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I'm a virgin and now my portfolio is ALSO dropping

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Either bought too high, you have shitcoins or have weak hands.

t. dolphin

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By 'dropping' I don't mean I'm in the red. I'm still 6.5k up, but 2 weeks ago I was up almost 9k so it's still annoying

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I hope you are prepared if there is a big drop kiddo.

t. 2013 bubble victim

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If there is a big panic, just remember to short it. Also convert some of the shit into fiat. Im just gonna hold because i have good enought coins and dont wanna deal with trading anymore. Could help if i dropped my most risky coins tho.

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Damn dude your just a bitch.

Join the real squad

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Should have cashed out and hired an escort, would have solved both the issues

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Hiring an escort doesn't solve shit, it's about being accepted by a real girl not a paid hooker

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>convert to fiat
>get (((taxed))
>not just hold it on BTC
kys mong

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You can convert to USDT or BITUSD too if you want nigger.