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>Hodl, ignore ups and downs, hope you get rich someday
>Sell at peak, buy at the next dip, rinse and repeat indefinitely
Be honest /biz/, which way do you play the crypto game?

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Hodl requires more mental fortitude, you absolute smoothbrain.

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Buy high. Hold. Sell at dip. Repeat

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HODL forever

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>Sell at peak, buy at the next dip, rinse and repeat indefinitely
Except you can get priced out indefinitely, hodling is the only way not to lose at the game, talking about BTC specifically.

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started crypto back in december. only put a total of $12 into this shit. Where do I go from here?

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Hold until I made it. Well on my way. 100x so far.

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Hodling has an opportunity cost though. For instance if I were to have sold at this years highs and bought at the dip I would now have a bigger stack.

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I swing trade out of greediness. If there was a switch I could flip in my brain to just hodl I would.

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>For instance if I were to have sold at this years highs and bought at the dip I would now have a bigger stack.
>For instance if I were to have picked the correct lottery numbers I would now have more money
Are you fucking serious? Do you use your brain anytime, ever?

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I hold through the short term ups and downs of a post-halving bull market. Ladder out as we get toward the estimated top. Then after the market truly crashes, I wait about 6-12 months for the marker to bottom out, and I buy back in.

While waiting for the market to bottom out, I store the money as USDC and earn APY with it on lending platforms

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I trade during the entire cycle cause im not a retard

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I over trade on the 1 minute chart

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But I guarantee you would have fucked up elsewhere after banking the profit and in the long run ended up with less realised gains.

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hodl is a reddit meme

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just HODL bro
buttcorn can only go up
haha number go up brr

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dimwit and topwit

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Why even bother? You can earn that entire portfolio in 2 hours at any wagie job.

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nice work king, next up is to turn that 100 into 1,000. set small goals, and reach them, you’ll be rich before the 2020s are up

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Buy a set amount every month depending on the price of bitcoin
buy 500 at 40k
buy 1000 at 30k
buy 5000 at 20k
buy 10000 at 10k
Adjust if needed

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butthurt kikes will never get my bitcoins ;)

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Just keep doing whatever you are doing its obviously working

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I like it when numbers go up.

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Sell and rebuy. I like to play craps but can’t in my state so this is pretty close. Same idea

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FOMO buy at peak, panic sell at dip

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In November I started with 100 dollars, have since put 1000 total in, portfolio is now 3k from pure hodling, haven't even sold my Xrp. Friend started with 10k, he got up to 17k, then lost literally everything on futures and attempting to sell top but bottom. Just hodl.

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I panic sell and fomo buy. Still in profit. Ama

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I Hodl forever unless I have an absolute strong feeling it's going to dip, in which case, I buy on low margin.

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Sold at peak and reaccumulated in the last cycle. Totally admit I got lucky timing things. This time I'm never selling as infrastructure for using BTC as collateral or to earn interest is much better so I see no need to sell out of my full stack ever again. I just accumulated enough so that I "made it" when BTC hits 28k which I think will be a potential floor price even during the next multi-year bear. I have plenty in other investments outside of crypto so even if it goes tits up I'll be alright.

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At first, I tried trading, but it's hard to make money. Lost money, then lucked out in some trades and recovered most of it. Really hard to time the market. Even harder as a human with emotions.

Hodl and use DCA (dollar cost average), where you buy a set amount at some regular intervals. Just don't expect to be able to pull the money out if you want long term gains. Really wished I had listened to the DCA folk years ago on /biz/.

One thing is that for DCA, the longer you hold, the better you'll probably do.

Another but upside to DCA is knowing that you don't have to worry over daily, weekly, or monthly price movements. I still like to check the price action most days, but don't spend hours a day like I used to.

Also, keep savings and some type of emergency cash. Gotta have liquidity in case of emergency. Seen people lose out on their money after going all in. Currently investing 10% of my income until I reach a level of cash in my bank I am comfortable with. Once I do that, gonna be more aggressive while still slowly increasing my savings to ensure it keeps buying power to offset inflation.

https://youtu.be/S6vby9WHcPA - Great example of spending too much. Ramsey said to sell as they needed the money, but had they a solid stash of cash and patience and held two more years (video is from 2018), they'd have at least broken even and long term gained more.

Big thing: Only spend money you're ok with potentially disappearing.

Not a bad idea. Right now I just buy the same amount of crypto and mixed stock index funds every two weeks. May look at that.

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the problem with constant buy and sell is dealing with the exchange fees

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If you sell within literally 75% of the bull market peak and rebuy the bottom you will be better off than by hodling forever.

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Also taxes if you are in burgerland

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That may become decreasingly true as time goes on. Also when I sold the peak the hefty tax bill I owed decreased a large amount of the gains. Still worked out in the end though

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This is the way. Wish I was consistent sooner.

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the only true chad answer

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Also always regret not having bought more, earlier when bitcoin goes to 100k in the future i will say exactly the same right now

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You did this in 2 months?

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Second one, and gambling with futures x5, only long position, waiting for every dip, selling at 100% ROI (20% up).