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And then there is me
>27 yo
>only 4800 LINK poorfag
>never had a gf, never will
>Only fucked two girls several years ago
>No skills
>depressed again
>Locked inside because of Corona
>Low IQ
>dropped out of college
>Didn't manage to get laid in 3 years of being a student
>Still living at home
>Fucking hate myself

Recently tried to start working out. Then my father attacked me several times for doing so, how retarded I would be. When I was young I had interest in poker and he discouraged me, that I will never be successful. When I had my first job and had like 600€ left at the end of the month he told me, that I will never have more than that.

How did it all go so wrong? I only came to this planet to suffer. I really hate my life. I know there are people that have it worse than me. But it just feels like my Environment fucked me up a lot and my low self esteem and self hate stopped me from becoming my best Version. Now I am just sitting here, rotting away, waiting to die, hoping there will come a day where LINK hits $1000. But by that time it'll be too late already I guess. I can't even go to Asia trying to get laid there because of this Corona Scam. But I probably wouldn't get laid there neither.
It just is a never ending fight, frens. I was never meant to have a happy life. Probably gonna take the vaccine and hope that it kills me. I got nothing to lose anyway

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And then you too can fuck the finest trannies.
You’re gonna make it.

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>27 yo
You're younger than me.
>only 4800 LINK poorfag
I have 10 LINK
>never had a gf, never will
>Only fucked two girls several years ago
2 more than me, probably 2 more than most of biz
>No skills
Millions of tutorials on Youtube. Learn something. Only yourself to blame.
>depressed again
Go for a walk.
>Locked inside because of Corona
Go for a walk, you can still do that.
Same as 99% of biz.
>Low IQ
Again, learn something.
>dropped out of college
Doesn't matter
>Didn't manage to get laid in 3 years of being a student
Most of biz never has.
>Still living at home
Same as me.
>Fucking hate myself
Fucking sort yourself out ffs.

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Turn off your screens, start morning with a book and exercise, don’t blame other people when you never had to stay at home in the first place.

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Fucking normie

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This isn't r9k you self loathing faggot

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If you don't have 10,000-50,000 LINK, just get into other shit. For instance, BoringDAO could 100x before LINK.

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What are the names of the girls you fucked? Were going to find them and make them rich so they can make fun of you, hopefully this makes you kill yourself

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>8200 linkies
>bought in 2017
>looking for wage cage jobs in Japan to escape the outback communist state of Victoria.
>losing my Japanese day by day.
>still live at home thanks to corona and gf breaking up with me.
>Haven't had sex since last year.
Working out is good keep it up never stop.
Also have a goal and never be discouraged, you've made it to 4chan your possibilities are infinite you can do it and will do it anon. Just remember even being able to post on this website is a massive achievement that normies could never dream to achieve.

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>Were going to find them and make them rich

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Just want to echo this anon, "take a walk" sounds like a throwaway remark but it makes a huge difference in your mental health. Being locked away at home makes it seem like the entire world, going out and moving without any screens helps you to remember what you are.

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grow some balls and beat up your father. sounds like he is a cunt

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We're like the exact same person on paper, my only coping mechanism is to smoke weed and think about how small everyone is in the grand scheme of things, it takes some of the pain away

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Your dad sounds disgusting. You shouldn't keep someone like that around you.
Your main goal should be moving out and cutting all contact to him as fast as you can. Then you can start fixing your other problems

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I have tens of millions of rupees ask me anything sir

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You can either internalize your anger and become depressed or externalize it.. hate your retarded father with all your heart and make it your motivation in life

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>Your main goal should be moving out and cutting all contact to him as fast as you can
You are correct. I would have moved out already, if I would have the money. However I don't. I'm currently helping him with his business, so I can live there for free, while I figure something out in the meantime, or while I'm waiting for LINK to be worth something.

>Just remember even being able to post on this website is a massive achievement that normies could never dream to achieve
kek. Thank you anon.

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/biz/ is relatively well adapted compared to the other boards, I’d guess 70% are good looking, doing well in career, and have a gf.

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i need btc to hit 200k, else rope.
i literally cannot continue living at my parents house, but if i rent now i might run ut of funds and end up in the street before btc moons.
this year is never gonna end...

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Your dad sounds like a giant asshole; if I were you I'd confront that faggot and TELL HIM to help you, HIS SON.

Failing this, ignore him and work on yourself like others have said, while watching him spiral into depression and OLD AGE, without the love of HIS SON.

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>if I were you I'd confront that faggot and TELL HIM to help you, HIS SON.
I did that already, yeah. Asked him what his fucking problem is and he ignored me. Didn't answer.
>while watching him spiral into depression
He probably is already semi depressed. Doesn't wash his hands when he goes to the toilet, doesn't brush his teeth at all and stinks out of his mouth. And drinks Coke all the fucking time. This fucking faggot, I should beat him up if I think about it, honestly.
Other people made it out of worse households and in the end I have to blame myself for it. But still, I am sure he fucked me up to some degree. When I was still studying and wanted to talk to him about how it's kinda hard at the moment, all he said was "That's not my problem. You chose it yourself."
Meanwhile all I wanted to hear was a "Son, you got this. I am sure you will make it through."
But instead I just didn't care anymore myself after some time. Because there didn't seem to be a point. After all I am a loser in his eyes anyway and I guess I fulfilled this prophecy.
Once LINK hits $200 or so this bullrun, I'll cash out a few hundred and fuck off. Should keep me afloat for a few years untill the rest moons.

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interesting watch

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Just be yourself

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> Just remember even being able to post on this website is a massive achievement that normies could never dream to achieve.

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i have 11 (eleven) links

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/biz/ is likely the most socially adjusted and successful board I agree, still tons of autists and incels though

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which country eurobro?

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Doesn't matter, does it?
Central Europe

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Hey pal, do not be down like that. 4800 LINK is a decent chunk. There are many dudes your age who are >5 digits in debt with a worthless degree in arts. Besides who cares about getting laid, meaningless sex eats away at your soul anyway.
Work on yourself, make your cup floweth over, be grateful and have a wait and see attitude.
Turn your 4800 LINK to HEX on https://millionhex.com and stake that shit, you'll earn interest and make gainz big time.
Now stand up straight and give yourself a pat on your back bucko. Keep it up

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too far, I would have came and beat up your dad.

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I have been where you are now, realise that your life is shitty because you are living in a toxic environment with your parents. Move out and do things on your own, things will be better.

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Keep working out, did wonders for me. People will always drag you down when you start doing stuff they can’t/are too lazy/stupid to do. 5k LINK is a gift from above, don’t think too lightly of it because you obtained it so easily. DON’T SELL AND YOU WILL MAKE IT

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you have some time faggot
you can easily be in a good place 2 years from now if you put the work in
your dad is fucking cancer and you need to get away from him and never speak again
get fit
go outside
also take vitamin D supplement
get a popular, modern, short styled haircut, even if you think its going to make you look even worse/more of a retarded faggot, copy what popular successful people have
also you probably need new clothes
stop dressing like you have autism and live at home
even when youre spending the whole day at home
also learn a fucking skill and specialise at it hardcore, that ones on you, also the most important one.
gl fag

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why are you still in link? you DO know that the real next move is gonna be from bond, right?

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Your father is unironically a nigger, a literal one. Cut all ties with him and take some time to heal.

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Your priorities should be:

- Exercise daily
- Eat well
- Get good sleep (might need to stop drinking)
- Read books

Things will improve once you do this

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btw OP your life is a game like world of warcraft
you need to grind these various objectives out
and they will pay off when youre done
also stop associating with faggots who are uninterested in progression (your dad/any shithead loser friends you have) speaking to them i s a waste of time, youre number 1 resource
and dont forget to specialise in ONE talent tree

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>Central Europe
Slav it is then

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Youre better than me , Im in the same situation but Im 36 years old. Stop crying.

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All the chads on /biz/ post in the /wfh/ General

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based pastabro

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>dont forget to specialise in ONE talent tree
How the fuck do you do this? For my entire life I've picked up superficial info on everything basically instantly, but never learned the topic in depth because I don't really care about anything at all
Since I can't focus, constantly overthink incredibly minor things and mindlessly rush through tasks as quickly as possible, I thought it was ADHD but the test came back negative
This mindset is the main thing holding me back from making it and I'm at a loss for what to do

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this is now a rare pepe thread

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>and dont forget to specialise in ONE talent tree
Any advice on what to pick anon?
I have no subject I am particularly interested in. I can code a bit. That's something I can build up on. But it's nothing I have a talent for. And being a freelancer in this are seems pretty hard to me as well.
I won't go back to university anymore, because it's somewhat a waste of time and I hated it as well. Sitting there and learning all this bullshit, just for the piece of paper.
Also thanks for the advice

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t. posts there

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>even if you somehow make it, you will never be a woman
it never even began bros

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Imagine using an anonymous image board to fuel your need to feel superior. have sex.

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Keep lifting, become fucking big, then whenever your dad is being a bitch simply stand up and flex and say "Or else what?"

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You never got to feel like things were OK you're whole life because that's usually something we get from our parents

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I understand you anon. I am kind of the same in this regard. I find a lot of things interesting, but I have no real passion for anything.

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>millionaire from crypto
>still live with my mom
>never finished high-school

It's a strange feeling

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>Link mooning
>Anon with a good stack decides to be a self-pitying crooning faggot


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Hard to say with /fit/ in the running. Each has their own flavor of autism. Obsessing over minor shitcoin movements or obsessing over your macro ratios, pick your poison.

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>Low IQ
Better than being a midwit drone. You're probably more based than 90% of the population.
>4800 LINK
If you wait until 2025, it'll be 1k at least per token.

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definitely the least faggoty place they could do it though. Any other form of social media where you have sort of identity is worse in this regard by definition.

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Wasn't there a ginger on /fit/ who died cause he injected some shit into his muscles?

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something in this world must interest you, you are not digging deep enough, be more creative. it needs to be something you are somewhat good at already, has there really never been anything you are both good at and enjoyed?
understand that progress requires pain, you have to push yourself through discomfort, pain, embarrassment and repeated failure to get good at anything.
I have ADHD and rushing through tasks isn't a symptom I have (I start new ones before finishing anything) but who knows, there is a lot of self help stuff for managing ADHD symptoms online that is probably useful for normal people too.
>This mindset is the main thing holding me back from making it and I'm at a loss for what to do
so you need personal transformation
try listening to videos on academy of ideas youtube, carl jung stuff is good.
something you are good at and also enjoy, it depends how creative you are, if you really want to make it you need to be prepared to put everything on the line, bend the rules, maybe break some laws.
university is bullshit, no need for that.
everything you need to know to start anything is already on the internet, teaching yourself things on youtube > uni degree.
get creative man, create a vision.

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>wanting to be a wagie in the worst country to be a wagie

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im a millionaire but never fucked a single girl anon and am 27

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Get a job other than working with your dad, move out into a roomshare or something cheap Asap. You will not regret following this advice.

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You mean the guy who injected silicone into his balls to make them look bigger? He didn't post on /fit/, but he was posted on /fit/ a shit ton, him and his whole weird fetish gang. A bunch of gay bears obsessed with making their nuts look as swole as possible. dudes all looked like they had water balloons between their legs.

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Yeah, ADHD shit also helps people who don't have it. Also you have to remember that ADHD is a spectrum. In the US at least, we take the most hyperactive and most inattentive 5% of the country, and draw the line there for ADHD. You could be 6th percentile for attention and not get diagnosed, even though, your attention isn't much better than someone in the fifth percentile.

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lol 62k LINK here. UNironically the happiest I was re LINK was dreaming about being a millionaire.

Can't fucking believe it lol. LFG boys

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Thank you for the advice anon.
>you need to be prepared to put everything on the line, bend the rules, maybe break some laws
I realized this as well a long time ago. Playing by the rules does not get you very far most of the time. Neither does "just work hard bro"
I'll see what I can do. I am creative, have some criminal energy and am oddly enough very good at convincing people.

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Start working out TODAY AND KEEP THE FUCK AT IT and move the fuck out and ignore your dad.

There solved your life.

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>100 LINK
>sex with one girl 9 years ago
fuck you

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Which country in central europe?

>> No.26013948

/fit/ is unironically the funniest board on 4chan though

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Yeah, I mean that guy. Kinda forgot most details, but now I remember that he injected it into his balls and not arms.
Just imagine how his parents most feel, if their son died for such a reason kek.

>> No.26013984

I'm a millionaire and proud to say I don't own one Chainstink.

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gl bro
now go get started

>> No.26014069

/x/ can be funny sometimes too. But there are so many spamming christcucks that its hard to find something good there.

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wow faggot

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Hey man fairly much the same shit as me except that you have a garbage father and I have more LINK.

You have shit self esteem and your father is likely to blame. My father was an alcoholic and he died years ago but he wasn't a bad person.

Don't let your father ruin your life. Don't let him corrupt your mind and don't let him stop you from improving your situation. Fucking prove him wrong.

Also just sit on your link, don't screw it up and don't daydream about being a millionaire. Just let it happen on it's own if it's going to happen.

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stop being a pussy and complaining on a biz board. Someone has it worse than you. grow the fuck up and make a name for yourself.

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If you have a sub <100 iq, sure.

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You're not even in the bottom 27% bro.
I used to have 500 links. Sold because I was stupid, I only have 30 now.

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post body

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yeah ok manlet nice cope

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It was in like 2013. How people are still rehashing the same dead jokes I don't know.

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Hodl and resume working out. Play poker it it’s any fun to you. Forgive your father.
t. Chad

Godspeed fren and frens

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I would be preparing the rope

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