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sold the top
you did too right anon?
also, thanks for playing bois

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Never selling faggot. Why would I swing and risk my golden ticket to financial freedom, a kind of freedom my paternal ancestors couldn't dream of achieving in 10 lifetimes, for some small pocket change?

I'm never selling, you hear me!

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the top of chainlink is $81,000. and even then, selling would be a cuck move.

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I guess to make clear, I sold half my stack
still waiting for it to reach the heavens

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stop playing games and buy back in faglord.

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as soon as it dips to ten ;)

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Do you think it will go lower? Why?

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he doesn't know. he's no different than a degenerate gambler putting quarters in the slot machine over and over and over.

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I dont know, however, for the past year, it looks llike it was always staggering at 10-12, and 8 that one time

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Aye but today's not just a random day.
Paid fud groups appear to have targeted 15 jan as a big sell off day for crypto in general, and while I don't think you're part of that, I don't feel confident LINK will just do the normal LINK stuff while whales cash in on the sentiment they've created.
If they were indeed paying to spread FUD, they will most likely drop the price a little, give it a big hard pump and then slaughter fomo pigs or something, I'm not a whale.
At any rate, today feels different somehow