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Newfags, read the following carefully :
>you should be focused on accumulating BTC,ETH,LINK
>any other coin you buy, trade or hold is only a means to the aforementioned end
>no matter your losses, you're ahead of the curve if you hedge your money anywhere besides your bank account
The following applies to shitcoins, but not only:

>do NOT buy if the volume/mcap ratio is below .10
>do NOT buy if you see a woman, nigger, pajeet or chink in the team
>do NOT buy if the dev or team is anonymous
>do NOT buy green candles for marketcaps above $500k
>do NOT buy something you're not planning to hold at least a week if you don't have the time to autistically check charts every single hour of the day
>do NOT buy anything with .finance in its name unless you're among the first 30 holders and in the know about the scam

now sneed

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> Legend threads never die


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Thank you for the tips based frogposter
I kneel and sneed

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>never buy if the team is anonymous
Selling my BTC boys

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BIFI holder... ohoh

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Fuck off leftypol. Sneed is forced cringe

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choke on my dick nigger

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oooookaaaaaay, buddy... can you please put your gun down?
no need for that here, we're among friends, right?

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t. chuck

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The blackpill is this, its always been this.
The purpose of shitcoin s is to stack satoshis. Always.
This is the way.

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you will never be a woman

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whats wrong with YFI? It's 30% of my portfolio, am I fucked?

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projector cope

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Sticky this shit

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I'm not even going to look at your stupid meme technical analysis, retarded faggot nocoiner. We are finally returning to normal and we will be well on our way passed 60k this time next week

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Dubs and green ID, plus absolutely based advice. I'd add do not fucking leverage until you know what you're doing, and when you know what you're doing, you don't know what you're doing

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You'll never be a real woman tranny

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but what about when link outgrows bitcoin?

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Why would you way to accumulate anything other than bitcoin?

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>do NOT buy if you see a woman, nigger, pajeet or chink in the team
>buy LINK
Which one is it?

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>you should be focused on accumulating BTC
>do NOT buy if the dev or team is anonymous

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nice post, op. finally a good post literally helping people not to stay poor on this shit.

However, you forgot about aave, snx and rsr. they are not in the same tier and the holy 3, but still worth to put part of your folio into those 3 as well because not only it is very possible they will outperform eth during this run, they also have a rly juicy r:r ratio on usd as well.

If any of you fags use discord and trade those coins or are looking to discuss other coins to add to your folio, server id is aKjzX5T35S. I must warn fags that we shitpost a lot and we are more focused on trading tho

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You killed a thread so I wouldn't have to.
Is it possible to buy from someone so you'd be guaranteed to get a refund if needed? Talking about how checks were used in L. A. Noire by the car dealer guy.
I want to buy a second hand phone, but the guy is very suspicious, so I'd like to lock him out of the payment if I have to

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What do you see as the end goal of bitcoin?
>expensive fees, so no purchasing lollipops from the supermarket
>over 50% of the mining pool is based in china which is notorious for manipulating prices of currencies
>if that's not enough, quantum computers aren't so far

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Making me wealthy, that's pretty much it. Bitcoin has been the market leader since the dawn of Cryptos, it outperformed every shitcoin and literally dominate the market.
Op's post was actually decent advice, just wondering why he considers accumulating an erc20 memecoin a serious goal.

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thanks, been looking for this
how long do i have to lurk until i can post, i waited for 10 years here

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>no XMR
Good job, OP. Do your part to keep the price down.

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you will never be a tranny

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Based bizraeli

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Hi eunuch

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Double Eleven confirms

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