better 2017 projects
but as a general rule i avoid 2017 projects unless they've proven something big over the past 3 years (like LINK has done)
also i dont want to get dumped on by 2017 bag holders
at a mcap of 770m, i think there are better plays
another note: i think ETH is now the de facto layer 1 in crypto so i avoid betting against it

i agree with your strat of avoiding btc with your low starting capital
i'd probably sell ETH too
allocate 1/3 of your folio to LINK as your 'major'
snx and dot are solid picks
i love rsr, i think itll fly in this bull market
haven't dyored lto and cudos, but if youre confident with them then it's worth a punt

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Actually a thoughtful reply, thanks anon.

I was avoiding link since it's memed so much but perhaps I should dca into it.

LTO is bery solid imo. CUDOS is a wildcard. Good team, interesting idea, but dont know how long it's gonna take to actually show good price movement. So far I'm at a loss with itbut it only listed on Tuesday.

So your suggestion would to be DCA 1k into LINK now?

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3rd world poorfag here
Should I focus on BTC, ETH of Link?
I really wanna focus on one since my income is super low in USD.
I wanna hodl for years

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>avoiding BTC and ETH with a low starting capital
Ive seen a few anons say the same thing a few times. Is it because they have less room to grow? As a newfag, I'm worried about these smaller projects like LINK being abandoned. Since bitcoin is so popular and ETH is so useful I can't imagine them being abandoned the way I see the other alt coins.

Most of my beginner learning portfolio is in ETH and BTC.

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95% BTC
5% mixed bag of bnb link ada ltc xmr pol

whats your take? thx

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I don't care about LINK but,

> ", I'm worried about these smaller projects like LINK being abandoned."

Wow anon theres something called no risk no reward

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What do you know about AVAX? Seems to have a lot of momentum and good people so I'm wondering if you're a believer?

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I'm about 80% link is that a bad idea should I diversify more? My other largest holds are rsr, ocean and iexec. What do you make of iexec and ocean. Also my portfolio is at $60000...how long to hit a million if i just hold. Thanks smart anon and happy new year

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Best sleeper coin with highest potential for moon mission?

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Hey anon, here's what i'm rocking:
>.20 BTC
>250 LINK
>600 Api3
>50k PNK
>a couple other moonbags
I am probably overleveraged in PNK but I am exceptionally bullish on its use case and future, it's either going to be a LINK story or an XRP story. Interested in your thoughts.

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I currently have $1k in link, and $1k in USDC. Should I buy more LINK?

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Newfag here, I bought BTC, AAVE, and DOT a few days ago, when things were still going up, and then I woke up and panic sold this morning, then bought again at relative highs thinking it had corrected. Now I've ended up holding 2500 EXRD, 20 DOT, and 20 LINK, the latter two of which I sold low and bought high. I'm tempted to sell the DOT if it gets decently high again and switching back to AAVE, but I'm not sure if I should sit on the DOT and wait for it to go up before doing so or bite the bullet. I'm aiming for long term rather than timing the market, I just thought I'd be able to make a little extra taking advantage of an obvious drop and psyched myself out thinking things will keep dropping when I sold and keep going up when I bought.

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link then
eth if you want to be super super safe
good luck anon i hope you make it

yep, less room to grow
depends on where in the world you live, but doing a x4 in btc to make 10k really isn't life changing
being scared of projects failing is a valid concern if you're planning to hodl for years, but you can easily buy and sell alts after the 2021 pump and never buy into them again (see 2017)

eth and solid alts will outperform btc in 2021 imo
you've outperformed everything thus far in the bull and i think now it's time to diversify
note how i said 'solid' alts - ada and ltc don't count

depends on your risk appetite and whether youll have the balls to take profits in full retail mania
because alts will also crash the hardest when the bubble pops
alts i like: link, snx, rune, rsr, inj, coti
i have others and quite a few <10m mcap ones too as my high risk high reward plays

not looked into it too much
don't see too much upside potential desu

so you have about 2k link? i'd keep that as a bare minimum
you might hit a million this year with 2k link + good alt picks
one of my personal favourites, i think normies will pump the shit out of it
im not invested but i like the project, i found out about it too late
i've got another <5m cap as my 'data coin' play for this year so i'll see how that turns out
biz shitcoin
sell imo

i've mentioned some of my picks above, dyor them first
'highest potential' is very hard to predict as there are loads of factors involved
but you need to ask yourself anon, will you be too greedy to take profits at the top anyway?

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Forgive me of my sins

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I have $300 to invest into more crypto. What should I put it in/when do i pull it out? Looking for a 5x :)

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Some general advice - you will never buy the dip or sell the top. Don't take a position you don't intend to hold for a medium length of time, and buy decent projects. Buying during strength and selling during fear is easily done, but not what you want.

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I've seen you post the same thing in multiple threads for the past 2 days. Its as simple as buying link and trying to get a xsn MN. Don't fall for any more shitcoins like you already have

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Oops forgot pic

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Which shitcoins will survive this bull run?

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>alts i like: link, snx, rune, rsr, inj, coti

misplaced an s there

also if your an oldfag you must have read about xsn in 2018

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500k Doge, should i double down?

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Been lurking 24/7 and just trying to make it senpai. Been leaning towards all in on XSN.
Don't you think I missed the boat on Link? What would you consider a good entry point or time to buy in

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do me pls

I have $5k more in bank to transfer. With that amount I plan to buy 50 LINK, and put more into ETH and XMR.

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i'm an advocate for dumping btc at this stage, eth will outperform it
i dont rate it as a serious link competitor desu, but with that being said it doesn't mean you can't make money
i haven't researched in depth but seems like a biz shitcoin
if you believe it in then hodl

i think thats a good idea long term
im not a trader so i dont know when exactly you should buy more

stay calm anon and don't burn yourself trying to swing
DOT and LINK are solid holds through the market
exrd seems interesting but i think betting on the 'next eth' is a 2017 play
eth has won layer-1s

eth and link have a good chance of 5x
i dont know when to sell, too many factors, you'll have to judge it as it happens

no point hodling eth with your low capital
folios like this make me realise that biz shilling actually works and too many anons fall for it
find better alts than those anon

btc and eth

lol good try
i definitely meant s-n-x synthetix

i hope youre joking

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What's the make it stack for DHT really?

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You're a newfag, but I respect the hustle on gathering as much info as you can. Buying link now is still getting in early, $1k/link is a guarantee and you'll see why if you dyor. There are biz archives from 2018 to see actual discussion of it, the link marines have discussed everything and we're now just waiting until we make it. Good job on going hard on XSN, you'll do well on that

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What do you think of Monero?

>> No.26038902

ZEC and other 'privacy' coins

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I feel the same re BTC and was intending to trade into LINK, do you consider trading into ETH a better option?
I think it'll pump, not hodling with the expectation of it supplanting LINK
I think it goes above most of /biz/'s head actually, I suspect by the time its value to the market is actually realised a lot of people will be priced out.

Tell me more about RSR, I haven't had the chance to research it properly.

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Need help... $19k in student loans and an embarrassing portfolio

Have $200 more to invest into crypto and looking for help.

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>lol good try
>i definitely meant s-n-x synthetix
well xsn is an easy 2x from here and it will probably pump a lot higher on the listing this monday.
after that it might dump but it will probably stay above 1$

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youve missed the link boat if you want mind numbing gains yes
it's just a good 'safe' play that you won't get burned on
don't go all in on xsn please

>xmr, ada, xlm
way too many 2017 bags (see my comment about 2017 here >>26036542
too much btc allocation imo, switch to eth unless youre planning to hodl past the crash
good project although i don't hold any
increase your size

find better alts

i like the project but don't own any
hard to determine the upside and they have a few obstacles to overcome eg gas prices

i like the idea of privacy coins
but theyre a risky play in terms of government regulation and subsequent exchange delistings (didn't an exchange delist them recently?)

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link will probably outperform eth but will crash harder, depends if you think you can sell the top
real use case with real customers
the main reasons i think it will fly is because of normie appeal factors: cheap price per coin, partnership with paypal (everyone knows paypal), ethical image

dump half your eth into link
dump the btc into an alt with good upside potential (read my posts above)
hope you make it anon

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How much different this bull run will be considering the institutions are in? How hard will btc,eth crash?

>> No.26039298

What price should i dump my eth into link at?
And how are rsr or prq for dumping the btc into?

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i do, bought it 2014 and on peak made 10x. but I`m thinking of switching to something with a usecase, Defi maybe? Any insurace tokens on your list?

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what's gonna be the next link? what can i buy in now that'll x100 like link did? are RBC, JRT, or AGI good?

>> No.26039371

Also, do you have any eoy predictions for link, eth, and rsr?

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>2016 fag here
youre still a turbo newfag and should be deported back to plebbit

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Thanks anon, just to clarify some of what you're saying
>you will never buy the dip or sell the top
I can only know what those are in hindsight, so I shouldn't bother trying to minmax profit? Or do you simply mean ignoring hourly trends and focusing on the long term picture?
>Don't take a position you don't intend to hold for a medium length of time, and buy decent projects.
What constitutes a medium length of time, and what does a decent project entail?
>Buying during strength and selling during fear is easily done, but not what you want.
The latter part I understand, but the first confuses me, if something's performing well why wouldn't I want to invest? Also, how can you discern when the right time to sell is?
>exrd seems interesting but i think betting on the 'next eth' is a 2017 play
What do you mean by 2017 play?
>i think we're in for a bearish week or two in terms of the overall market
What gives you the impression it'll keep going down for a week or two? If that's the case I'll wait before buying AAVE.

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Any advice on this and how to expand my portfolio? Want to throw a few hundred at it after pay day. I know LINK is good but kinda don't want to buy atm at an ath.

Will I make it bros?

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too hard to say
just take profits so you dont hate yourself later

look at the link/eth chart since august
now seems like a good time if you’ve been riding eth for a while

i own and stake NSURE
i think bridge mutual (BMI) will do well too when they release the token

too hard to call a x100
but i don’t think the ones on your list will do it

too many factors involved to predict exact prices
just take profits at milestones eg 5k eth, 100 link, 0.5 rsr etc

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poor fag checking in, how do I look daddy

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After dumping 1eth to link do i put an additional
$200 into rsr, link, or snx?

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Hey im a newfag. Do you use broker or a wallet ?

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First things first.
Who the fuck are you to give anyone an advice? Are you in 7 figs and got there from sub 7 figs?

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Gonna ask the OP too. I am newest newfag here. Should I use brokers like coinbase and kraken or wallets for my crypto? Thanks!

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I use coinbase

>> No.26039880

ive talked about xlm above and other alts you can consider
mkr has poor tokenomics
hope payday is big anon

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Just here to flex. I don’t give a fuck about your advice

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I trust Charles vision and IOTA machine economics.
Am I going to be fine?
I want to make it.

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Why not all in on XSN?

>> No.26039924

40% XMR/ 60% DOGE

I wish to ride the alt wave that I hope is coming soon?

>> No.26039946

Yeah the mkr and dai I have are just from coinbase rewards it would probably be best just to convert them to something else

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thanks anon will read up.
whats your general sentiment for the next 2 years?

>> No.26040102

Whats wrong with those?

>> No.26040194

>holding anons 50x bags
we're all gonna make it! thanks to retards like you
you bought at 0.7
you bought after pump

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What would you go for instead?

>> No.26040319

What do u recommend now? And wasnt me whos holding any of those just been seeing them shilled everywhere so appreciate the counter perspective

>> No.26040322

stake stables until you find something good

>> No.26040373

Is it worth buying more link today or should I wait a bit?
I'm new to this but listening to anons has made me money so far

>> No.26040425

I'm about 75% LINK 15% BTC 10% ETH ... what do I do? I got in in early 2017

>> No.26040585

“Now seems like a good time if you’ve been riding eth for a while”
i literally bought eth at $1200 two days ago. Dont wanna fuck up like that again so thats why i was curious about link predictions and target price to get in. Am epitome of buy high sell low rn

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Is GRT unironically the new LINK? I'd not, what is? We just want to make it like you.

>> No.26041219

Hey anon, appreciate you taking the time out to help people. I wanted to ask what you're take is on Ampleforth, do you think it's worth holding long term?

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in 2017 a lot of “eth killers” as eth wasn’t the de facto layer 1 yet
by “play” i just mean a strategy for profits
i wouldnt listen to me for short term movements desu, im personally hodling through

well balanced by risk and mcap
ive discussed ada and eth killers in above posts - in short i think eth is here to stay
love snx
dont know much about hbar or ubt

if its only 200 then id go for rsr or an even lower cap

depends on the size of your capital
sub 10k youll probably be fine with coinbase and 2fa (google auth, not sms)

ive discussed “eth killers” and 2017 bags in above posts

hope youre joking

bull, crash, bear
chance for extraordinary gains becomes less with each cycle
make sure to keep up with developments during bears so youre not stuck holding out of date projects

im not good at predicting short term movements
itll be hard to lose money in link this year

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Fucking Jesus. The taste left in my mouth after reading your novel sized blogpost was something that I imagine akin to having my tongue being used to swab out a well used sanitary napkin disposal bin in the back blocks of Bombay. In Summer.

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Rate my stack

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3rd world poorfag and I threw $2000 into AKRO (too poor to diversify) mid last year. did i screw up?

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Noob here that wants to pay off house in 5 years.

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I'm not sadly, how bad is it for me? I saw the chart for link last night and to me had no reason to get into it. Like, why would it break the support that it kept jamming up against??

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What do you think of Parsiq?

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I have 2k

Can't make Binance account because I live in TX.

Gonna make a Kraken account, but I can't wire funds from bank because I dont have driver's license on me. Planning on buying bitcoin on cashapp and sending to kraken or wherever I need.

What coins should I invest in and strategy to employ?

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