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PRQ /general thread/
Reverse Oracle platform: „middleware layer between blockchain and real world“
Marketcap 58 million $ - competitor GRT at 350 million $ marketcap

100 million $ funding acquired by Binance
Link Smart triggers integrated
Huge announcement coming up in a few weeks

Freemium – Services for PRQ holders, increasing with usage of the platform
Paid – Paid in fiat, resulting in marketbuy and burn of PRQ
Staking in Q1

Upcoming partnerships
Large insurance company – not confirmed
Automatoive giant already using blockchain (Tesla or BMW)
Binace? as they funded PRQ already

The literal floor is 50 cents right now, because Stansberry Research recommends buying every single PRQ below 50 cents. This will be updated next year of course.

Binance funding
Link integration
Parsiq Q&A

Buy it at Uniswap

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First for nothing interesting to say. 12k PRQ here

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Generals are for fags.

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100k make it stack
10k suicide stack

Anything else are newfag lies.

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we're hitting ATH levels soon. 1$ EOD

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This isnt link fren
We going much further than that

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I expect 10$ EOY

50$ EOY 2023

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$50 is FUD. if Link goes to $250 this goes to $1000.

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First for fuck the telegram mods and the boomers over there

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Why would people buy the token if it is highly priced if you can just buy the services with fiat? Does that mean that if the token costs 10$ you get the same services as with 10$ fiat and the freemium services on top? Isnt that a case of token not really needed then

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Fiat buys are converted to PRQ buys in the background, resulting burn+marketbuys

Also new tokenomics coming in the next 2 months will make customers hold a shitload of PRQ to use their "free" tools. So supply will shorten a lot!

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From what I understand the freemium model is where the user can use the service by holding the tokens however they can borrow the tokens from people who are lending. When they borrow they pay the interest that the borrower receives which could be less than the token price for the equivalent services.
When the token price goes down then paying in fiat might be cheaper then holding so more fiat payments will go through which will then make the token price go up again which might make the freemium model the cheaper then.
It becomes a feedback loop where it eventually converges to the best token price.

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The numbers at @parsiq_net are so dismal, especially advertising revenue, that big help will be needed fast. A once great institution – SAD!

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I'm not buying this if its 20% up. Calm down already.

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You had 6 months

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Breaking ATH today. Regret and seethe. Looking forward to the pink wojacks and complaints we "didn't tell you."

I've literally been arguing telling people to buy for weeks and this is their argument against it and they were wrong. Every time.

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I can't believe I didn't top up my bags at 42-43c

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This is just a basic telegram webhook wallet, who the fucks buys this at 50m mcap.

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Fuck me, the shilling hits me. I'm buying some. Watch it come down now.

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why would you buy tokens that are meant to be used in a niche set of apps aimed at businesses? a token that is not even needed since you can also pay with fiat?
i could see it being a good buy in the short term since /biz/ sentiment is good and it might get listed on bigger exchanges eventually, but as a long term hold it's ehhh imho. the fundamentals aren't that good and the usecase is too niche. i don't see the average user of parsiqs apps cleaning out the retail order books especially regularly if you know what i mean.

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I totally undestand its always more comfy buying the dip than ATH and be nervous if it dips 10% and crab for a week. Just jeep in mind that at the end of January huge defi integration will be announced so don't hesitate too long.
Any dip to 0,55$ should be insta buy.

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I think that people will just sell the news and it'll dip by then desu, honestly I just want to get in before the inevitable exchange listings happen
But yeah, I think buying in at 50 cents is unrealistic right now, the price consolidated at 60 yesterday so anything at 55 will be nice to have. Might think I will miss this one but goddamn I hate seeing the price go up

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Why are we pumpin prqchads? I want to accoomulate more

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I follow that same strategy, never buy on green days. But I had to switch that up for projects as strong as PRQ, my strategy for these types of FA gems is buy 1/2 or just some of the total you want to invest. Keep 1/2 in cash to buy in case of dip. Cuz there's nothing worse than knowing and watching it skyrocket from the sidelines

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Based dunning-kruger retard

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explain what im missing then

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whales do your job, dump it ffs

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Yeah, honestly I should've seen the pump coming. I'm now thinking about buying in 50% of my initial investment and DCA down, but I have a small gut feeling that I might be better off waiting until the news has been announced. What do you think?

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I remember when threads got 2 replies, now we have two generals at the same time. WAGMI

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We're not even pumping due to news. Once the news drops its straight to over a dollar and a pullback will probably have a floor of $1. So buying now is actually the only moment you have before getting priced out.

>> No.25960800

I am already priced out kek
But you might be right, it's dumping slightly but the reason of the pump is definitely the news hype
fuck it i'm going in half

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Another fine day tending to my parsnips, it ain't much but its honest work

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And based

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Checked. WAGMI

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How many parsnips for that ultra rare card?

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so no one can answer this?

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DOT is waiting for you & only you!

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Institutions/Corporations won't be paying in fiat they will have to pay in PRQ tokens. Also even if you pay with fiat you are still buying PRQ tokens. It's just for boomers, a dollar amount is alot more approachable than a PRQ amount.

>> No.25961073

>Also even if you pay with fiat you are still buying PRQ tokens
from where? which exchange?

>> No.25961147

From my understanding, Parsiq themselves convert your cash to tokens OR they burn some in respect to the amount of fiat paid. I don't know fully anon, I did my research months ago and it was enough for me to buy in. I remember your question was a massive part of the discussion on /biz before PRQ was heavily shilled. Go on waruso or DYOR

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It will be through the IQ protocol that is being released this quarter.

This is my understanding of it

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Damn, alright; I'm assuming that even a 50c dump is unlikely.
But if it does I'm thinking of getting rid of my XCM stack to break 2k PRQ, then just focus on XCM with fiat, since it's probably going to be more stable/pump less.

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just found an old pic of me selling 9000 parsnips for just 500 bux AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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how many parsnips do i need to make it?

>> No.25961316

XCM and prq are now pumping. You do you but I would hold small stack of Xcm just for sure. And it would be good to have for stacking.

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i get the impression that it's not really clear what the tokenemics really are then, since you two who seem to be well researched can't give a clear answer. i get that it's probably been more discussed in the past but i can't be fucked to crawl through waruso for it, been lurking prq threads a while but see mostly speculation of what the price might be and not technical stuff, a lot of noise to wade through for a newcomer like me

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That's a big OOF! from me lad. Unlucky, still, nice return.

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Shut the fuck up, stop trying to bait people into spoonfeeding you, all the info you're looking for is in these 2 articles.


Go read it first you lazy nigger, THEN you can ask questions. If you're a newcomer heres rule number 1: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH

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t-thanks :(

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So you can't be fucked yet you are here telling us we should be? For you? Are you fucking serious?

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we've all done dumb shit like this. personally did similar mistake with xcm. all part of lessons in life.

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Fair enough.
It has only been discussed at the end of the 3hr AMA.
They are going to write a paper with the mathematical equations behind it explaining how it works.
I get the impression that they want it set in stone before they will explain how it will work so they can commit to what they propose.

>> No.25961562

>all part of lessons in life.
"never sell good projects" ?

>> No.25961578

If it's any consolation, I lost 250 in a bet on trump.

>> No.25961583

Is it time to sell my link for this?

>> No.25961591

Why the fuck I didnt buy more than 100k at 0.02

>> No.25961607

It's been that time for a while.

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We just integrated AAVE. Moon incoming! We fucking warned them.

>> No.25961685


huh? did they just announce aave?

>> No.25961704

for me it was: ''if you want to try swinging, try with a smaller part of your stack''

>> No.25961748

I dumped XCM right after the ico for 0.01, had 2 eth in it lol.

>> No.25961753

fuck i also learned this the hard way, turned 18k prq into 12k prq by swinging with my whole stack
funny thing is if i waited a few weeks i would have 30k

AAA i keep making bad trades yet am still massively in profit holy fuck man

the 9000prq i sold for 500 is what i ended up putting in xcm because i thought it would go up sooner

>> No.25961878

thanks for the links, but they seem to confirm that fiat will still be an alternative (even other cryptos), and token will still not be needed. no need to be rude
i assumed you people knew the absolute basics of the project and could answer questions about it, i wasn't telling anyone to crawl through the archive for me. you should learn to read.
aight thanks for answering and not calling me names. not convinced about this long term but i might be wrong, i usually am

>> No.25961988

Yes, just announced AAVE.

>> No.25962003

Holy shit just listen to yourself
Just fucking buy it now and hold for a few months at the very least
You will have more money in August than you do today Jesus Christ

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Good morning Parsiq chads

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If have the 3 hours spare I would recommend watching the AMA. Anatoly goes through how Parsiq fits in the blockchain, how the token fits in with their business and briefly into the IQ model.
They are essentially treating the token as something that will unlock services for the users that want to use the service and as kind of like a stock for investors.
Fiat payments are meant to market buy a portion of the token from what I understand but will know more when the tokenomics are fully realised.

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It's a great fucking morning lad! Get a cup of coffee and get comfy. Looks like a fun day ahead.

>> No.25962381

i cry
Bought 177k for 10 eth (3.5k):

Bought 190k for 17 eth (7k):

>> No.25962411

Dont use this wallet anymore but fucking end me.

Look at this:

I could have 300k usd+ off a 10k investment.

>> No.25962479

$1 EOD easy. Let's gooooo

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checked. nice dubs brother. probably loading up more on my position while I'm at work.

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Its ok anon you will still make it holding PRQ

>> No.25962741

ATH broken

>> No.25962770

Not yet. ATH is 83c.We close though.

>> No.25962791

Were going to hit $1 today aren’t we

>> No.25962793

ATH was 77 USD. We’re 80 now.

>> No.25962796


>> No.25962869

I meant 77c and 80c lol

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We hit 83 29 Dec 15.33 candle.
Anyways, we broke that now. WAGMI.

>> No.25962970

I'm opening champagne and its not even 10AM

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>> No.25963267

Man I should’ve bought yesterday at 60c but I fucking thought it was gonna dip

>> No.25963528

Bought another 1000 yesterday, thought it was a bit stupid but glad i did now

>> No.25963541

It’s falling hard you can buy in soon

>> No.25963543

wtf i bought at 83c and its dumping
and i dont have enough ethergium to sell

>> No.25963616

>pink Id
>fomo in id

>> No.25963686

How far you think it’ll dump? I need a good buy in price

>> No.25963829

No pump has only green candles morons. This will be 1$ EOM

>> No.25963910


Fuse is bottomed. This is vaporware.

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Reminder you are holding a scam coin

>> No.25964101



>> No.25964143


>> No.25964193

GRTranny cope

>> No.25964216

GRTfudders seething

>> No.25964297

>holding a coin with the eternal jew logo

>> No.25964327

noooooooooo I wasn't done accumulating

>> No.25964333

I love this coin but it is artificially pumping so hard atm. Went from 68 cents to 78 cents. Any time you ask one of these Biz shills the technicals of the coin, no one answers. I'm sure the project and team are great but I feel like biz is shilling it just to make it pump

>> No.25964377

what is a suicide stack?

>> No.25964384

Trips confirm, sell sell sell

>> No.25964421


You need to set goals from the start, if you buy then buy - if you sell then sell

Dont succumb to fuckaroundtitis

>> No.25964437

Pay attention retard, they just announced a partnership with one of the biggest Defi Protocols. Artificial my ass

>> No.25964998

Yeah. The bagholders are getting sodomized by a whale atm. RIP

>> No.25965298

All you gotta do is not sell and the whale drowns

>> No.25965427

>tfw sold all my GRT to buy more PRQ yesterday.

Feels good man.

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$1 soon.

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File: 416 KB, 630x473, 1610557971232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25966261

I see you went our of the twitter crypto tournament in the first round with 31% of the vote. Ha! Ridicule just keeps heaping on GRT copers. Enjoy getting dumped on in a few months.

>> No.25966301

Where are you guys holding your prq? Mine are just sitting on uni but I want to get that shit out of there ASAP

>> No.25966614

Should I even bother holding prqboost? I don't know shit about providing liquidity and not sure if I'm even interested. Thinking of selling it when I take profits at 1 dollar.

>> No.25966713

>Dad : how my PRQueer doing ?
>Me : Just a wallet dad REEEEEEEEE

>> No.25966790

If you dont plan to provide liquidity then get shot of it.
It loses value each day we get closer to a big cex listing.

>> No.25966864

This is just a basic telegram webhook wallet, who the fucks buys this at 50m mcap.

>> No.25966958

Cant wait to laugh at all of those who didn't hold their GRT in a years time. You lot sold up on a gem to be able to buy a couple milk bottles. Shmuks

>> No.25966962

(don't snitch on me with analtoy)

>> No.25967039

Sell and buy more PRQ

>> No.25967587


>> No.25967649

It was supposed to be undisclosed...

>> No.25967771

Can confirm but can't say source. Not a dev ;)

>> No.25968469

Based on every bit of information out there. GRT is a game changer when it comes to indexing block chain data. All of these so called dApps run on CENTRALISED servers, thus just making them apps. The Graph fixes this. Theres a reason that its coined the google of blockchain and I cant wait till it makes me millions. I don't mind waiting...

>> No.25968620

What a fucking ballache buying this shit token

Coinbase first $500 deposit - 4% fee
Bitcoin to ETH conversion -1% fee
ETH to Coinbase wallet app
Coinbase wallet app to UNIswap bullshit
Gas fee of 0.02 ETH that is glitching and not letting me buy the PRQ even though I have enough surplus ETH to cover it

I haven't been this frustrated in a while

>> No.25968665

Just get GRT. Coinbase back it and you should too

>> No.25968666

Welcome to the future lad.

>> No.25968704

why are you making it so complicated

>Deposited 300 EUR on Binance, SEPA 0% fees
>Directly buy from ETH/EUR
>Send to metamask

>> No.25968890

>$60 miner fee to buy a few PRQ
Are you kidding me?

>> No.25968896
File: 16 KB, 284x284, 1604976771775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same, I bought fucking bao instead

>> No.25968909

why are you making it so complicated

>Deposit $500 on coinmetro

>> No.25968960

DESU I have a 50k stack and I signed up to use the services today. Fucking hell, this shit really is all hype. Literally just a wallet and some telegram notifications. I bet there are like only 100 active users for this shit. It will hit $1 and afterwards disappear forever. Don't miss out on the bullride of a lifetime by clinging to this shitcoin.

>> No.25968964
File: 10 KB, 279x170, photo_2020-12-20_09-00-19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coin Metro is what you want lad.

>> No.25968968

no thanks
stop being poor

>> No.25969004

if it makes you feel better I lost $800 on xrp which was like my second crypto buy ever lel

>> No.25969033

which cex? Binance or huobi?

>> No.25969057

What a waste of trips. Check their Twitter, retard

>> No.25969515

How many prq to get at azn gf?

>> No.25969561
File: 116 KB, 1080x1080, 1593402748942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck me in the fucking ass, I'm a newfag but I trust you faggots. Which wallet should I use to store this shitcoin?

>> No.25969632

damn i know you’re fake but imagine people who are actually new to crypto putting their money into this. pretty sad. it gives me PRL vibes lmao

>> No.25969642

Doesn’t know what based means lurk more newfag

>> No.25969695

Why desu? I just want to make it.

>> No.25969783

only fags here are ones not holding GRT. Good luck next time

>> No.25969840

Christ can you graph fags get any more pathetic?

>> No.25969855
File: 3.37 MB, 1464x1472, opsucksdikz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 124 KB, 1059x1200, photo_2021-01-12_18-27-15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maximum cope engaged. Sad, many such cases.

>> No.25969960

The copium with the GRTrannies right now is pretty hilarious.

>> No.25969976

Please respond I have no friends :(

>> No.25969990

hahah. im here doing gods work. I hope you remember this anon who tried to make you rich. Enjoy trading your shitcoins

>> No.25970032

you don't like the project, you waste your time to come in a prq thread and post that you don't like it. this tells us everything we need to know buddy.

>> No.25970068

Im already sitting on a nice profit after buying at sub 20p but go on.

>> No.25970153

Peace. Im off. Remember me in a few years. You'll find me sitting on some beach with a nice beverage if you want to beg for some money (or a time machine)

>> No.25970167
File: 27 KB, 96x102, lmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25970863


GRTranny is over here now if you feel like returning the favour lads?

>> No.25970915

Nigger shut the fuck up

>> No.25970983

what the fuck happened i forgot about this project 2 weeks ago why is it pumping so hard right now

>> No.25971008

it's dumping

>> No.25971039
File: 648 KB, 1133x318, rinku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daaaamn was hoping for one more dip to get the last of my stack, RIP. Should have known better.

>> No.25971062

Undervalued, couple of big reports released recommending it, was pumping then they announced AAVE integration.

>> No.25971077

Were you not fucking paying atttention it just dipped hard back to 65c, that was your chance.

>> No.25971123

I just woke up, lol

>> No.25971288

Ah ok that sucks anon, hope your bag is still stacked though

>> No.25971357
File: 40 KB, 1059x441, 1600108442406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at this chart. If you aren't bullish then you're fucking retarded. The run from 10c to 60c is about to get repeated again.

>> No.25971403

For my poorfag ass, as much as I was able to. I just wanted to finish off my initial goal, only off by 400. Had some ethereum in holding too that I could transfer today (I'm a WA resident cuck who can only use coinbase or gemini), but alas we probably a .7 coin now. Still, I'm okay with it

>> No.25971417

Where the fuck it's gonna stop? 4usd?

>> No.25971443


>> No.25971556

My pee pee is leaking.

>> No.25971602


>> No.25971850


>> No.25972795

fuck yes, 5$ EOQ1

>> No.25972817

AAVE partnership announced. Meaning AAVE is gonna buy our parsnips when tokenomics goes live.

>> No.25972832

10000 bro

>> No.25973115

token is not needing

>> No.25973141

Just a wallet bro

>> No.25973212

correct sir many wallet out and why needing useless token ,?

>> No.25973268

yes sir, is scam buy GRT or BAO.

>> No.25973432

price is tanking, now for PRQ sell now or else !

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