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>Why are women so bad with finances?

Pic related

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Men and women are different and have different skill sets. For example women are really good at picking the curtains that look best in your bedroom where Men are really good at accumulating assets. Women are selected primarily for looks whereas men are selected primarily for being savage and able to accumulate wealth.

This is of course primarily, plenty of people are bad at choosing partners.

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there isn't a single thing women are good at. men are still the best chefs in spite of bitches having millennia of practice in the kitchen.

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>but older women are more willing to seek financial planning where some overpaid jew takes your money to underperform against index funds

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>t. abrahamist

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it doesn't interest them thats why the meme that women get payed less is just that they take jobs that dont pay as much becuse they dont want the shitty jobs that pay more

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Nice, now i need to find 1 cutie among the 11% that isn't retarded.

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For those who want the article: https://www.investmentnews.com/89-women-failed-retirement-literacy-quiz-201304

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Given the information and opportunities, most women will choose to make easy decisions and rely on a man appearing to bail them out rather than learn to manage things themselves.

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frankly speaking, people of both two genders are retarded when it comes to money management

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haha I have a guy at work who will drive to a gas station to buy coffee instead of just making it himself

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89% of women compared to 72% of men. So men are just slightly less retarded.

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this is total boomer bullshit, i dont know any of this shit except withdrawal rate stuff.. wtf

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man biggie smalls was a fun guy

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>but older women are more likely to seek help
>seek help
Seeking help means: realizing they're not good at it, and will not get help unless they ask for it.
(as opposed to younger women who dont even realize it because some guys are always eager to help out)

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There are some who break the mould like Maggie Thatcher. But women are crap at anything to do with objects and things. They are crap engineers, crap at finance, crap at maths and mechanics and crap at almost every industry that has high rewards, including science.
They are good at emotional, subjective things like social media (somewhat) and caring, and teachers, and nurses etc.
What they need is a man who will lead them and take care of this. But due to this strange push to turn women into men (making them ashamed of being women and feminine and emotional) most men have become useless pussies or women just become unattractive to them.
Whoops, sorry guys thought this was /pol/

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sure, 99% of women are absolute trash when it comes to investing
compared to 98% of men
just look at this fucking board

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yeah, some women are smart
and the whole "female brain" comes into good use if you can integrate it with autistic things.
the whole crypto markets and in extension the whole world economy comes down to just one thing
human psychology
and humans are fucking retarded

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I was like this in 2017. In my opinion is that's lack of experience, lack of patience and greed that makes someone bad at this.

Once you understand how the game works it's relatively easy to make money as long as you don't do seriously dumb stuff

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If a woman isn't good at something at age 10, it will never be good at it.

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I am talking about crypto trading specifically.

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>Older women who grew up and, were largely controlled by men, are dependent on men.

Not a woman problem, a generation problem.

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i couldn't even finish it. lel

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I am looking at the survey now, no I'm not going to buy bonds at extreme highs with yields on the 10 year already increasing. Some of these allocation rules of thumb seem archaic at best.

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yeah, the connectivity of female brains is on average much richer than male brains
however, female IQ statistically clusters pretty much exactly at 100 so statistically theres only very few women who can actually make use of the richness of the situation

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My thoughts too. I've seen a lot of seemingly smart people follow the conventional wisdom of retirement plans getting absolutely hosed in our present meme market. I think even a lot of advisors still haven't wakened to the current situation.

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Or a different interpretation:
Women evolved to be able to produce and keep offspring as safe as possible.
Men evolved to do the best of everything else.

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Because they know what even if they do their very best they still fail compare to men.

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This "survey" is an advertisement for life insurance. I think the article is too.
>Hey! Stupid roasties like you don't know shit about finance.
>Take this quiz to see how you compare.
>Oh, you failed because you didn't know how important life insurance is as part of your retirement portfolio?
>Let us educate you!

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>Nice, now i need to find 1 cutie among the 11% that isn't retarded.
That's the goal, ain't it? Good luck!

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>89% of women compared to 72% of men. So men are just slightly less retarded.
That's more than double the sheer quantity of men in the end, but ya both of these numbers should be jarring

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>Once you understand how the game works it's relatively easy to make money as long as you don't do seriously dumb stuff
Would you classify holding right now as "really dumb stuff"?

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Because they're materialistic and they don't understand money.

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I know nothing about annuities and life insurance it seems.

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>Men are really good at accumulating assets

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.... so women are more likely to be democrat

big news

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what a surprise

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Thatcher knew her rich banking husband could bail her out if she fucked up.
"Denis, i lost the war, i'll quit being PM now"
"No problem maggie, you can just work at my company, you won't even have to do anything"

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If that's the case then why are so many people on this board ngmi? I guess they're not real men

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I got a 76%. Some of the Medicare questions are hard.

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Best fincial combo is husband managing assets, wife acting as ignorant of finance sell signal. Convince me otherwise. Man makes the money decisions. Female relives him of stress via food, companionship, and sex.

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what about fucking?

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Women's rights were a mistake.

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Take over education and entertainment and you'll have sheep that will follow you for a lifetime

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Well, no shit

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retirement literacy quis is SEXIST

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Thatcher literally destroyed British industry, only good thing she did was stomping the argies.

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Haha. I sold btc at the top in 2018. I’m a chick so fuck off incel

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I only scored 40% i have no idea what most of it means, they never taught us that in school

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>mom and dad tell me about boomers forced to go back to work at 80
good. they deserve it. did they think they were going to get a handout? lived in the greatest period of economic growth when properties 100x'd and still couldnt save 300k
>they are flabbergasted

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