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Why do NEETs hate this man?

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cause he is extravert unlike burry

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Rich, tall, redpilled, Texan, visionary, good leader, has hair.

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he's living their dream

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i love him tho. he was the reason for my first 10x

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I Iike the guy, but "has hair" is just redundant to "rich."

Check out his scalp during his Paypal days.

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Being a chad with high test levels tends to stimulate hair growth.

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Also: mainstream anime avatar, has goth GF

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its implants or a comb over but aight

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Had hair transplant surgery. Married a witch.

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Neet here.
Elon is based af.

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Because I didn't buy enough TSLA last year

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>Socially awkward
>Not good public speaker
>Likes nerd shit like amine and Star Wars
>Knows a bunch of dumb shit like how rockets work

NEETs hate him because he does whatever he wants to do just like them, but is rich AF and has a hot ass GF who puts her feet on him on demand.

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Because whatever he says just for the meme, his fanboys will eat it up no matter what. "Buy signal" .... Nobody should have this power.

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>high testosterone

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>goth GF
calling her goth is an insult to goth girls.

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Is this a joke? This dude is the king of the NEETs. TSLA fanboys are among the most obnoxious people you'll find, both on the internet and in-person.

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His brother is the mastermind while Elon is the face.

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checked because he is a grifter. A liar. A fraud. A scam artist. That is why.

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>he does whatever he wants to do just like them
Nice delusion there bud.

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no nigger

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>welfare queen
>SolarCity FAILED
>Tesla has yet to earn profit and fails to deliver cars

Wait until Biden gets back in office and starts taxing the big corps again to fund new stimulus packages. The stock buybacks will stop, and the entire stock marktet boom will pop and TSLA will be the first to fall.

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They don’t

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>>Tesla has yet to earn profit and fails to deliver cars
Earning a profit in USA makes you liable to taxes.
There is never a beneficial time in this tax setting to declare profits.
Elon won the game by reinvesting and managing his assets properly.