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how do i know if a poster is a shill?
I'm pretty new here, but I've realized a lot of posters are shilling their own coins or being paid to do so. what are the best ways to detect the shills and tell who is real and not? any good words or terms to add to my filter?

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>low cap uniswap gem
>next 10x
>no website, no github
>you missed eth, will you miss X, anon? (eth killer)
>broken english
>no, xrp is actually the future


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i am very new, can you explain what you mean by
>no website, no github
like theyre not posting a link??

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a shill would never say the word NIGGER

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If youre new and dont want to gamble your investment away. Stick to projects with solid teams. Check that they have a github that shows that they are consistently developing and working towards their milestones.

For example, not shilling this is just a good example, look at the robonomics github.


You can see that its been actively being developed. Also, notice the contributor gavofyork? Thats Gavin Wood. Gavin is the creator of Polkadot and the co-creator of Ethereum. Robonomics is a project being built on Polkadot.

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Chainlink, very active.

Most shitty curry coins wont have any transparency. Crypto is inherently opensource and transparent.

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be very suspicious of generic:
>normie memes
>LINK memes
that are palette swapped and have a logo slapped onto them. These are almost entirely created by these $2/hour third world shill groups that are trying to "viral market" and "be the next LINK". Generally be suspicious of any project that compares or associates itself with LINK through meme edits, or calls itself "the next LINK".

This is an example of "normie meme with logo slapped on". Anything that reminds you of this, run far away.

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AVAX is the next Link tho, NIGGER

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Allow me to add
>no brainer
Also check if it's already pumped and they're just wanting to dump on you

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Check their websites. Look at the team. Are they experiences? Do they even exist? Advisors?

Simple things like that

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Yes, very true.

Also if it died in 2017 and has done nothing since, don't even think about it.

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based, this is true for all boards.

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great advice, thank you!

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Be thankful that comedy and memes is one of the hardest things for an ESL to learn

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what does esl mean?

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>how do i know if a poster is a shill?
>I'm pretty new here,
stop being new
lurk more, read more, google and research what you see
then when you've built up a good shill-o-meter start buying the good things
you'll probably miss out on some genuine gems, but we've all missed opportunities on things we were skeptical of that turned out to be real. we've also all put money into things that turned out to be dumb investments.
so don't be afraid to make some mistakes - you will - but the only way to get better at recognizing shills is to spend time paying attention, reading, and learning.

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I don't care if it's a shill unless the value has already been pumped. I buy shitcoins all the time as long as they're still cheap.

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