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I only have to make x100 to become millionaire.

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I need a 200x

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buy link

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Only need 1.016x now. Hang in there frens at one point I also needed 100x.

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I'm new to this shit and I have two questions
>how long have you been doing this for
>is it mostly luck or knowledge

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Same boat. Need about a 1.3x

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It's mostly buying stinkylinks.

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its mostly time + getting in early in good projects and staying patient

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Fml. I need a 4x. But I probably need a 20x to be able to stop wage slaving. That means I won’t make it this cycle.

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2017 summer I started. It’s dyor and not selling. Dyor is the hardest part. I would come home from work in 2017 and sit there and research crypto for hours. It was kind of insane but the research paid off, have to put in that sweat

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2x to millionaire, 5x to start living

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I think the best thing to do right now is to wait out the crash to the bottom, then put a few thousand into various shitcoins and wait for them to moon again.

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Hello normie, can you recommend any good Netflix shows?

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I'm not a normie, I saw bitcoin shilled in 2011 and wanted to buy it but couldn't because I was in highschool. I ended up just regretting that I didn't buy it and figured it was a missed opportunity. Fucking kill me.

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need 150 per link

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I’m ngmi

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i only need a 5x

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The queens gambit then? Heard it’s great, so thank you will watch

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My strategy right now. I'm living with parents. I got about 3-4 months left before I urgently need to start paying bills. Plan is read crypto day and night. Trading and fundamentals. I won't be trading. Just reading and paying attention to the language and reputation of guys on /biz/ twitter and telegram. Right now I'm on a potential 20x but it could be a rug pull. But it's literally no money.

Meanwhile I'm going to get some kind of job. Fuck. I'll figure something out. I'll sell all my possessions. I haven't touched my ps4 in years. Any dough I get a large percentage is going into 2x-10x

I have 3 fucking months.

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It's amazing. I didnt know woman could beat boys at chess before

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OP join us in $LOCK train

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I'm up about $35 from a few days ago, so probably another 50 years and I might make it.

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20x for me

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This is literally me as well btw. My mom has a good job, I'm 21 and she feeds and houses me for free. I work at a grocery store and make like 350 a week. Yeah my life sucks but I can do literally nothing but work an easy job, obsessively research and spend all my money on crypto. The annoying part is going to be turning one of those 350 dollar checks into an amount I can begin doing some serious trading with.

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Any websites or stuff that you normally use for research?

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I need. 370x

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>10x to millionarie
>im dumb and always do the wrong trade otherwise i would have made it already
>plan on picking around 10 projects at 10k each and hodl till 2025

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x14.5 for me

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Good luck, anon.

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Postmates payes a lot higher for week, you have to put more time and effort in it going to extremely rich people area.
Unemployment pays more with second stimulus and third stimulus, that not working is more profitable than working 7 days a week earning estimated to be around 1k to 1.5k depending on a lot of factors.

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Yeah but how the fuck do I get unemployment? I wish I was a lucky enough fuck to have been a waiter and not had a job since April but I was one of the "essential" chumps who works at a grocery store.

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Just one 100x easy peasy :)

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I quit my CVS job before the pandemic and went to edd website for my unemployment money they accepted it. I did back pay for my unemployment and claimed it at the start of the unemployment benefits of 600$ per week and the 300$ per week. The total was around 14k I invested 97% of it into crypto now around 40k.

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Seconding >>26007594
Or for anyone else experienced in this stuff.

What is the best means of doing research if you are going in cold to this stuff? I recently started with about 30k but have stayed out of crypto as it seemed like a casino and only really did stocks. I have done well, and got around a 30% return however I feel it is mostly luck and I am feeling around in the dark and I doubt it will be consistent.

Any advice on how to actually get a grasp on crypto or stocks so as to get some degree of consistently without killing your returns through super risk-aversion would be appreciated.

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they literally can't. Female grandmasters can get a lower ELO rating than males, which is a very simple yet effective proof that females cannot compete with men intellectually.

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Ahh, I just realised I somewhere around a x50 or x60.

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we might not make it this bullrun, but it will get us a shitton closer and we'll 100% make it in the next fren.

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I hope so

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some frens are a bullrun ahead
some are one behind
some special frens managed to get the eth run

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I need to do x7

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Get x100 for those comfie feels.

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I need to 1000x.

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see you in 2026

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i need x8

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i have to make 23x. how im gonna make it?

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I need 25x.

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you need 8 figures to make it homie. as soon as doge hits 3.50 im cashing out, buying a G Benz and fishing for the rest of my life.

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You almost made it, anon. Be careful.

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I also need a x100

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this anon just made it
everyone congratulate this anon
he's just made it

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33x for me from here. Feels good

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Congrats on the million!

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I 'only' need need x50

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