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Just wanted to pop in and thank the mods here for not being massive faggots. Biz mods actully like fun.

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as far as jannies go, they are srs not that bad
ive gotten 3 day bans for:
pee jug threads and threads that just say: NIGGER over and over. everything else is pretty much fair game

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yeah theyre alright

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They seem to randomly rangeban the UK (multiple ISPs) from creating threads arbitrarily, I bet it's because some faggots with my provider(s) post nigger tier threads or something. pisses me off.

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I want to thank the /biz/ jannies as well. You guys are far more based than the other boards. Thank you for letting some of our shitposts slip through the cracks.

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if any jannies are seeing this
please unban my IP range
I never broke any rules lmao, some shithead used the dynamic IP our shitty government leases 10,000 subaddresses because no infrastructure

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Fuck jannies.

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My ISP has a pool of 10,000,000 addresses, on a few different ranges. I've tried them all, I'm pretty sure they block the ASN.

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lmao get fucked bong

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what are you talking about, jannies crack down on anti china posting

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I have a theory that the mods all look at our IP addresses log the most prolific posters assign us all identities and names and we are nothing more than a digital equivalent of the truman show to them. They asses our IQ and intelligence and assign our IP addresses with Based ticks, The higher your score the less chance that you get banned when you say or do something stupid. They must have a right laugh at us when one minute we call someone a fucking brainlet that should kill themselves in one thread then tell the same person 5 minutes later that they are based and going to make it.

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Fucking based!

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It's all fun and games until it happens to you.

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My IP is dynamic and I can change it by reconnecting my router - I just did. I'm the same guy as >>25942308

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give me that pepe

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Here ya go

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pizza goes in your mouth btw

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Comfy gif

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>tfw got banned for calling OP a kike
I dunno, they got some trannies among them

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Hitler believed the Aryans came from Atlantis. The name Noah in the Bible refers to a house of nobles from Atlantis who settled in the Caucasus around 9000 years ago, just like his descendants names refer to subsequent ruling houses and tribes.

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When something like this spawns a discussion no matter how dumb it is it seems to be much more likely to be deleted than the dumbest meme threads about brappers or whatever.
If true that's a big clue to what motivates these people. They're political agents policing thought, an internet version of the gestapo.

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>I dunno, they got some trannies among them
iirc jannies can act on any board, so if some seething jew reported your post it could be any one of the tranny jannies, not the ones who normally patrol /biz/

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/ck/ isn't about cooking as much as shitting on America.

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>Biz mods actully like fun.
Banned for off-topic >>/biz/thread/S25226634

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Biz jannies are unironically based

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I got banned earlier today cuz of that shit

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I got 3-day banned a couple of weeks back because I simply replied “kys” to a pedo thread here where an anon said something about an underage harem .

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i believe this too anon

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this place is the purest marketplace of ideas to ever exist in human history

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I was in an asian women general the other night that lasted like 5 hours and was just people arguing over whether they had souls, with intermittent onlyfans feet pics. I’m not sure there are any jannies on this board. They probably have none to spare with /pol/ and /b/, times being what they are.

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i actually created this original images years ago. i've never posted the smaller one until now. nice to see it out in the wild

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jannies usually do it for free except when it's about deleting an avax thread

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My IP is dynamic and I can change it by reconnecting my router - I just did. I'm the same guy as >>25942757

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it's true, not to kiss up to jannies but /biz/ jannies are pretty based

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I feel like there are only few hundred anons that lurk around anf bump into each other every so often.

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I got a week long ban for posting an Uncle Moshe a few weeks back.