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What if the tether fud is real?

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it's not real don't read it it's not real dont read it

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worst case scenario park your funds in USDC for a couple weeks. Buy back low

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It's a new paradigm, and everybody who doesn't buy, now, will be priced out forever. Anybody who does buy will be rewarded with a lifetime of riches, as their bitcoin will continue its 30% monthly price increase.

Nocoiners, and anybody born in a future generation, will not be able to afford a $10,000,000 satoshi in 15 years. They will live in tent cities, and Hondas.

This asset bubble is different than all of the others - it will never slow down, or pop. The gains are permanent.

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because people in tether aren't going to buy BTC pumping the price?

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It'd be funny.

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What if it isn't

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what if something real is real? absurd

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people think bitcoin is gonna magically dump sub-20k again are fucking delusional. the dollar index is through the floor. this is the new gold.

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100% real

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Its probably real and it doesn't even matter desu

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It is real. The only question is to what extent it will cripple the BTC price.

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what if BTC is completely worthless?

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>He still has doubts

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if nobody reads the documents, then its not real.

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Sure, people are all going to start putting their shitty tether (will be at that point worth less than $1) , into a coin that has been pumped with magic money that will now be massively restricted or completely terminated?

How could you possibly expect this to pump BTC price?

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Then kino (pinkwojak posting) is back on the menu.

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I prefer this one

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The only safe move is to do a run on tether and move your USDT into BTC or ETH.

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Conveniently doesnt include the picture of that mud nigger bitch who put it forward, reminder communists are the ones who hate Bitcoin and as it says, this is about niggers. Nigger money is doing this.

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Mid 20k, recovery in February according to time traveler anon

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let's see, how do you think they'll get out of tether. Nothing is going to happen you've been hoodwinked: the price front runs news.

Any implications that Tether being a security have, its funny to watch you fucking retards who havent spent a single second of your lives thinking about how the court systems work think you know how the courts work.
You guys thinking that the 15th is the end is analogous to thinking that you will get the needle the day your lawyer turns over document production in a murder trial.
That's not how anything works. This shit could take weeks, months or even years. You are all going to sell the golden bull just as it starts because of your ignorance.

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can't be tether is 24 billion out of 600 billion.

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>things people said in 2017

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tether fud is the only reason bitcoin is still below 52k

also if the tether printing is really real than we will never go down.

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>long history of scams and hacks

stopped reading here.

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They did. I remember when we had the same discussions when we broke the previous ATH and FUDers thought we were going below 1k again lol

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The dollar index is a measure of usd vs other currencies (mainly the euro), and all developed countries are headed to hyperinflation, so why would DXY matter? The ECB even has more assets on the balance sheet than the fed.

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>What if the tether fud is real?
What does this even mean?
There is no conceivable reality where usdt suddenly goes to 0 so what would "tether fud being real" look like?
You mean if they really are only 75% directly usd backed? If the regulators clamp down hard? Either way you won't be affected more than you already are through the fud.

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Link pumps even harder.

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Why would it only cripple BTC and not the other crypto coins like ETH?

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So does anyone know where any news about Tether and what they submitted before end of today be made public first?

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>create multiple taxable events on transactions without taking profit
>risk getting priced out forever
What could go wrong?

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what exactly is "the tether fud". is it just that omg a lot of tether is printed? why does it matter, who cares

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>what if
This is about to be the most bitter pill you're ever going to swallow in your life. If you came here from the site in pic related, you are genetically pre-disposed to be a cucked normie for life. You are literally retarded. Don't think we haven't noticed you asking stupid questions, trying to use our lingo, and pretending to be one of us. Why are you doing it? I can't say for sure, but you probably heard somewhere on your faggity site that this place is good for finding investing advice and crypto moonshots. You couldn't be more mistaken. The truth is, this place is filled with scammers, niggers, street shitting pajeets, and autists. The reason why the people that naturally gravitate to 4chan succeed is because we are unironically autistic and see the world in a completely different frame than you. You come here and no matter how hard you try to fit in, you stick out like a sore thumb because your future is already written on the wall. You will be a slave to your government, corporations, and bosses for the rest of your pathetic existence. You will live under a guise of happiness, but ultimately die having done nothing even remotely significant in your life. You will hang around here for a couple weeks, probably lose money gambling on shitcoins, and then run back to the comfort of your faggy home, where you will warn other plebbitors to avoid this place: how we are all retarded, gamblers, racist, and misogynistic. You will collect your upvotes for the warning, and then jerk off to the thought of feeling important, not having realized you failed the most basic of internet shittests. You will read this post, flame me for the direct confrontation of challenging your intelligence. The reality is you aren't, and never will capable of coming up with an original thought in your pathetic existence. Any words you speak are the equivalent of a sheep going
>bah bah bah

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all of them will take a hit, but BTC seems to be the one most inflated by USDT

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you think it isnt?

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Even in the event that tether is backed by absolutely nothing and goes to zero, today was just the final due date for documentation to be submitted to the court. Nothing is actually happening today beyond a clerical deadline.

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Is that post dmt or meth pipe usage?

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Well it could be that Tether refuses to hand in anything and we'll immediately know if they are fraudulent

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tether already submitted documentation ahead of the deadline. It's no different than how you don't need to wait until exactly the 15th of April to file your taxes.

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just asking a simple question. it's not "cope".

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The hit would be because crypto as a whole would be on a bad name? Why would BTC in particular be affected? I'm a noob, I'm legitimately asking.

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Sauce? If so fucking hilarious. Literally nothing happening today

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>This shit could take weeks, months or even years.
To put people in jail retard. That doesn't mean you're allowed to just keep doing illegal shit (printing fake money) during that time.

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I'm sorry you're mentally stunted and sold, you fell for the meme. top kek

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gold goes up when the dollar weakens not strengths you mouthbreathing retard

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The same document the fudders used to get the date says Tether is complying. It's the AG asking a judge to extend an injunction on lending until today since that should give them plenty of time to finalize everything. Tether tweeted a week ago that it's all delivered.

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The tether fud is funny because it's just explaining what the fractional reserve banking system does to all assets

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it’s a civil case

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Sell your crypto so the rich wallets can keep accumulating,

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It's real and nobody cares

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it's real, but probably nothing will happen. All fake pumps though

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it is 100% OP. While I used to think there was a good argument to be made against it that is clearly no longer the case. The people behind tether, I'm not talking about the public faces, the real people behind tether, know that their time is coming to a close. They are literally just typing 0's into a computer somewhere and printing themselves money. While this honestly is no different from what the fed does the fed is going to stop this at some point. When they do BTC will see a drop to maybe below 10k.
I have been around long enough to remember when BTC went to 200$ and then down to 70$ in a month. Then up 1000$ within the year. People said it would never go below 700$ or maybe 500$ again at the worst case. It went sub 200$ OP.
BTC is the same beast and always will be. I don't know how high it will go but its going sub 10k soon. When it does mortgage your house. Maybe I will see you in Indonesia soon.

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This ends with tether becoming a bank and all of us getting hilariously rich.

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Sorry buddy, dollar hit bottom. It’s going up now.

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