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The price of XSN has increased a lot, it's still a low marketcap gem which is quite ridiculous compared to what they've accomplished so far.

Price is hovering around $0.50

Their DEX which allows you to trade BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT and other pairs is almost feeless, and they've got near instant trading due to their use of 2nd layer transactions.

Now, let's do some numbers..

If Stakenet reaches the same marketcap as Uniswap (which is very likely), each XSN will be tradeable at around $12/coin - 24x ROI, while being able to profit from either cold staking your coins, or run masternodes.

Don't sleep on this one. Would honestly not surprise me if we see gains similar to LINK. Sounds absolutely insane, BUT look around you, EVERYONE is complaining about gas fees, or Tx fees in general.
Here's the fucking solution, just in front of you.

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ok so this sounds pretty epic.

A new coin on Bitfinex, the home of tether, Low Mcap, and new opportunities.

Reviewed by Bitfinex who have an extensive listing process these days...

Sounds legit. What's it's market cap?

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not sure what the current price is now but somewhere $50-60M

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Buy bags when it crashes into the ground as Tether gets cucked within the next couple of months.

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I fucking knew it ! I fucking called it when this was trading at 10cents. It’s the only working layer 2 dex currently . And soon to be the only eth /bTC bridge. Literally any coin you can pick up under a dollar is a fucking steal. I’m maxed out. Good luck anon.

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Tether ain't going nowhere, you must be a newbie in the crypto space if you fall for the FUD

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Feels fucking good to have found this ngl.

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Anyone who's done a little research on this project will truly understand the magnitude of this project, and why it's gonna be so fucking huge.

INSTANT ETH trading, AND BTC trading without trusting ANYONE


If you don't see the value in that, I honestly don't know what to say.

I'm almost all in, after I did some research on this a few months back

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Ummm if it's the only true L2 BTC-ETH Bridge that seems cheap af.

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Way more valuable than UNI.

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Checked. Also I am all-in. I could give two fucks about other crypto at this point.

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Uni is a clusterfuck of a DEX

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do you have some view on why?

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Uniswap is known for a fairly high rate of swap failures and when they happen, you won't get your fees back.
The fees are right now around $100.
Its insane.

So i can see your point OP.
Just don't have free cash at this point.
Will follow the project though.

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Does uni profit share with the token?

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XSN will absorb shitiswaps market cap within a month of the DEX release.

Top 10 EOY.

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>below this line 1MN is worth more than having a full time job

At McDonald's
Maybe at $10/coin to actually live

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You're forgetting the value of your time, which is the most precious asset of all.

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lol retard

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Checked. $100 eoy is fud.

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Checked. Those on /biz/ that just scrolled past XSN posts are gonna be hanging themselves come EOY.

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>He fell for the tether fud in 2021

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>INSTANT ETH trading, AND BTC trading without trusting ANYONE
don't forget the most interesting one - XMR

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Checked. Privacy coins on the DEX is the big game changer.

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yee boy, turns it into a financial darknet

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XMR is what I'm worried about. If they get a dex with instant swaps to XMR the kikes are going to call in everybody to shut it down any way they can

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the strategic play would be to postpone privacy coins until after hydra

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The only genuine XSN FUD is that we will become genuine targets of big government and high finance as we threaten their very existence.

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what other pairs are going to be added? what makes the most volume on uniswap right now, and can XSN also add those pairs?

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they wont shut it down, just make them stop trading XMR

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On Hydra it's not possible to stop. Xmr isn't tradable atm and won't be for a while. Good chance hydra comes out before xmr gets swaps/lightning capabilities.

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Connext will allow all ERC-20 tokens to be tradeable on the DEX, and it is being integrated as we speak. So not only will we have the potential of all ERC-20 tokens, but all other lightning/atomic capable Blockchains (BTC/LTC etc).

The launch date of the DEX will be announced this month, and upon its release, Uniswap, and all other DEX's, will be obsolete.

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So anyone can trade any coin? or do devs have to add new coins to the interface?

At what point do node owners start getting paid back? i want to get a node, but i'm debating whether i want to hold XSN for that long while it just sits

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decentrilised ftw

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As of now I believe the DEVs have to add it but I believe there's plans for XSN holders to be able to vote them in.

It's in everyone's interest to allow as many pairs as possible, as pairs = volume and volume = profit

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LINK, ADA, DOT... XMR eventually

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xmr IS the big one, and I don't think it is so far away. XMR has a big incentive to get lighting compatible.

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Sadly I can't find any recent news on XMR lightning comparability. But I'm sure one privacy coin or another will get there, as you say, they have every incentive.

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I say lets add every single coin we can find. In fact, make it the central hub for new shitcoins to get listed. We'll spark the next shitcoin epidemic while reaping the benefits of it. A way for people to add compatible projects if they want, for maximum decentralization.

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Come Hydra, you will be able to add whatever coin/token you want to your available pairs for your own MNs.
Devs only decide what's listed on the DEX during Prometheus. During Hydra, it's up to the MN owner.

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Sounds awesome, will we still be able to run through MNASS by then?

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Bridging quality coins like monero btc and eth is gonna be lit.

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Is this confirmed? Because that'd be absolutely awesome. So that we don't turn into a gang of gate keeping faggots that can't arbitrarily agree over what projects deserve to get listed. That'd be rather antithetical to the decentralized nature of the DEX, I guess is what I want to say.

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Checked. XSN gets all the digits. I'm not sure if it's 'confirmed' but I definitely recall the Devs saying that's the vision in the discord. We're still a few stages away from that though.

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If bitfinex still exists after tomorrow.

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>tether fud
Go back to 2017

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>it's this fud again

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pic related is the first ten or so exchanges worth of volume for the btc-usdt pair as listed on coingecko.

imagine even a portion of that flowing through a non-kyc, anonymous option.

say 1% of that flows through the xsn dex by year end. that's nearly $200,000,000 in volume per day, JUST for that coin pair.

now, add eth/usdt, link/usdt, eth/btc, link/btc, and so on. Imagine that all flowing through the dex. that's easily over $500MM in volume, per day. the only way you could do that before the dex was to allow a cex to take possession of your coins.

soon, it will be possible for anyone to do this non-custodially, cheaply, simply, and anonymously.

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>Tether FUD is all they can come up with now

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Based and redpilled.

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eventually likely but xmr isn't capable of atomic swaps or LN compatibility currently.

once it's possible to do so trustlessly and quickly, I'm sure it will be implemented on the dex

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you can't look at volume and assume it's real and organic. the exchanges fuck around hardcore, using bots to inflate liquidity. if you could instantly swap everyone away from exchanges into pure p2p, you'd see volume drop substantially.

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true. even if it's only a fraction of current "volumes", btc-usdt in a purely trustless way would be huge. game changing for crypto.

buterin begged for it. he's gonna get it, and crypto is never going to be the same.

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No idea

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Based, aggregator goes brrrr

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alright, is beaxy the only option currently for USA residents? or do I go to whitebit and stay under 2 BTC and "hope for the best"?

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Beaxy has fuck all volume, if you want to use whitebit as usa
>Opera has built in vpn
>Set to europe
>Buy xsn with usdt

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thanks, fucking forgot about the VPN i have.

withdraw to what? my metamask? this thread is my first encounter with XSN.

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I said I wouldn't trade into anything else new this month, but fuck it, you guys have convinced me. Come on then - how to buy with Uniswap, if possible?

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Xsn is it's own coin so you need a xsn wallet
>Ledger xsn app
>Trexor xsn app
>Xsn cloud
>Xsn dex (open beta)
>Xsn core

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See >>26000063
You can only buy on Whitebit atm. Bitfinex is on the 19th.

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Checked. Based. Bullish.

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no you'd have to set up a destination wallet.

xsn works on ledger live, or you can move your coins to stakenet cloud or the core wallet as well.

I personally would move to stakenet cloud if total coins is under 10k, or core wallet if you intend to set up a node. ledger cold staking isn't enabled yet so only put it there if you don't plan to stake your coins at this time.

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Use the DEX?

>> No.26000360

Ok, registered, can I buy it with existing ETH from say, metamask wallet? Cheers.

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After all this shilling and Bitfinex listing it is still not $1 Why are you still holding this shit retards? Buy $BOND instead.

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No. You need to transfer eth to whitebit, sell eth for usdt then buy xsn with usdt then transfer xsn out (make sure you have an xsn address)

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Seething Pankey, take your shitcoin elsewhere.

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Is that live? I downloaded their beta light wallet + DEX to check it out but the DEX pairs are listed as offline.

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Newfag here. Just bought 2k worth of XSN. Threw about 500 into Bonded Finance and 1000 into Rubics. Have about 10k left to work with- what should I do with it? Looking at AVAX, DEXG, PRQ, maybe LTO or DEXG
Am I gonna make it?

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Ah fuck it, this is far too much pissing about. Going to wait until it goes on bitfinex and buy then. Thanks though anon. I'm still very skeptical about anything that isn't Coinbase DESU. newfag yes.

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lol this is a pretty funny concept for a thread i've got to hand it to you guys

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Because no btc pair to pull from since whitebit is usdt and connext mainnet is still in internal testing. Dex isn't useful for buying atm.

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I can tell you haven't done any research. Go all in xsn, link, lp.

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Enjoy buying xsn over $1 lol.

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Didn't they just add USDT to the DEX though?

>> No.26001400

For withdrawal/deposits. Connext mainnet only went live a few days ago, gotta give the devs some time to get trading ready for eth/tokens.

>> No.26001850

Ah, makes sense. Thanks!

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Get at least 1 masternode of xsn (15000 + 150 xsn)

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>He thinks Tether is done

Hello newfag, heard about the china ban fud?

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Still 4 full days until trading starts on Bitfinex and a whoooole new crowd of people suddenly gets access to XSN, that would never touch XSN on the smaller exchanges.

So what does people think $ price will be on the day right before Bitfinex opens up and what will it be one week later?

I'm thinking $0.90 & $3

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4chan talking about XSN the way they talked about chainlink...must be real. All aboard the gravy train!

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After trading opens, we'll pump to $5 easy, and then dwindle back down settling to ~$1

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We were saying this shit for 2 years:

>Link 1
>XSN 2

Fuck all the other shitcoins

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Jesus that process of ETH --> XSN is a nightmare and a half, but getting in before the normies was worth it.

I sacrificed my remaining XRP which hadn't yet been cannibalized by other shitcoins to the schizo gods in return for a small bag of 11.5k

My only regret is that I didn't listen to you all sooner.

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Of course it is you doofus. They can order the team, who are based in NY, to fork the code and shut it down that way.

The devs will need to move hq to a location out of US jurisdiction

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Any idea how much time left? I have to wait a bit to get a loan

>> No.26003818

Trying to play the pump is tempting eh

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Who the fuck is this guy? Why does he just have a "B.S. in Science"?

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But depends on what price is when it opens and are you talking about $5 on day one or within a week like I asked?

>> No.26003958

can someone explain this chart to me? where do the numbers for the masternode block rewards come from? seems a bit higher than the numbers for the rewards i've seen is all. what does the masternode trading rewards section mean? does running a masternode give you 2 different sets of rewards or something? what does the "*0.20% fee and 2500 MN's" part mean - specifically the 2500 MN's part? sorry i'm a big noob

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The 19th. When trading starts on Bitfinex, that's probably where you will get priced out. At least in the short term if a huge pump happens.
Then you need to hope it comes down.
But then soon thereafter the team could release new updates for the Dex.
Then you are fucked, because then we go straight into pumping again is my bet.

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XSN is going to break $0.60 in the next hour or two and by end of day it will easily break $0.70. Get your stakies while you can as by end of the weekend it will be over $1

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Show us you are still not just a 3rd.grade student??

>> No.26004117

Every single time XSN has listed on a new exchange it has x2 at min on price on the day of listing. It did it with CoinAll and Beaxy. I expect it to do way more on Bitfinex

>> No.26004136

Tell me about Draper
what kind of science does he do?

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>> No.26004200

Thanks anon, you think 1k would be enough?

>> No.26004201

For every block 20 XSN is minted.
9 goes to Masternodes, 9 for stakers and 2 for the treasury.
And there are close to 2500 Masternodes active, which are all competing for those 9xsn on every block.
So as coin price goes up and when a MN earns a reward on avg. Every 36h then you can calculate its earnings.

Then once the Dex is fully released on the Hydra network, then it will also earn trading fees from the Dex.
0.20% is the cost of trading.

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You aren't very bright, are you?

>> No.26004254

Draper is not here.
You and me are.
Tell me about you?
Are you out of the diaper yet?

>> No.26004280

Enough for what?

>> No.26004286

>Draper is not here.
If Draper were here I wouldn't need to ask you about him, now would I?

>> No.26004334

ohh ok that makes sense. thanks!!

>> No.26004342

To be able to start in crypto, is my first time I'm a newb

>> No.26004419

just tell me where to buy without making an account

>> No.26004469

Currently hold 1.46k XSM (poorfag) but I'm tempted to throw another £500 at the old girl

Are we going to make it lads?

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The conductor does not need to know how to play the instruments, he's worthy.

>> No.26004522

Why wouldn’t they regulate the shit out of this coin? Governments are pushibg KYC & AML hard af, why would they let this slip?

Serious question, other than that that I’m ready to ape in for a MN.

>> No.26004584

>just tell me where to buy without making an account
You already know where but everybody (except closed beta testers) have to wait. Just buy on whitebit before bitfinex listing. No KYC, 2 btc maximum withdrawal everyday.

>> No.26004589

What makes you think he would even care to answer?
Why is personal attacks the only thing you got going on a person not here to defend himself?
Seems pretty weak and immature.

Why not go after the tech?
Or do you only buy a Microsoft computer if Bill gates has personally told you what underwear he uses when programming?

You sound pretty gay.
I think I'm going to leave you alone.
You are probably a Blocktard.

>> No.26004606

A DEX trading on a CEX.

>> No.26004671

Is there any way to mine this bad boy?

>> No.26004680

Sure it is.
Everybody needs to start somewhere.

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does XSN have an actual working product? like can i use the Dex at this very moment? if not then why are you so deadset on backing it instead of an actual working product like, say, XRP

oh right because you are shills

>> No.26004769

>The 19th. When trading starts on Bitfinex, that's probably where you will get priced out
no, it'll dump after getting listed on Bitfinex

>> No.26004779

buy 15,000 xsn for a masternode and 150 more xsn for hosting fees and run a masternode, earn 9 xsn every day and a halfish

>> No.26004834

Refute this and I’ll buy in.
Every other exchange needs kyc to operate legally, why would stakenet be an exception?

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They have good legal advisors, regulators can't do shit because Stakenet never holds user funds as the DEX is pure p2p trading. So kyc/aml rules can't be forced on the DEX.

Also the vast majority of the dev team are anons. so even if they try to come after them and make them fork the network, everyone can stay on the original chain and keep it going, the anon devs keep developing while getting paid by the treasury through masternode votes.

>Checkmate atheists

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You'll know. Soon™.

>> No.26005011

Weak FUD and you know it.

>> No.26005048

>does XSN have an actual working product

Yes, they do. And anyone can use it. If you did some research you would know about it, but we can't expect rippletards to be capable of that.

>> No.26005114

It's POS not POW.
So you need to own some coins first.

>> No.26005143

We are not in the business of serving Bankster scum like you and other puppets are.
That's why.

>> No.26005153


>> No.26005157

Not true about the p2p trading. The dex hubs provide liquidity, someone ultimately is providing pools for coins to be traded in and out. That’s why they are partnering with liquidity providers right now

To host the ‘order book’ and receive fees, you’ll have to provide some liquidity to the dex. It’s all a bit grey in that case with the fed at the moment. Because technically if they go after Stakenet. They would also have to go after eth based liquidity pool exchanges.

>> No.26005190

Thanks. Prolly getting a MN just in case, 95% due to the animations i saw yesterday lol.

People like you are the reason I get a feeling there is a huge split in IQ for holders on this one, with mid-IQ being blatantly underrepresented.

>> No.26005203

Good for you if it does.
Then maybe you can buy in cheaper now that you were too stupid to listen back when we told you to buy it much lower.

>> No.26005380

Nope the DEX hub provide routing not liquidity that’s the key difference. You aren’t buying from the hub you are being routed through it to the other user that is selling that’s how LN works.

>> No.26005537

No the real smart thing they did is that made Stakenet decentralised in that there is no centralised ownership for regulators to go after. Ultimately MN owners are the owners of Stakenet and every month X9 submits a proposal to carry on working for them. The MN owners vote and if the proposal passes then they carry on. Some try to use this as fud but actually it is really smart as X9 are just contractors working for Stakenet it protects them from regulators. Regulators would have to go chase up all the MN owners if they wanted to shut Stakenet down and that’s not going to happen as they would need global jurisdiction.

>> No.26005641


>In order to receive fees you'll have to provide some liquidity

I don't get your argument here, every liquidity provider holds his own funds just like the rest of the peers. The trades are just passing through his orderbook while it takes it's small fee for the routing.

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every time i decide to buy one of these shitcoins its already pumped 5x the day before

>> No.26005876

You want XSN not XSM son.

>> No.26005884

Yeah XSN is what I meant

>> No.26005891

bite the bullet and get in this is just the beginning

>> No.26005906

Nah price will 2x min

>> No.26005992

whats the best app or site to get in on this

>> No.26006003


>> No.26006021

Whitebit says my XSN withdrawal was successful but it’s not showing up in the deposit section of Stakenet Cloud. How long does it usually take?

>> No.26006050

Stakenet has been shilled on /biz/ for 3 years, wtf have you been doing? Most of the time it's been under 20cents.

>> No.26006064
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WhiteBit, no KYC allows up to 2 btc withdrawal


>> No.26006074
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>> No.26006075

Anyone where from 0minutes to 1 hour usually.

>> No.26006137

took me like 20-30 minutes to show up dw

>> No.26006174

>I should have bought ETH at $1 but now it’s $8 so I’m not going to buy it.

That’s literally what you are saying by not buying XSN now

>> No.26006250

It went through just now. Thanks, I was sweating for a sec.

>> No.26006351

Thanks any other suggestions to pick up rn have about 1500 usd to throw into crypto rn. have some btc eth ltc and link on coinbase rn doing more research but any suggestions would help. what about algo or zenon?

>> No.26006379

You only need LINK, XSN and LinkPool. Every thing else is just 'another coin'.

>> No.26006435

with that small amount your options really are to stick it in BTC and forget about it or take a chance on a moon. I've got some XLM which hasn't done much for a while

>> No.26006455

BTC won't 100-1000x in a long long time. XSN and LINK will do that easily.

>> No.26006481

I never said it would, the other anon never said he wants to 'make it' so I chose a safe investment or he can risk the 1.5k on a moon mission

>> No.26006500

He won't make it on BTC with 1.5k.

>> No.26006525

dubs confirm imo with his investment he should put it on XSN or LINK. XLM is safe but maybe not as profitable option too

>> No.26006531
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Again, I never said it would, and he never said he wanted to 'make it'

>> No.26006574

My bad. Feeling tired so reading comprehension has dropped.

>> No.26006576

I'm planning to buy 15000 for one MN on bitfinex next monday. Is that a good idea or should I buy in now? The other exchanges seem a little for sketchy.

>> No.26006584

alright so if I did want to make it...how much do I need and where would it need to go

>> No.26006594

buy it off whitebit nothing sketchy about it or risk overpaying by a lot on bitfinex

>> No.26006601

Buy in now. Everyone exchange listing xsn has had as given it a 2x. Bitfinex is the top 4 exchange.

>> No.26006613

Either go all in link or xsn.

>> No.26006687

You basically have to find a coin with a low market cap that's extremely cheap, buy however much you're willing to risk and then wait for a pump to flog it or convert to something like BTC, or if the project looks like it has legs, hodl in the long term.

I'm in your position, and I'm focussing on getting to 10k first which will give me some freedom to pump more money into risky but potentially moonable coins, for that I'm taking measured risks, buying in to XSN and XLM and I'll stick some cash into BTC if/when it dips

>> No.26006954
File: 135 KB, 1079x717, Screenshot_20210114-223824_Blockfolio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked and all in

>> No.26007136


>> No.26007425

Do we HODL or sell when bitfinex pumps it?

>> No.26007492

Selling for anything less than shitiswaps evaluation is financial suicide.

>> No.26007573

Which wallet do I use?

>> No.26007707

Previous XSN listings:

> Coinall - XSN went from 1500 Sats to 4500 sats for a week or so after listing
> Beaxy - XSN went from 1800 Sats to 4000+ Sats for a few days after listing

Those exchanges are nothing compared to Bitfinex which has whales doing multi million $ trades all day long. If XSN catches any of their eyes then XSN is going to a few $'s at least and they have the $'s to keep it there. XSN is being put infront of the big boys now for the first time and they have a much needed product in the industry so it won't take much before true whales begin to enter XSN

>> No.26007811
File: 6 KB, 257x196, 1597854902106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bitfinex is about to be shut down!
>bitfinex is a scam exchange!

fuder's really arent going to stop, are they?

>> No.26007866

Your sweet words are making me cum, anon, I’m so excited

>> No.26007964

Hold. Not selling anything large until $10
Hardware xsn app or xsn core or xsn dex or xsn cloud.

>> No.26007983

XMR devs got a huge fund for developing atomic swaps like 2 months ago. So they are on it. Lightning swaps are atomic swaps within payment channels (layer 2 that Stakenet uses), so it will be available sooner or later on Stakenet Dex

>> No.26008002

Considering we're gonna break ATH soon it's very exciting seeing that xsn is finally about to be evaluated by the market. >>26007811
They will never stop. It keeps them alive.

>> No.26008015

Quite a while ago there was talk of adjusting MNaaS, so the new income types can also be utilized via that. A masternode will become a money printer, they provide ALL the services within the network and get payed for that in the native currencies of the trade. It's just beautiful

>> No.26008080

XSN has never had true price discovery as it has never had a big exchange. So its funny to see people fretting about $0.50/$0.60 right now

>> No.26008130

Also the MCap. We can hit $10 easily.

>> No.26008291

XSN will break ATH before January 19th.

In the next 6 month XSN will be $5 after they release DEX final version.

>> No.26008383

I am going to tell you a story of how the Bitfinex listing will play out.

> Mr Whale notices XSN
> Mr Whale think thats cheap for what it is.
> Mr Whale decides to put $1M into XSN
> Mr Whale buys up all the Turkroaches bags that they are dumping at "ATH" around $1.
> Mr Whale may decided to dump some XSN to force price down to make people panic "this is the end, get out now."
> Mr Whale continues to load up on XSN until he has a few million.
>Now he has a fat bag and all the Turkroaches bags are gone the orderbook is thin.
> He keeps pushing XSN up in price to say $5 which brings a huge amount of attention to XSN
>This causes a snowball effect as it gets more popular and continues going upwards without his help.
> Here he can slowly unload for a x5 minimum turning $1M into $5M in a relatively short amount of time or if he fully believes in XSN go the distance.
>This also sets a new floor for XSN as all those that bought at $5+ aren't going to sell for less.

Now thats just one whale, Bitfinex has hundreds and if XSN catches the attention of a few then the true whale games begin and things will get crazy. This is literally how all crypto projects get their high marketcaps

>> No.26008425

God fucking damn it, alright, let me just open my savings account again.

>> No.26008559





>> No.26008622

They were on hospital. Heart attack

>> No.26008624

Based and legit

>> No.26008690

I just coomed

>> No.26008713

Then see you at $5

>> No.26008784

See you at $5 in march lads

>> No.26008998

They ain’t ok

>> No.26009123

Is there any damn exchange with this coin that allows users from the US? Bifinex doesn't allow my state.

>> No.26009220

WB use a VPN and stay below 2BTC daily withdrawal and it's no KYC. That's what I had to do.

For a VPN use Opera browser it has one built in.

>> No.26009241

Whitebit does, you can't get KYC though so you're limited to a 2btc a day withdrawal limit. You can't buy it for cash so you'd need to use goybase and transfer some coin to the whitebit wallet, trade it for usdt and trade the usdt for xsn.

>> No.26009361

WhiteBit + VPN

Opera has a built in VPN FYI.

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