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So yesterday I wrote:

It's pretty clear 33 000 to 35 000 is the general comfy range where big sellers over a period of days sell gradually for the best prices and to reduce slippage (no doubt for liquidity to swap into alt coin season) and institutional buyer of bitcoin do the same on their end. Any sharp variation of the price outside of this range is quickly corrected. There isn't going to be bottom below 30k. Big buyers and sellers will finish up their transactions and we're going back to the top.

Now we've see this Bohm Bawerk price formation pattern not only ascend a plateau around 34 400 to 34 900, but it's even narrow even at the high and lows.

Correction is coming to an end after six days which should mean we have at least a month till the next one. It would be more worrying if the correction were shorter than it would happen sooner but would have less of an idea as to when that would be.

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Now we're here

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>and institutional buyer of btc

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My body is ready for alt season

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Thanks fren

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Price barely moving. You just know something big is about to happen.

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This is the kind of Hopium I was looking for. Thank you fren

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Fuck FUDpackers and meme cycle bulltrap posting 14 year old. Bump

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Layman's terms please...are we going UP or DOWN?

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January 15th, keep sniffing hopium

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Nigger I predicted tomorrow. You shill FUD homosexuality. SIT

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When this amounts to fucking nothing, you will be placed on a pike outside the citadel faggot

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I'm on the edge of my seat bros

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>we have at least a month till the next one
so you’re saying we crab for a month or so and dump again?

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Already priced in

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>managed to break 35k multiple times yesterday
>broke 35k one time today
its over innit

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Isn't this invalidated by the fact every other crypto is also stabilizing? Would alts begin to fluctuate wildly? Seems less of a BTC thing and more of an entire crypto market trend right now. Could still go either way BTC.

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Have you looked at Chainlink today?

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No it's inching slowly out of bitcoin season with Theta now performing better than BTC. Index increased just to 24 as I was typing this. Just because people sell off their BTC doesn't mean everyone buys all alt coins right away.

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First for benis

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Anyone know when to expect a volume spike?

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Volume is falling and that always precedes another dip, you're a retard and your charts are gay and stupid.

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Aqua is a total dumb slut.

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>slow increasing toward price equilibrium decrease in volume and inching upward without constantly breaking resistance to new highs
>this means a dip
Nigger go finish reading. It has nothing to reverse into. You learned nothing from the parabola breakdown.

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we pumpin?

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stupid man here, does this mean i buy?

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Screen'd OP is a legend

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What now bitch?

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Short squeeze?

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Bulls are mentally ill.

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even this retard is in

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>Yesterday I said X
>Today I say Y
And tomorrow I won't give a fuck about Z

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Anon called it, nice job

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Nothing, retard. Tether sent 60 million USDT to Bitfinex to break the resistance.

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>Bohm Bawerk price formation pattern

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>risk of liquidation is high
He also knows he's probably about to lose it all.

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literally /pol/ tier jew posting. kys.

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>that sell pressure

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kek they literally can't into math

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Sorry bobo you've met your match

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You thought you could get past our sell wall?

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this. when the fuck should i buy?

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>healthy test of support
>sell wall

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>literal sell wall that gives resistance to further price inflation
nice selfie

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Oh yeah? Where was your sell wall right here?

Oh that's right it mooned over a thousand dollars and the prices stabilized even further. Shhhhhh shinobi will liquidate you and put you out of your misery soon enough, my son.

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lol so much for this meme cycle

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If 2% is mooning for you, just go put your money into a savings account where it is guaranteed to moon forever.

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>I have no idea how bitcoin corrections work the post
Btw post your shorts.

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This time it's different so your extrapolations based on past data are meaningless.

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You're getting liquidated at 36k aren't you?

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No I just want more cheap buttcoins.

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>the filename

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based OP. Single most based board.

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Back in business

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Reminder that this all happened despite Euro dumpers and mutts waking up to the EU bitcoin regulatory news by that sun burnt potato.

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finna get in there, who /same/

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Yeah, it might finally hit its high for this cycle top, then correct real fucking hard.

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Imagine selling hard into this pattern

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Clear downtrend. Do not trade against the trend.

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It is at its cycle top. The only thing that says the top is not in yet is the realized hodl charts. All the others show bitcoin overheated or hitting fib lines. It is at the top, bud. I sold last week. Now it is a waiting game. I don't mind. You keep chasing those 10% swings.

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Look at how the Emperor of Resistance has been converted into support DBZ friendship style after being tested by what bog up there called a sell wall

Now look at it.
Look at the two following tests that your 'sell wall" birthed. If they were defective newborn babies they would be thrown from a cliff in Sparta.

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up or down in short term but up in long term

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If it were to drop sharply below 36 000 institutional buyers would be scrambling to buy that up as they have whenever that jazz flirted with 30k. Again only 24% of bitcoin is liquid.

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Vroom vroom

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Next milestone: bobo nigger from yesterday getting liquidated 38k at x3 his leverage. Mess with the bull and you get the horns.

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Ah yes goal post shifting I see.

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Wait a minute. That pattern...

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>this again
You underage aren't you?

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Wait a minute that pattern....

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So you agree it's going to drop by 50% soon?

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lol nope. Look at the smiling support trend lines. Look at the weekly chart and look at the Adam and Eve bottoms. 42k end of night. YOU'RE FINISHED!

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>ignoring the implications of the chart you yourself posted as a shitty retort
Peak delusion.

>> No.25933519

OP-sama I kneel....

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how does this much of biz not understand what a supply shock is
if you do, stop posting ironically. shit is cringe. grow up

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yes good patterns but remember we have 2 possibly 3 gaps

3k at 10k one around 20-24k .

even based on stock adn flow ratio that btc maxis die by. were suppose to be around 28k which is agood floor to retest and gain confidence for bitcion

remember guys a couple days ago we were breaking 20k now we are at 32-35k were on twigs

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thanks bobo

>> No.25933735

You're getting liquidated tonight. Coping won't change that. At least I win no matter what happens in the hodl run while accumulating more of the next chain links. This is your gamble.

Oh look what do you know? Back to $36 225

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heres how all the guys who bought at 40k bitcoin and again at 36k bitcoin are gonna reply to me right now

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virgin hodler < Chad Swing Trader

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So OP got everything completely right but you bobos insist people should listen to you because.... you post /pol/ tier meme cycle pictures shared out of context by troglodyte newfags. Where in your mind are you winning in this scenario?

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Yawn. Anyway I am your king now. You look up at me.

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Today was a good day

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Bump for OP. Fuck bobos in the catalog screaming return to normal. They don't get to be taken seriously after being consistently wrong.

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Oh an when the Chinese wake up get ready to take it up the bear bum without any lube, I learned alot and made a lot of good decisions moving forward studying Chinese hours, and if there's one thing you can count on the hivemind bug people is to follow a trend and completely bog into it. Parabola was broken by chink before their lunch hour and it will do the same in reverse same time tonight.

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still 3 hour left

>> No.25934738

Indeed they're afraid.

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we are forming a b wave according to elliot wave. Also head and shoulders forming, you are a retard.

>> No.25934842

unless we are in 4th

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>muh elliot waves
>muh head and shoulders
Yeah you don't know elliot. It's way more complicated than huuuurrrr 3 waves up two waves down it has to meet specific criteria. Also Elliot is a tool for long-term analysis.

I don't understand how you don't think anything except that I own your soul now.

>> No.25935009

what? No. Its a zig zag textbook formation bro. The wave b has 3 sub waves, we are just finishing the wave b. Wave c would take us to 27k

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npthing of what you said its true

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Yes it is that's why people get it wrong so much with it because it's complete confirmation bias in hands of amateur apes which most people are. You're not worthy enough to yield the Elliot Wave

>> No.25935191

>please please look at my picture please

>> No.25935294

Seriously OP, you bought the top, didn't you?

>> No.25935412

10k then this dip

>> No.25935603


>> No.25935618

What’s next for LINK through 2021 OP? And do you hold LINK?

>> No.25935697

What are you thinking of selling his soul for?

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File: 1.08 MB, 261x293, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No I think I missed the boat on link because I got into crypto seriously in the Fall. I'm betting on derivative coins like SNX but going mainly into Jarvis. Lgcy is a long hold for once the bull run is over. 0chain just because the frog fren who took 1mg of LSD after pouring over white papers says it's going to the DMT gods of Saturn. 0chain is releasing their main net this quarter and are partnering with a fortune 100 company. Jarvis is getting AAVE integration and partnering with chain link. Defi is the future.

Also reminder to anyone who doesn't know that the derivatives market is gross 12 trillion and crypto is still in the super nintendo stages of dipping its toes in.

Oh look $37 150

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We've come a long way.

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Have to keep retaking the screen it just keeps mooning.

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Damn..... posting in legendary bred

>> No.25936471

based bull OP calls it

>> No.25936620

Thanks anon. Had listened and bought in. Worth it.

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OP I kn.....

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Glad I could help.

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don't you think we're going to another big correction around 50k? i think it's going to be a psychological resistance.
good thread anyway OP

>> No.25936777

Leave z alone you simpletonk

>> No.25936920

Nah this is going for another month more than twice the ATH. Just pay attention for parabola breaks and volatility shooting up the ass like it did with this correction by like 13% right before passing over 100% on the BVOL monthly.

>> No.25937034

This board is god like

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Also MCDEX is due for a 90% coinburn in two weeks

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Just like that I am relieved.

>> No.25937397

Sure, except that these retards are wrong like 95% of the time lol.

>> No.25937464

fuck off newfaggot no one gives a fuck about your dipshit 2 month old opinion.

>> No.25937471

Better odds than most other places

>> No.25937474

What the fuck is happening
Why is the price like frozen

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They do now after helping make them more money you seething bobo.

>> No.25937642


>> No.25937665

OP delivered hard

>> No.25937904

Lol that pic bobos completely mind broken

>> No.25938190

dump it

>> No.25938265

Fucking bump OP you absolute mad lad

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Oh look what we have here...

>> No.25938565

Become a tripfag holy shit please

>> No.25938571

bump it

>> No.25938739

daily candle closes in 1h

>> No.25938896

You can call me JingoJingo or whatever. Pretty obvious from the DBZ and gurren lagann images and gifs. Also Austrian economics.

>> No.25938980

Your ID says cunt in Croatian.

>> No.25939055

I'll remember that

>> No.25939183

Tether FUD is 4 years old and a literal drop in the ocean now compared to daily trading volume. You need new material.

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Words cannot express this day so here's this

>btc has been violently correcting 20-40% during every bullrun
bobo: noo nooo this time it's different, this time bitcoin is dead

>btc has always exceeded its ATH from previous cycle by at least x10
bobo: noo nooo this time it's different, this time bitcoin's bullrun ends at x2 from previous ATH

>btc has been following numerous macro indicators for 12 years
bobo: noo nooo this time it's different, this time they will fail

>btc has been following the 2y bear&bull cycle for the last 12 years
bobo: noo nooo this time it's different, this time the cycle lasts 1 year

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Are you ready bulls?

>> No.25939427

might be time to think about loading up on other shitcoins

>> No.25939462

in Polish it would be "You cunt!". You're truly a blessing

>> No.25939500

I am Polish diaspora jak sie mascz?

>> No.25939543

Wrong, study more
Basically zero meme indicators in the league of rhodl are overbought
Burger's power oscillator is what you should pay attention to anyways

>> No.25939762

They told us alt coin season was canceled... Now it's more hype than ever

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Nice try

Anyway Thread Theme:

>> No.25941016

You aren't leaving any room for nuance. You will lose in the long haul.

>> No.25941076

Nuance kek care to explain that reasoning?

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