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What's the wrapped shit at number 1 on cmc

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The global crypto market cap is $432950.29T, a 46052105.24% increase over the last day.

Uhhh cool?

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mmm! those are some yummy thighs!

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It's real

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I want to cum inside the vagina of this majestic creature where to impregnate?

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ikr, juicy af

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they got hacked, withdraw all your crypto from exchanges or sell

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ahhh no worries my mistake i thought this was a thread about haircomb
you know the quantum resistant anonymous token on the bitcoin chain
but i can see thats not what y'all are talking about so i'll leave you too it my bad ttyl

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aaaaaaaa it's habbending x0000

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Its basically tokenized bitcoin on ethereum. The contract says there's only 110k WBTC so it must be a bug on CMCs website

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Damn bro

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Bullish for Chainlink

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What's happening?
Was the Tether FUD just a distraction?
Is this the true black swan event?
Are we all Bogged?

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coingecko is fine. cmc is gay

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Well you see, back in the 70's this fella named Ronald made it so that the US dollar wasn't backed by gold anymore, but oil. Of course, being a finite resource that we use at increasing rates means this was never sustainable. Going on the cusp of being an interplanetary population, it would make sense to convert that backing to a trusted, digital asset, that could easily be moved between vast distances without taking extra resources to physically transport it.

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So does this mean we can expect Ethereum to dump because the network lost credibility?

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