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Reminder that Jan the 15th is tomorrow.

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Yup and the 16th is the day after tomorrow

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Institutions have their sell orders ready for 11:59

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check and mate

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yeah and the jan 15th anticipation caused the dip days ago
nothing will happen on the actual date

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It's already the 16th here.
Where is it?

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>15th comes
>nothing happens
>$400MM tether prints every 8 hours through the weekend
>price runup to 55k
>Tether FUD dies down for a bit, Mt Gox FUD restarts

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Literally set fucking alerts on the NY AG femnigga twitter, when she tweets something shit's crashing in 5 minutes.

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Based fudders. They are finding even more re-used 2017 fud

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Can't wait for bitcoin Shiva Vishnu and beecash shills

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>all of the Tether fud is fueled by someone who missed out on Bitcoin

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Sold everything already and comfy in USDC

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Comfy watching everything rise?

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some people have already made it anon
after a point it's all gravy

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smidge is just another Marv, WAKE UP PEOPLE

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its kind of crazy how large the BTC market cap is and yet realize how much more room it has to grow.
>Global Bond Market: $100T
>Global Stock Market: $100T
>Global Derivatives Market: $15T
Lets assume that 1% of the markets get put into BTC. Then that would be $2.15T. Per Willy Woo, each dollar worth of BTC bought corresponds to a roughly $3 increase in market cap. so then
BTC current cap + (new capital * 3) = new BTC market cap

Assuming a current market cap of ~$700B then the 1% inflows would add $6.45T resulting in a new market cap of $7.15T ie a 10x price increase from here.

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Setting a buy order to price out weak hand fags

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