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I mean, come on, it's obvious isn't it? How fucking new do you have to be to not see it?

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Try harder bobo it is ripping your dick off.

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>shorting before any type of confirmation anywhere
enjoy liquidation or best case scenario a couple days of pain

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Did you short the double top before that too? About halfway across the prior cell?

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OP I hope you're joking. We're going to 60k

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I'm not even going to look at your stupid meme chart. We are finally returning to normal and we will be well on our way passed 45k this time next week.

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what platform do you use to short?

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Kek, what's your liquidation price? I wanna have a laugh when it crosses

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Memoirs of a dead man

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I sold everything today as well

I've seen this situations before

We are not going up forever

This time is not different

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and I predicted everything that would happen the past three days right to the very T aside from a slight delay in outcome today. Prepare to lose all your money.

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Please. I'm fucking dying over here bobo

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cup and handle, the bullrun will last as long as the bear run, it has only just begun

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this time is not different.....we haven't even seen the top yet lmfao

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when's the next ath?

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>>Double top get out now!!
>>head and sholders get out now!!
>>double top get out now!!1!

Fucking redditards.

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OP is already printing mad money, so does my x5 short. Fucking perma bull fags.

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literally this.
Identical looking double, at a far more 'obvious' point for it to crash back down. I've been a bear on BTC for almost 2 years, but even I can see BTC is more likely to keep going up and past ATH than it is to go down.

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>returning to normal

Please be satire

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>BTC corrects
>BTC bounces back hard at 30k
>H&S pattern fails to play out
>continues going higher

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you guys realize that bitcoin went 1500% past previous all time high last time around right?

and that eth hasn't even hit ath right?

mega cope for being sidelined lmao

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TA isn't real you fucking mong

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yes, you're right, but you're months early brainlet

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>I sold everything today as well
Me too, and when I say everything I mean everything, forks, spoons, tin cans. We are going to zero on everything, BTC under $1k before Biden's first week is out.
>Oh I'll buy more?
What are you going to buy it with?
Start investing in canned goods and slingshots to protect yourselves with.
I'd say guns but you'll be melting down your guns for the raw metal.

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true all indicators show its going down

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this time ità s going to be different

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>using btc/usd chart
Do TA with the btc/btc chart like a real man

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this, oldfags know that only sats matter

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Kek this

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damn you are fucking idiot

so when total market cap is 100k and it goes 1500% you expect it to go 1500% with ONE FUCKING TRILLION MARKET CAP?

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you're going to make it

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Show ur short faggot

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number only go up

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Nobody is claiming that there aren't diminishing returns, but if you think this bull market cycle is climaxing with a mere 2x, and only a month after breaching the previous cycle's ATH, I don't know what to tell you.

It's going to 100k.

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You do realize that double tops rarely actually happen... right Anon?

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>look guys this chart happened once before so its definitely gonna happen again

don't be so sure OP

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Wait does it really show like that on PC screen if I put it that way?

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Creating a store of wealth connected to a whole market all running on smart contracts and the possibility to also stake to even reward you for holding more.
>6 trillion market cap is FUD

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it's actually going to dump to 33k and then straight to 65k.

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But not without pullbacks that are longer than 1 day

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So who's manipulating it this time?
I know last time there was that one group that had apparently manipulated things, though I forget who it was.
>b-b-but numbers only go up! Storage of value!! Muh future!!!
I'd agree if gold was also seeing exponential growth. The fact that it's JUST bitcoin tells me there's shady shit going on in the background.

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Zoom waaaaaaaaaay out.
We are in take off.

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I bought BTC in 2013 and have been watching the btc/BTC chart ever since. Wtf I haven't made a dollar still, starting to think it's time to get rid of this stale trash.

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this is a best case scenario

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Reminder that FUD niggers never show their shorts. OP is a faggot. BTC 120k EOY

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Wait is the picture real? How can I do this?

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All h&s fags are now double toppers

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pretty obvious

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The dip 3 days ago was the dip you see right after media attention in that memegraph.

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>shorting btc in a bullrun right after a big correction just happened
have fun staying poor

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zoom out

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>biztards selling
yea we are going to ath

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i see them everywhere after a parabolic rise.

look at LINK/BTC for example

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you bend the ssd

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Have to wait and see. I'm highly leaning toward over double of this ATH. Most conservative estimate I've seen is 70k. Again if you read the BVOL1M index and look at the logarithmic growth curve you can clearly see with complete certainty that the correction was about to take place and that it was going to be kicked off during prime chink hours.

Either way should have a month at least if we're going by past corrections.

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/zgdw28mh /tvn7xbkq
XLM and COMP for u niggers on goybase

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graph is lining up with the tether fud

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yeah these newfags are stupid, we've already seen a double top on the way up

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Greedy just hold or sell moron

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>double top
>no actual double top
babbys first TA

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If I had a dollar ever time this chart was wrong I would be richer than Satoshi Nakamoto

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post proof faggot

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> Shorting before December

Please make another thread when you get liquidated tomorrow

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Now I start to understand why CZ is getting richer than all the jews combined

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my mum phoned me and told me to sell my BTC, I already shidded and sold the day before, just day trading my bags now, minimise exposure to risk, there are so many variables and so much FUD and FOMO, who knows

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I got meme lines at the 42k ATH and at 33k, will we cross the rubicon?

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