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XMR seems to be one of the most practically-relevant cryptos:
BTC - Store of value
ETH - Smart contracts
LINK - Interfacing ETH to physical applications
XMR - Privacy, Currency
XMR is just BTC but better at the things BTC set out do do by way of being fully private, but it sees minor sat growth and massive crabbing each bullrun. Why does XMR seem to have such a hard time breaching 1k like ETH does? Is it because there's a possibly enormous amount in circulation?

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Delete this thread right fucking now

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because its birth was 4 years behind BTC. appreciate the fact that you can still accumulate.

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It's a shitcoin retard

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Trudat. I'm not complaining, just curious why it seems to be such a slow burn for the massive utility it possesses. About to get my 21 XMR tonight actually from swapping ETH.

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lol buy zcash retard

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How is it a shitcoin? It's the only privacy coin that's repeatedly proven itself secure.

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Coin will continue to slowly appreciate until it is eventually killed by the nwo.

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also the BTC pairing is worthless. it's own unique asset type, down to the aglo and POW part

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these markets are manipulated by whales pumping and dumping shitcoins with literally no usecase. I imagine they aren't pumping and dumping Monero because they want to buy cheapies. I also think whales are putting up sell walls to (temporarily) suppress the price. Again, it makes no sense why everything pumps and Monero, which actually has demand, lags behind.
but like most anons, I am happy about the suppressed prices because it means more cheap xmr for me.

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Normies don't care privacy
Companies are anti-privacy
Do 2+2

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Check the graphs, its being price suppressed, when they stop its going to the moon

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Most wash traded coin ive seen. The book and vol on binance is disgusting

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This is a dumb argument. All crypto is tied to BTC whether you like it or not.

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Normies do care about privacy.
I have convinced several people priced out of BTC to buy an unknown amount of Monero.

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It will moon as globohomo agenda creeps in more and more. Also, stop posting about monero, b. I need to buy more you fuck.

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This but unironically

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whatever you say anon

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It’s boring and fucking shady. That’s literally it. It’s the neck beard of coins, too many extra steps, and developed primarily to do illegal ass shit.

Think about it, BTC took a while to take off because silkroad made it so fucking sketch. And now that it’s taken down and less private than we once thought, people turned to XMR. And now the most negative aspect of BTC to boomers, the fact that it’s used to buy things illegally, is the only selling point this thing has got.

I actually hold XMR just because it’s common sense to buy something that hasn’t reached it’s ATH price yet. But I’m not expecting much.

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>Normies do care about privacy
Yeah, that's why everyone has a smartphone and social media
Based retard

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Do you have any longer term data, I am interested to see how they compare from their beginnings.

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social media is dying, but yea normies are too retarded to even figure out how to buy xmr. They only know how to buy eth on coinbase (probably don't even use gdax) and at best maybe store it in their browser extension wallet once they get to a few thousands sats worth and they think they're "Going to Make It"

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Do you understand what's happening to BTC? Mining conglomorates can literally refuse to process your transactions. Fungibility (the biggest selling point of paper cash) is nonexistant on btc. You can easily get tainted btc. So many other huge red flags that this shit is regulated to shit and will only continue to go further. On top of all this privacy coins have literally the perfect storm brewing with the shit Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter are doing.

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It is amazing how great apes like you are capable of typing out coherent sentences on /biz/. XMR is growing in usage, growing and price and growing in the size of it's community. You have to be a fucking retard to see that people ARE caring more about privacy since they live in a world where it's more and more dangerous to state your opinions.

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Yeah, not like the drug business is one of the largest fucking businesses in the entire world since the beginning of civilization. Fucking retard

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Actually it's privacy allows for fungibility, something which bitcoin had even better than the dollar before it basically became almost completely de-anonymized with new technology and such.

No other crypto and not even the dollar or any other national currency can hope to have the level of fungibility Monero currently has, as a side effect of it's privacy.

Basically, no matter what a monero token has been used for in the past because it's not traceable and private, it will always have the same value when traded elsewhere. Also, I'm surprised companies aren't going apeshit right now using it as a store of value to get out of paying taxes or to hide their income/savings for whatever reason. It's easy to see how much bitcoin someone else has publicly, or any crypto for that matter, but damn near impossible to do the same for Monero.

Anyways, its privacy-centric ethos is something that if anything seems like it would be attractive to companies more so than most else.

Monero as a whole is an incredibly technical and complex protocol, the cryptography and mathematics behind it are much more intricate and complicated than bitcoin or most other cryptos. I would assume a steeper learning curve in order to trust it as a reliable financial tool is certainly partly one of the reasons why it hasn't shot up dramatically. Also, since its mostly actually being used as a currency and not just as an investment option like bitcoin probably lends itself to being less volatile...

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Seems a lot of people are still wary of buying in due to potential regulatory concerns. But with atomic swaps on the way these concerns become irrelevant once you understand that even if Monero is outlawed and delisted from all exchanges it'll still be as easy to acquire as Bitcoin.

In any case, XMR is steadily increasing its marketshare in the darknet and blackhat sectors and is projected to eventually hit 5 figure value due to the anticipated influxes of offshore/black money assets over the next decade.

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Link to study? I feel like I've seen it before but I left /biz/ after cashing out my NEETbux stack in 2017 (and see I missed a big train on LINK in doing so but w/e)

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>Link to study? I feel like I've seen it before but I left /biz/ after cashing out my NEETbux stack in 2017 (and see I missed a big train on LINK in doing so but w/e)


There is a related podcast available as well.

>Monero $18,000 in 5 years? A talk with Satis Group.

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I'm convinced XMR is being suppressed considering their study nailed the current BTC and ETH prices in 2018 but XMR is 1/5 its estimated value. Then again, XLM is outperforming their expectations 30-fold.

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new holder of x monero here, thanks for these anon

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>I'm convinced XMR is being suppressed considering their study nailed the current BTC and ETH prices in 2018 but XMR is 1/5 its estimated value. Then again, XLM is outperforming their expectations 30-fold.

Timelines are tricky and notoriously fickle, focus on the fundamentals and long-term outlook, which for Monero are excellent.

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>focus on the fundamentals and long-term outlook, which for Monero are excellent.
this is why i am super long on xmr

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What [Unknown amount] do you think is a good starting stack? The ol' 21 club like BTC?

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>this is why i am super long on xmr

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>Also, I'm surprised companies aren't going apeshit right now using it as a store of value to get out of paying taxes or to hide their income/savings for whatever reason
The boomers who control wealth are inflexible brainlets who got to where they are through luck. There won't be true innovation until they start dying off.
That and they're all in bed with the government

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>What [Unknown amount] do you think is a good starting stack? The ol' 21 club like BTC?

I'll just copypaste my answer to a similar question over at the XMR general:

>Depends on how long you're willing to sit still and wait. Monero is projected to eventually hit 5 figures so 50 -100 XMR should eventually put you in (multi)millionaire territory. The longer you wait to cash out, the higher the yield.

>If we go by the Satis Group estimate, Monero should reach $40K by the end of the decade. If that actually pans out then just 25 XMR will yield you $1 million, if you have 50 XMR that is $2 million, if you have 100 XMR it's $4 million and so forth.

So, as much as you can accumulate before atomic swaps drop would be a good stack.

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>XMR is 1/5 its estimated value
That's because they didn't predict the timing of the SEC making their move and you can't really fault them for that IMO, XLM poomp was directly caused by that

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From time to time, intelligence agencies throw away their big bags of monero from crime circles in order to weaken this currency, which also explains why it will never reach the moon.

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Big institutions don't like privacy.

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Not for their customers, but they love it for themselves.

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The next 2k I get my hands on will go directly into Monero.

>business is slow

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18.7 suicide stack
50 comfy stack
100 make it stack 2031

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Because it’s a shitcoin only used by darknet pedos and bagholded by the most autistic retards this site has suffered. Meanwhile ZEC almost doubled in a week. Smart money is on ZEC clearly.

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Why did you come into a monero thread to shill a surveillance coin?

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Imaging shilling a literal diddlercoin this hard. Pathetic.

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>have a soul
pick one

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>Privacy optional coin
>Better than privacy coin

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Because people like drugs & kids.

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>Smart money is on ZEC clearly.

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no problem Chad. welcome to the club.

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Hidden inflation bug.
Roger Ver explained it yesterday .

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>Roger Ver explained it yesterday .
Thanks I needed a laugh.

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Its the most practically useful coin rather than being short term money flipping.

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Huh interesting seeing it like that. Right now XMR scales worse in term of black chain size then BTC I think

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it has a dynamic blocksize wtf are you smoking

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>1 post by this ID

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Fuck off I'm still here.

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oh chain size ya. really boils down to txn based vs wallet based coins. i was the one smoking

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You don't believe me?


And that Monero probably has a hidden inflation bug makes actualy very logical sense by looking at price performance.

Watch Roger and listen fren.

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because crypto is not used as currency.
thats why monero hasnt taken off.
maybe when CBDC is rolled out we will see demand

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bunch of fakin pedos

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Why should somebody buy Monero if nobody can verify the circulating supply?

Could be there are already 50 mill Monero out - who the fuck knows.

An inflation bug even BTC had.
Only luck some de saw it at the right time.

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wow it's almost as if when BTC volume increases alts increase disproportionately. What a crazy new idea
this is such a retarded take

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Because cartels can't pay for mansions and exotic cars with xmr

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Just buy it buddy. Don't talk yourself out of it.

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Roger Ver is not an authority on anything although I agree with some of his points re: Bitcoin fees. However, his stance on BCH as a "privacy coin" is a desperation play as people become hyperaware of overreaching governments and actually start to give a shit about privacy. Bitcoin/BCH will never NOT be pseudonymous.
>"Bitcoin Cash can be a privacy coin"
This is false. Bitcoin Cash has a public ledger and can never be private. Coin mixers are inherently shit and are no substitute for true fungibility.
>Monero has been delisted from Bittrex
A blow to Monero for sure but nothing to do with the privacy features being faulty. He's talking out of both sides of his mouth here by the way. If governments are so concerned about privacy coins, then why wouldn't the be concerned about BTC or BCH? Because they can be tracked, EASILY.
>Inflation Bug
It's true that the supply of Monero can only be determined indirectly by looking at the block height, but with as many good guys looking at the code as there have been, it's highly unlikely that someone has exploited a bug that would routinely give them blocks. The cryptographic math that Monero is based on (Diffie-Hellman) has been around for a long time (1976) and is well understood by cryptographers. The "unverifiable supply" is a necessary evil to have the privacy that Monero affords.

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People move money through it. They don’t hold it.

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Some do. As long as it has a use case it will increase in value. There are plenty of people speculating on its future value just like bitcoin.

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Bittrix is dropping it

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rex dropping XMR for being deemed too private by the government seems like a bull signal tho

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it's useful but there's no reason for it to pump. people just buy/sell to it temporarily. when atomic swaps with btc come, then there's even less of a reason to hold it

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what's "true fungibility"? you realize that moneros crypto can be cracked by quantum computers, just as mixing can be cracked. monero and mixing offer the same level of privacy.

>> No.25951573

See >>25950537
>what's "true fungibility"?
1 XMR = 1 XMR = 1 XMR = 1 XMR... you get the idea. No possibility of picking up a tainted coin. No possibility of your XMR being blacklisted from an exchange. No possibility that your 1 XMR isn't equal to my 1 XMR.
>you realize that moneros crypto can be cracked by quantum computers
Ok, so get back to me in 500 years? Seriously, if quantum computers that can crack Monero are created, the entire world will have much bigger problems on its hands.
>monero and mixing offer the same level of privacy.
The anonymity set of coin mixing is shit and is potentially broken with temporal analysis of transactions. With Monero, you don't have to worry about this because not only are the outputs obfuscated, but the transaction amounts as well. With Monero, you can see transactions happening on the blockchain but you have no idea which outputs are real or how much XMR they contain.

>> No.25951637

That scam volume in September still ticks me off

>> No.25951752

>if quantum computers that can crack Monero are created, the entire world will have much bigger problems on its hands.
Centralized systems can go down, update, and come back online.

>> No.25951892

>entire knowledge of encryption broken by quantum computers existing
>just patch it with an update, bro

>> No.25951926

XMR devs are already working on it. Quantum attacks will have quantum defences. Plus Monero can fork in case of a quantum attack. Also quantum computers don't exist, this fud is like saying, "what if all the nodes went out because the earth is obliterated by an asteroid?"

>> No.25951966

Sauce: https://ccs.getmonero.org/proposals/research-post-quantum-monero.html

>> No.25951985

>The anonymity set of coin mixing is shit and is potentially broken with temporal analysis of transactions. With Monero, you don't have to worry about this because not only are the outputs obfuscated, but the transaction amounts as well. With Monero, you can see transactions happening on the blockchain but you have no idea which outputs are real or how much XMR they contain.
this is only a minor benefit for niche purposes. maybe legit terrorists and CP buyers would need that kind of anonymity.

most people don't give a single shit about privacy, let alone to the level that Monero offers. even crypto people all use BTC, ETH, etc. which are fully transparent. 99% of Zcash transactions are not shielded, even though it's as simple as pushing a button.

the few people who want privacy would be more than happy with that offered by mixing (like coinjoin)

the case for Monero is to fulfill a need basically no one has, and the people that do need it, don't need to hold large amounts of it.

add on top of that the fact that the extreme privacy prevents auditing the chain and prevents it from being listed on fiat exchanges, issa wrap

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Shhhhhh I'm still accumulating. XMR is the best cryptocurrency.

>> No.25952000

500 monero, am I gonna make it?

>> No.25952029

nice digits. How does <redacted> sound?

>> No.25952043

>Is it because there's a possibly enormous amount in circulation?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but once XMR hits 18 million tokens it switches to a very slow trickle, which won't happen until late 2022

>> No.25952065

You have to take the devs' word that there are 18 million, I mean. Because there's no actual way to audit the number in circulation, just approximate from block height.

>> No.25952075

Yeah but Monero is often used to launder other cryptocurrencies like BTC. That's a strong utility, it basically adds a privacy layer onto bitcoin itself.

>> No.25952109

>gov cracking down on crypto law and coins
>wHy IznT mUh pRivaCy drUg CoinZ g0in UP?!

>> No.25952126

Yes, why?
No amount of gov't seething makes XMR traceable.

>> No.25952189

What happens to Bittrex holdings once they delist? Won't there he a massive dump when they unload their cold wallets

>> No.25952188

Luckily the price of storage is going down rapidly. There are already prototypes of Petabyte hard drives. The blocksize of cryptocurrencies pales in comparison to the data needs of the world with everyone recording videos nonstop 24/7. So I think the fudding over growing block sizes is misplaced. I'm more worried about 51% attacks.

>> No.25952211

Is he right? >>>/pol/302619937

>> No.25952218

so which would be the best way to convert a known amount btc into an unknown amount of moneroj and where to store it through the onion?

>> No.25952244

Wouldn't they have abandoned ship already?

>> No.25952266

They need to support withdrawals in the meantime

>> No.25952288

Should we hold or just jump ship then buy the dip?

>> No.25952315

how do we even know the price of a monero isnt it untraceable

>> No.25952325

Use mymonero wallet, I'm pretty sure it goes through the onion. Then just store it in a Trezor or write down your 24-word seed phrase and keep it somewhere safe.

>> No.25952341

No idea the thought of that didn't cross my mind until just now, and now I'm worried desu

>> No.25952358

Bro, please don't post about Monero on /pol/ yet

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>> No.25952442

>nuclear codes are hacked and launched with 0day quantum hack
>just patch it bro

>> No.25952450

Not really, because Monero is only produced through Proof of Work. As long as that is intact, then you can be assured of the supply.

>> No.25952468

yea your right nobody ever wanted something the government deemed illegal. just like drugs nobody wants drugs because theyre banned. why would you want something the government doesnt like wtf? are you a criminal? your a criminal arent you anon

>> No.25952494

lol, the math of the blockchain still has to make sense, they can't randomly issue new monero without changing the fundementals of the coin
unless you mean there are already premined 1 billion monero hidden somewhere. maybe? i don't know

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XMR is like BTC written by Vitalik instead of Satoshi.

>> No.25952538

Yeah I meant the primary criticism I'd heard was that the initial amount was greater than claimed.

>> No.25952539


The pic related you just tried to refute showed tx count not volume you absolute brainet. His point stands and shows why xmr is due for a sat gain

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>> No.25952554

obvious marketing for bitcoin cash's 'private' cashfusion
how do you sell the idea of privacy to users of a transparent coin instead of using an actual private coin like monero? tell them that you can't supply audit a coin that is private on a protocol level because its too private and that its possible to have 'privacy' as a 2nd layer because at least then it is auditable.
to easily audit the supply of an opaque coin would defeat the purpose of privacy, but there are ways in the form of mathematical constructs (such as range proofs in bulletproof) used to prevent unwanted inflation by proving that a commitment falls within a certain range (to prevent negative amounts being sent).
you do realize that every cryptocurrency is prone to an inflation bug due to implementation flaws whether private or not?
>just walk it off bro

>> No.25952747

>most people don't give a single shit about privacy
Most people are fucking retards. People with money and power care about privacy.
Using coinjoin is even worse than doing nothing. You're just exponentially increasing the chances of receiving coins that were involved in shady transactions by mixing with people that are trying to ditch a trail on their bitcoin. You don't have to worry about this with Monero.
>add on top of that the fact that the extreme privacy prevents auditing the chain and prevents it from being listed on fiat exchanges
The inflation bug bit is so overplayed. Monero has been around for almost 7 years and nobody has found an inflation bug yet. The odds that there exist one single genius who can print himself unlimited XMR because he's smarter than the hundreds of other geniuses that have benevolently contributed to Monero is pretty fucking small.

>> No.25953047

Anons be aware there are fake monero wallets out there... dyor

>> No.25953308

Youre stupid as fuck. The future of monero solely relies on using monero to bitcoin atomic swaps as a offramp into fiat. Effectively laundering money with no trace

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Shut the fuck up I'm not done buying

When XMR moons I'm going to hire darknet assassins to hunt down zcash shills, for fun

>> No.25953470

This excerpt from the book really made sense to me. "Transaction security/privacy: Sven sells a guitar to a stranger,
and gives the buyer a Bitcoin address from his long-term savings
wallet. The buyer checks the blockchain, sees the large sum
of money that Sven has saved up, and consequently robs him
at gunpoint. If Sven had instead given a Monero address for
payment, the buyer would not have been able to view Sven's

>> No.25953641

Ok kid, you're a retarded fanboy. ZEC has better tech than monero and in the long run it is going to win. I see you're more passionate about memes and cool logos than technology and making money, maybe stick to collecting pokemon cards

>> No.25953665

The last month a lot of new people have entered crypto trading. Some will start to explore other currencies. A small number of those will discover XMR.

>> No.25953755

ZEC got audited, I can't see any way its tech is superior when it's already been debunked as private.

>> No.25953927

>tether fud on the 15th
>monero bittrex delisting also on the 15th
gonna be an interesting day

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pic related

>> No.25953994

Bittrex is meaningless in terms of exchanges supporting XMR, that mini-crash it caused was just a massive shakeout

>> No.25954011

Most bitcoin wallets now adays will generate multiple new addresses per transaction. Its not super simple to see someone's wealth

>> No.25954087

I used Monero today to buy stickers from the other side of the planet.

>> No.25954124

low effort bait

>> No.25954170

XMR/BTC ratio is so pathetic atm, seems like a pipe dream to get back to 0.01

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Why not just have the coin do that from the beginning like XMR?

>> No.25954208

just found my new investment, thanks anon>>25942619

>> No.25954229

all Bitcoin wallets made after 2011 are HD wallets which can generate an infinite number of fresh addresses for every transaction

it's up to the discipline of the user to use a new address (could be enforced by the wallet software), but if you do that then there's literally no way for the purchase to be tied to your net worth in a completely separate address/key

this is a retarded argument

>> No.25954298

Leaving anything up to the user to be informed on just seems like bad idea. Imagine having to explain to your grandma all the shit about different wallets and potential dangers when you can just have her use a fool proof coin?

>> No.25954307

>Using coinjoin is even worse than doing nothing. You're just exponentially increasing the chances of receiving coins that were involved in shady transactions by mixing with people that are trying to ditch a trail on their bitcoin. You don't have to worry about this with Monero.
so you're saying that coinjoined BTC is fishy because it's been used for god knows what

but youre advocating a coin where the entire currency itself is shady/used for god knows what

people who reject coinjoined BTC will MOST DEFINITELY reject Monero so I fail to see how this is a win for Monero

>> No.25954364

if 18 year old zoomers aren't using crypto off-exchange, then grandmas arent using any crypto ever. forget about the grandma shit.

people with enough BTC to worry about getting robbed for it are not gonna be grandmas

>> No.25954412

This goes against the vision of crypto becoming a real currency used to buy mcnuggets and chips. This shit can not stay magic internet money forever its too powerful.

>> No.25955049

What book fren?

>> No.25955106


>> No.25955212

XMR doesnt have the 21 000 000 cap. Its supply is unlimited. So the 21 number makes no sense.

>> No.25955218

>Why should somebody buy Monero if nobody can verify the circulating supply?
but you actually can

>> No.25955359

Monero's price correlates to the stock market. Because it is used for a lot of black and grey market activities and by people seeking privacy for practical money transfers and as a hidden store of value, it is much more isolated from the overall boom and bust of the cryptocurrency market, which personally, I like. It is fairly valued at the moment and is fairly stable. I don't need Monero to moon, I am not investing in it as a shitcoin I want to 100x, I am using it as an extremely useful and practical financial privacy tool.

That's my take anyway.

>> No.25955431

>basiert und rotpilliert

>> No.25955481


Danke schon meine bruder

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>> No.25955666


Pretty sure the market will catch up and the price will hit $1000 at some point anyway.

>> No.25955718

They can’t pay for those things with bitcoin or usdt either dickhead

>> No.25955741

>XMR is just BTC but better at the things BTC set out do do by way of being fully private
This is correct to the extent that you think BTC really did set out to be “electronic cash” with the only real benefit over Visa that with Bitcoin no company like Visa couldn’t censor your coffee purchases. Seen from this perspective, XMR is an actual step up from BTC with the added privacy, enabling tax evasion and drug purchasing use cases.
However, the reason XMR doesn’t moon is that the market for buying coffee despite being on Visa’s black list isn’t that big. The black market (drugs and hitmen) might imply a bigger market cap, but it’s definitely not a value prop that is about to get institutional investors interested.
Store of value, on the other hand, is an insanely lucrative use case, and don’t kid yourself that it wasn’t precisely what Satoshi had in mind from day one since the design is perfect for it, but rather weak for an online payment system. It just had to grow up via the cash for pizza, drugs and hitmen use case to prove itself capable of serving the store of value use case it was designed for.

>> No.25955933

That sounds nice right up until you realize that a fully private, untraceable store of value is incredibly desirable, which just brings us back to XMR as BTC, but better. It's even following the same route as BTC: being used as the preferred darknet currency, proving that it has a valid real world use, and will eventually supplant BTC.

>> No.25955993

Monero is inflationary while Bitcoin is deflationary. Besides every other difference, this is key. Bitcoin is the rarest digital good we have, and it is already the most adopted digital good. The inflationary quality is what really shoots Monero in the foot.

>> No.25956012

Historically in 2017, XMR didn't moon until everything else started dumping. I'm guessing traders were cashing out into it to avoid taxes, so I'm going to gamble on the same thing happening this bull run.

>> No.25956022

Because XMR doesn’t need to be worth hundreds to be useful. There is zero reason for its value to go up when it works fine at its current value.

other coins are so high because of speculation, not utility.

>> No.25956094

I believe the biggest factor holding privacy coins back is that most people that use crypto are afraid that thr government will still tax them or even prosecute them for swapping other cryptos to monero. It does not seem economically viable then, because the legacy tax loop hole systems rely on very different mechanisms and have been built along with corrupt government officials. With Monero your privacy is one of the vulnerabilites because the government does not want to protect people that offer them nothing in return. Government crooks want to be part of the deal.

>> No.25956095

Anyone else bothered by the fact that the intrensic value on monero relies on btc being the offramp into fiat? If atomic swaps or btc doesnt work out this coin is dead in the water

>> No.25956113

It's going to face even more pressure in the future when the IRS and the NSA and other three letters realize that it isn't mathematically possible to crack it without quantum computer level run-time. It will be delisted from every exchange and every app and coin that does XMR swaps will be targeted.

I hope this doesn't come to pass but this is what I envision happening in a worst case scenario. It will still be usable, but very, very difficult. The trade in the currency itself could eventually become a black market.

>> No.25956323

The real weakness to any and every cryptocurrency right now is that they serve as investment/speculative vehicles. There is so little organic trade within these cryptos, their use cases do not even matter, they just become hodling instruments. This is probably one of the main reasons for Monero not picking up steam: normal people dont want to use crypto, investment banks dont want to use crypto, retail does not want to use crypto, all of them just do not want to be the last into the boat. Monero is like a great use case coin but at the same time, people are happy with legacy payment providers and they never cared about privacy then. You have to remember that almost everyone on this planet is happy in providing their data to google, apple, faceberg and big government. In fact they hardly can escape it, and the next problem is that every "privacy" product relies on privacy as main stake in their business proposition and therefore they are highly incentivized to mask and lie about eventual flaws in their privacy products.
I am not saying Monero is the same, but these are huge reasons as to why people do not care: they feel they are powerless either way.

>> No.25956631

Usage increases the velocity of money which is actually inflationary

>> No.25956725

I firmly believe people are getting off of social media especially with the 1984 future that's ahead of us

>> No.25956789


>> No.25956898


>> No.25956921

but how efficient is it to mine

>> No.25957131

it will moon once the main shitcoin is done pumping

>> No.25957196

zec is backed by jews and US elite tech you in this to get rich or not?

>> No.25957271

Literally yeah. Quantum proof crypto is a thing. they just call it TLS v3 or something. it will literally be an update.


>> No.25957903

XMR can be tracked, blacklisted, banned, and delisted, use 0xMR.

>> No.25958255
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how fucking dumb are you

>> No.25958262

Do you think normal people give a fuck about orange fatso being removed from Twitter? They love it, the only people who dont hold no meaningful assets anyway.

>> No.25958325

What kind of retarded point is that to make? "Look at da graphs"
The point still stands: Monero has to be inflationary because they reward miners that way, while Bitcoin is not.
Just because monero adoption is way slower than bitcoin adoption, doesnt mean its somehow less true that Monero does have inflationary qualities.

>> No.25958343

vaporware faggotry from a fucking streetshitter

>> No.25958378

My goal is to reach 100 XMR. I am poor

>> No.25958432
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Monero has a slight inflation rate designed to keep mining incentives stable yet still allow Monero coins to hold a strong value. With a long-term inflation rate at about 1%, which is similar to the rate of increase in gold, Monero incentivizes miners to join the network with solid reward.

This mild, predictable inflation makes for good economics and puts Monero in a greater position than any other large-cap cryptocurrency to be a viable, long term replacement to fiat currencies. Stable inflation ensures demand for products and low interest rates (my money can buy more now than later) and protects against rapid deflation.

In turn, decentralization is strengthened across the network. The network remains healthy when it comes to speed and transaction verification. Monero’s adaptive block reward schedule, which guides the inflation rate, ensures consistent, automatic fee rewards so that mining participants are not discouraged with sudden changes in their profits. The emission curve for inflation adapts algorithmically on the fly for mining conditions.

>> No.25958521
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nope. 0xmonero is still vaporware bullshit
just like the last hundred times you spammed it
STFU dickless little moron