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When the fuck will this stop pumping???
I want a lower entry

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everyone does
thats why it wont for a while.

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I've been waiting since 60 cents, someone hold me back from fomoing

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Fucking rip

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it is gonna correct, r-right?

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>tfw only 4000 PRQ

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Obviously it will. Dont fomo, you will get a better entry.

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>tfw only 4,600 PRQ

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On the fucking edge to jump in

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bruh it corrected 20 cents from $1 to .83, wtf were you doing not buying that up

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I fomo’d at 0.98

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Stay poor

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LINK went from over $1 to below 20c.

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the bottom is 0.5

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Just bought a baby stack

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you're not gonna enjoy the next 2 weeks buddy. strap in.

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Probably. Point is, you should never fomo in crypto.

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Prq already went through that era.

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will somebody tell him?

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For fucks sake guys, literally if you FOMO just hold your bags, it's bound to reach Link's mcap.
In facting FOMO'ing is a good idea given that it literally has 0 good exchanges, just don't sell

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> tfw only 30k prqties

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You're a newfag, aren't you?

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also aave didn't even tweet about the parternship yet, they will today though so don't miss out

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Is it something bad

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he coulve got a better entry

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It's ok, everything I buy that isn't on Coinbase is money I am happy to lose, IE, it's for the long term, and it's usually minimal amounts, so if it's a scam, it won't really matter. 100 coins, 100 dollars~, 10% on top for gas - not expecting to become a millionaire tomorrow. Thanks anyway. Done a few like this and won't touch them for at least a year. Thanks anyway

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Fair enough, honestly in the end I think it'll go > $ 1

That being said, go down you PIECE OF SHIT

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Saying that though, I think I did unironically buy at close enough to the ATH at .95

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Anons you know that PRQ was for $0.027 during ICO in October '19?

For $25k investment you could do this in less than 18months

holding >trading

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This thread is going right to hell so I will see how you will lose with your fucking shitcoins, kek
>base is already on my portfolio so I just launching on you

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I can’t even find it out there except on polinex

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>tfw only 500

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We will be top ten soon enough. Really looking forward to the lending pool launch soon.

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I literally sold this like 3 days ago lmaooooooooo I'll get the rope

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Oof lad. That's gotta hurt.

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>2500 here

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after 10$

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Bros I need help.
Someone said to store PRQ in MetaMask, but it doesn't come up. Do I have to add it as a custom token or something?

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Just add the contract and it will appear. Congrats, YGMI

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6.6k poorlet here, can't even afford a suicide stack, should i end my life ?

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Awesome, so straight from CoinMetro to MetaMask and that's it right?

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I want to top up my bags so bad but I hate doing it at these prices!

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yeah copy the contract code there.

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lel hindsight is 20/20

I bought at 0.05. We had good indications it was going to be good but you can never be 100% sure to put 25k $ like that.

I put 1k and sold at 0.4 good investment, I dont regret taking profits.

During the next bear I might accumulate again and go for another cycle.

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I was planning to buy a bunch more a couple days ago but I was away from home for a couple days, fuck, it was nice to comme home to those gainz but I can't justify boying more now

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Tfw bought at .06

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Correction will come very soon.

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yes, it will dip to 4$. shit man, that dump from 10$ will be heavy

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