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It's so fucking obvious, get over yourselves ffs

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I'm not even going to look at your stupid meme chart. We are finally returning to normal and we will be well on our way passed 45k this time next week.

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That's why I'm skeptical. It's just too obvious. Makes me think it's going to end up mooning to 100k after all.

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i remember when this was posted in 2017
didnt sell then, still not selling

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mean isnt 20k, its 1k

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Don't bother, they weren't going to make it even if they listened.

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not gonna listen to a midwit

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Im buying exactly now, because everyone is shitting bricks

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How does it feel to be priced out faggot?

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Possible, but it will return to the mean at some point anyway, and that mean is not as bad as on the scheme

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cant see that shit nigga

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Says the guy who posted a 1kb thumbnail

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I solded all my whole stock at 40.5, idc I am above all this bubble shit

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Holy fucking shit another micro image. I swear these low pixel mental assaults make me want to choke on a bag of grapes.

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based thumbnail poster

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When you find the willingness to kill yourself, waiting five odd years for the next bull cycle isn't a big deal anymore.

Tldr: holding until I die never cashing out.

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At any given moment in time, you can always take a chart and line it up so as to make it look like it's always on the precipice of the "return to normal". We're unironically going to $200k.

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He is on the dumb side of the spectrum apparently

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This shit makes me want to post a survey asking people what tether is going to do to bitcoin on the 15th

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I guess we'll see, shall we?

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>he posted it again

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These boots ain't worn for working

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Because ur moronic if you think paypal and all these other companies bought at 20k to sell a couple months later at 40k

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well not selling was an okay move in the long term.
but the gif you posted was correct, as is OP

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tbdesu I see it going down tomorrow

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btc 1 million eoy

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I can't wait for it to drop into the dirt so I can buy some

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>he thinks they bought at 20k

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you do realize market movements are fractal and you can paint "the market cycle" over literally any part of a chart you want, right? You could paint a bunch of those for every correction that occurred along the way up in 2016 and 2017

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The misconception is believing just because the lines match up that it will continue to match. For example your meme chart could of been superimposed multiple times during the 2017 cycle. What ended up happening is it eventually painted a macro version of the meme, the micro cycles where just shake outs. Your meme chart wom’t be relevant until we are around 200k and it is matching up with it

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>he thinks institutions fell for the hodl meme

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20k inbound

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>> he thinks traders at institutions are even allowed to touch crypto

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never selling

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good man
yesterdays top is tomorrows bottom

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We know, you stupid fuck. We bought the dip and are selling now. Stay poor.
See you boys in July for round two.

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fuck i did get tricked twice

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How am I the stupid fuck? Look at all the retards who think otherwise

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all of you are dumb, give me your money

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They are meme-ing. /pol/ is a board of learned men, nigger.

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This chart is idiotic pseudoscience. No better than fucking looking at bird guts to predict the future. The worst part is if you're wrong, you'll just hide and we can't shame you; but hopefully you'll remember what a brainless post this was.

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oh no it goes down to 14k why god why :( i only bought in at 3k sirs why

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you're such a fucking brainlet op, you single handedly hold back this community, investing in general, and even our entire race by your sheer fucking stupidity. I can't tell if you posted that poorly ph*t*shop*ed SHIT just to piss me off, but I sincerely hope you did.

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Fun fact: looking at entrails to divine the future is called Haruspex

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>meme chart
>mapped to the crypto bull run down to the letter in 2017

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best case scenario is you're trying to manipulate this community by some half-assed zygotic psyop that fell out of your stoned meatsack. is this really the peak of your ambition, how you'd spend your day's life, posting such utter nonsense in desperate hopes of manipulating a few pink-sheet children into your level of brainlessness?

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See OP? Learned men.

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based classics expert. I'm more of a fan of bibliomancy myself, like they did with the aeneid, and like that author did in the man in the high castle. would probably yield trades with higher alpha than this fucking low meme

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Of all the autists that i’ve had the pleasure of interacting with on the board, you might actually be the most autistic.

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do you even know the definition of autism? do you have your copy of the DSM-5 to hand? you'd be an embarrassment to fucking dr. phil, fucking smoothie.

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I honestly think whales believe they can set up the bear trap this brazenly and people will actually fall for it.

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Imagine being this shitter shattered over a meme chart

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go ahead, educate me. or don't even fucking communicate on the internet with that level of sheer fucking ignorance, I mean you have to TRY to be that devoid of knowledge.

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>observation of human behavior that has played out the exact same way over centuries is idiotic psuedoscience

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what's the alternative? to continue tolerating the usage of fucking DOWSING in predicting the output of a random number generator? it wouldn't be so bad if this RELIGION that OP has weren't so widespread among actual economists and traders with real money. just today i was in a talk in which this "economist" degined to explain to us about the usage of non-empirical, simple models can be used to find excess returns in a market, it's a fucking dangerous meme and your apathy makes less sense than my rage.

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You fuck head, you got me twice.

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i'm not arguing with someone who probably hasn't heard of malkiel. not that i believe everything he says, but it's just SO easy to spew nonsense when you're ignorance is so thorough it's PURE

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>being this mad

let me guess you bought at 40k

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fucking kek at the bitcoin maxis in this thread. It's going to 10k faggots check em.

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Zoom out.


Also, notice fundementals and current macro. You think instos all piled into Bitcoin while the Fed engages in infinite printing and politicians are all clamouring for MMT (QE on steroids, Venezuela mode inflation) only to dump on... Themselves? For inflationary fiat toilet paper?

The case for Bitcoin etc is only getting stronger. As is the case for decentralised networks facilitated by Ethereum, given US globocorp is going completely mask-off to annihilate wrong-think.

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wrong, smoothie. although i'm going to guess that you don't actually use TA to trade, and are just memeing at me, based on the "lol you're mad" argument only possible with someone with a single digit mental age.

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If I zoom the chart just so, on this time scale and... WALLA!

Post your short faggot retard

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bitcoin already went parabolic last week. they're not dumping on themselves. they're dumping on retard retail investors who fomo'd into the spectacle and will be dumping on a brand new batch this weekend once the bear trap has run its course

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same. i will buy more after tye crash. i am super long on btc and xmr.

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i see this

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>you don't actually use TA
i'm using TA to tell you that we are in the midst of the most rudimentary and obvious bulltrap that you will see in your entire life

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I see this

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that's a linear lead-up. the crash we saw just days ago followed a parabolic surge.

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meant bull trap*

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Were you here during 2017? You realize this was superimposed on the chart from the whole run up at every point since 2000. It can't predict the top.

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>we are finally returning to normal...

We are in the "back to normal" stage folks. Sell.

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you're using intuition about behaviors, not fitting splines post-hoc. if anything this is more like a behavioral economic approach, which is tricker to outright call psuedoscience since it leads to testable hypotheses. but i'm not really replying to you, since I think again that you'd lose in a chess game to a lobotomized monkey, but more to everyone else in this thread reading this exchange

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This is an interesting read
This paper investigates whether Tether, a digital currency pegged to the U.S.dollar, influenced Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices during the 2017 boom. Using algorithms to analyze blockchain data, we find that purchases with Tether are timed following market downturns and result in sizable in-creases in Bitcoin prices. The flow is attributable to one entity, clusters be-low round prices, induces asymmetric autocorrelations in Bitcoin, and sug-gests insufficient Tether reserves before month-ends. Rather than demandfrom cash investors, these patterns are most consistent with the supply-basedhypothesis of unbacked digital money inflating cryptocurrency prices.

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fuckhead, can you use these "parabolic rectal lead up" bullshit monkey smashing a keyboard patterns to actually make consistent predictions about the direction of a crypto or stock? why would you pollute the finite amount of things we read in our lives with such fucking inanity?

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>i'm using TA to tell you that we are in the midst of the most rudimentary and obvious bulltrap that you will see in your entire life
Yeah idk anon. I'm thinking maybe short term sideways long term bullish.

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not downloading the potentially virus link, not dumb enough to open a pdf sent by an internet stranger and don't have my vm set up. send screenshots of the paper if you want us to read it

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People always say meme chart but don't post counter analysis with non-meme chart.

>> No.25945449

>let me shit out a bunch of things i don't properly understand in hopes that i can convince him i'm smart. that'll get 'im!

see you at 30k, but do remember i tried to help you

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Go fuck yourself you lazy shit eating faggot

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OP is, as always, absolutely stunning and brave. What a powerful, inspiring post from a truly beautiful, outstanding individual. Of course patterns that look the same at one point will be the same at all points! Imagine thinking that drastically altered investment conditions will affect outcomes. I just can't even...

>> No.25945498

BASEd on FUCKNIG WHAT? DO you have literally any reason to justify those fucking predictions? if you guess the right side of the coin you'll fucking celebrate by jacking off to anime chlidren, but if you're wrong you'll do what OP does and fucking pretend it never happened. you're completely lost, but i hope someone else reading this thread might be encouraged to be less ignorant

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Because the cycle is fractal in nature and this is a minor cycle not the major cycle, rather a good chance to trade ranges and get retardedly long.

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ITT: Nocoiners coping, people who sold trying to put their soul at ease, and people who are holding desperate for some clarity. Me? I don’t care where it goes, I bought at 5k and 150 dollars, ETH and BTC can do whatever it wants, I. will. never. SELL

>> No.25945596

>DO you have literally any reason to justify those fucking predictions?
Yeah I do, but first you have to figure out what that chart is I just posted. Hint: it's not $30k range btc

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Did you just post a pic of your dick, you tiny ass lil dicky ass no balls having ass nigga

>> No.25945601

you, personally, redeem this entire board of children and wastrels. although the issue in your image is more of a multiple comparisons thing, and in op's its more qualitative fits to manipulated data, i guess they're pretty analogous

>> No.25945633

Based fellow Mainer, listen up OP you might make some money or be left in the dust with all the 17 year old jewtube kids.

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i don't think it will be sideways because the bullrun is trying to regain steam right now. up to 38k today. once people understand that the enthusiasm is gone it's back down to 30

>> No.25945650

a heavy-tailed random walk with a biased stopping rule, but i don't know the exact crypto or equity

>> No.25945759

Like, never? Not even for 1kk each?

>> No.25945776

what parts of what i said don't I properly understand? i'm at least contributing googleable terms for the less hopeless in this chat to be able to clamber their way out of your level of ignorance, what have you contributed?

>> No.25945843

Why are you still fucking posting? You have yet to prove anything. We are going down to ATLEAST 30k and there's nothing you can do about it brainlet

>> No.25945952

Good read. Exactly what I've been saying.
>The alternative key hypothesis is that Tether is being printed independently of demand and pushed onto the market. The issuers can print Tether and can convert it into more widely-accepted cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In addition to issuance fees, transaction fees, and interest earned from trading in Tether, other possible valuable benefits of such a plan could be as follows.
>First, like an inflationary effect of printing money, issuing Tether increases the money supply in the crypto space and can significantly push cryptocurrency prices up by generating an artificial demand. Since most cryptocurrency exchanges and early movers are long in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they would generally benefit. If Bitcoin prices increase, then the founders can cash out the acquired Bitcoins into dollars, likely at a slower pace and on an opaque channel that has less price impact than their initial buying behavior. If the Tether issuers wish to legitimize Tether and avoid scrutiny, they can slowly convert some of their cryptocurrencies to U.S. dollars and retrospectively provide either full or partial dollar reserves for Tether.
>Second, since Tether issuances are large, if traded strategically, Tether could have further price impact and manipulate the Bitcoin prices more. The issuers can stabilize and/or set regionalized price floors and push the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies upward.
>Third, the Tether issuers create a valuable put option in the case of a future crypto market downturn or other losses. The founders of Tether have an option to not redeem Tether to dollars, and possibly experience an inside ‘hack’ [McLannahan (2015)] when Tethers and/or their associated dollars suddenly disappear.

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biz never changes

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was checking on biz to see if anyone posted this, boom first thread lmao

>> No.25946084

you're the one making strong assumptions about the future, you fucking rat. you're the one with so much deluded confidence that could only have come from serious brain degeneration, or drug use. the only redeeming quality of this conversation is that i'm almost certain you're posting this with an ulterior motive, which puts you a step above the troglodyte posters >>25945596 and >>25945449, who are truly hopeless

>> No.25946146

Aye I got you bru. Check this dub

>> No.25946222

So are you basically admitting bitcoin is above fair value?

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Feels good. I only look at the 1W chart anyway, and it's a healthy correction after an ambitious rise.

>> No.25946258

It can't drop that bad. It costs fucking 12k to mine one fucking coin and looking at the prices of GPU every fucking Pajeet has aquired one to MINE.

>> No.25946381

another drop to at least 30k is inevitable

>> No.25946442

OP again? why are you still here? how many times are you going to voice that exact same opinion? how much negative exposure to btc do you actually have?

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File: 97 KB, 1220x714, rhodl-jan2021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25946523

RHODL, S2F for confirmation, Rainbow for the feelgood keks

>> No.25946525

It isn't an opinion, its a fucking fact. And this entire board knows it. Stop acting so high and mighty, you are as much of a degenerate as the rest of us browsing this board.

>> No.25946529

The funny thing is that the "return to normal" phase reaches its peak at 15 jan

>> No.25946601

you didn't answer the question, is it because you didn't understand it? let me rephrase it for your fucking spongiform brain: how much are you shorting btc? how much money will you gain for a drop in btc's price? is that clear enough for you, simple boy?

>> No.25946602

i bought at the mean idiot

>> No.25946637

More money than you could ever afford dumb fuck.

>> No.25946733

no dollar amount, an obvious lie. are you trying to impress us? at least on r*d*t they post screenshots of how much they made all time, here you're not even trying to make up a convincing fib.

>> No.25946750

so is the lawsuit


can you say RICO? sell now, morons

>> No.25946778

I want to short BTC too but not sure if it's already too late, what's your entry point and target?

>> No.25946827

Yeah, here's the actual amended consolidated class action complaint. They are demanding a jury trial it seems. The plaintiffs are all jewish and it's taking place in NY so this could be interesting.

>> No.25946834

imo, this is literally the perfect time to sell. 30k is my, and many others target

>> No.25946844

he's lying about shorting it, but I'm legit curious if any of you have any instruments that can have a short position without going through a massive spread

>> No.25946851

How are you gunna call it a memechart then say return to normal exactly like the chart says? Is this a subtle troll or just stupid?

>> No.25946919

not even responding to me anymore, coward? you're honestly a pathetic huckster, not even competent enough to trick a bunch of children into whatever it is you're trying to do

>> No.25946923

Because he's a fucking idiot like the rest of the tards that arent selling because "this times different guys!"

>> No.25946954

Checked and keked and saved

>> No.25946977

I'm done responding to you, you haven't made a realistic or even semi logical point at all during the duration of this thread. literally go fuck yourself

>> No.25946998

Someone with a functioning brain posted this

>> No.25947064

Yeah, thanks, I am reading the complaint now.
>Defendants have executed a sophisticated scheme to fraudulently inflate the price of crypto commodities, a class of crypto-assets that includes bitcoin. Defendants’ scheme was wildly effective, causing the price of these cryptocommodities to spike far above their legitimate value in the largest bubble in human history, and ultimately resulting in billions of dollars of damage to innocent crypto commodity purchasers

>> No.25947167

i'm responding to you, but primarily addressing the rest of the readers of this thread. i've made lots of points, but I guess your 2nd grade reading comprehension is getting in the way.

- technical analysis, like you're showing in your OP, fails in general to produce excess returns in the long run, although for some that's still a subject of active research
- your prediction is worthless because it's riskless, i.e. if you're wrong you'll just pretend you never made this thread, and if you happen to be right, you'll convince yourself that you've tapped into some fundamental truth about the way the market works.

simple enough for you, smooth-brain?
Irwin, Scott H.; Park, Cheol-Ho (2007). "What Do We Know About the Profitability of Technical Analysis?". Journal of Economic Surveys. 21 (4): 786–826.

>> No.25947239

Problem of the joke is that is lost on a low IQ board like /biz/, the replies are testament of that

>> No.25947253

>Innocent crypto commodity purchasers
Like gamblers? That’s all it is, Supreme Court already legalized it

>> No.25947256

Idk I just wanted to see what he says but I suppose you can just short it on Kraken

You say that but the intraday charts look very different from the daily charts, same as different asset classes have different price patterns

>> No.25947310

jokes on you I got to read it the first time

>> No.25947352

That's great, you're not gonna sell. But I'm also not gonna buy right now. I will wait.

>> No.25947362

I'm Jewish, I know exactly what I'm doing.

>> No.25947374

babby's first chart pattern

>> No.25947391

a real jew would never capitalize the J in an internet forum. spotted, glowie. get the fuck out of this thread, you're not welcome here.

>> No.25948095

same chart from 2017, not my first

>> No.25948281

What you're missing is that 42,000 is a much larger number than 19,000. Invest in rope on the way down

>> No.25948282

you can't keep getting away with this

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