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THen its over for USDT

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Is this /ourgirl/?

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That's a man

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>he didn't vote for sleepy joe thus paving the way for AOC 2024

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There will be big panic on the market tomorrow. I put 40k in usdc to be safe jic

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How anyone finds this beast attractive is beyond me. She looks like a horse bred with an alien

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Is that better than busd?

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Do we even need tether if we have shitton of other stablecoins?

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tits or gtfo AOC

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booba, and would be fun to hate-fuck

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>unironically liking aoc

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No one actually likes her, she's just guaranteed Yous because right wing tards will never stop taking the bait

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What anon? More lithium?

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I just sold all my 5.3 BTC and bought XRP.

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I was living under a rock the last month, what will happen tomorrow?

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no, but I think the argument is people will sell out of fear because they think 30% or whatever is just people laundering money

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last day for them to turn in all docs to NYAG

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There will just be a short crash so that the elites can fill their bags and then everything will start to moon except XRP.

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she is the most uneducated idiotic snowflake pseudo intellectual that you amerifags really really really deserve

i met so many nice amerifags and it still seems that the other 99,999999 percent of you are absolutely retarded.

giving women like this a voice with no counter... all you amerifags are


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I dream of sucking dry those brown tipped milkers

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>prepares for ultra feed into DIA

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hasn't tether been through shit like this in the past?

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Yeah it’s called the 2018 bitcoin crash

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That's actually a man

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Nothing Burger tmrw nothing will happen. Courts take time people

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is this real

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there is no way i'd know that's a deepfake if not for the watermark

crazy times

also i need more of this

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That's a horse

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Thank you anon the janitor’s wrath will not be in vain

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