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> yet another spike followed by whale suppression edition.

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tfw only 2k away from a suicide stack

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>away from a suicide sta
how much is that?

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Stansberry created a floor at 50c and we crabbed between 40 and 60.New report gives us an 80c floor so I see us crabbing 79-90 until defi announcement. The whales will give it up soon enough. It was a whale buying back in that stearted the spike.

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Poorfag here, I'm 400 away from 5k. All I can afford. Hoping for the future

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10k a few weeks ago, now people are saying 5k. I’m at 8100

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> Sold the top yesterday at 70c
> Will buy back in again at 55c
Swinging like mowgli here lads

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I’m so god damn comfy. Truly believe I will be able to retire in 3 years.

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it was and is 10K bro...


how much do you hold?

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Just a wallet bro

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suck my dick bro

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I own 36,000 parsnips

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retire at what price exactly in such a case?

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$40. Still accumulating/swinging some as well.

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I hope they announce the defi integration and we instapump to $1.

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we're heading down to 50c again, aren't we bros? Probably 1-2 more time and then to the promise land

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i need this to stay at .50 until february when i can buy a shitload.
then the moon mission may proceed.

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February might be possible. People might sell the news again if it's underwhelming (basically anything that's not VISA). This'll probably dip to 50/40s once more though, so make sure to buy the dip anon. GL prq fren

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Its 10k assuming it doesnt outdo link
Just ignore the wallet guys lol, they're jusg fellow prq holders trying to accumulate a fat stack with weak fud

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Why do I get the REQ vibes?
Promising project, I pour shitload of money into it

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Shill me this coin bros, I read a bit about it but as I understand it it's a coin that calls up a function whenever someone buys something on the blockchain?? Idk im a brianlet
Also what is the defi integration

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The way I see it is the have tokenomics coming in Q1 that will force PRQ to involved with everything they offer. This will also allow for passive income for holders to be earnt and for a number of the tokens to be effectively taken off the market as the clients use the services.

The smart trigger functionality will be used to capture on chain events to trigger something on chain. There is the meme about it being just a telegram notification service which is easy to do since that is a simple use case. They plan to increase the amount of products that smart triggers natively integrates with such as Xero, Salesforce and Quickbooks. They've also been in discussions with SAP but doesn't mean much until confirmed.

Most people were underwhelmed with the wallet but I think has potential as it will utilise the rest of the parsiq ecosystem so it will use the tokenomics and it can perform the smart triggers. A company could use a ncase wallet and receive a payment in ETH or BTC which would be converted to a stablecoin for them so they don't lose value. This could then also execute a smart trigger which could record a payment in Xero or SAP to then help with invoicing and reconciling payments.

Downsides are that I don't think there is a fiat off ramp for the wallet so that could restrict usage, the developers will start unlocking tokens soon and distributing, and the coin isn't on any major exchanges so liquidity is an issue.

Defi integration is rumoured to be AAVE

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Probably one of the most promising projects since LINK. TLDR is it's a trigger function in blockchain technology, but you should just DYOR and don't believe in fuds/shills here. Read it for yourself and you'll be sold on the project.
Only downside is the price has been suppressed by whales multiple times during pumps (fluctuates between 40~60c), and some people were really upset that they're missing out on gains during the bullrun. This'll probably continue to crab between 40-60 untli a major CEX because of whales and swingers, but I'm fine with it since I can buy more.

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Stop believing in paid research reports please

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I don't. I believe in the project and have been in since a cent. The report is just free marketing. We will break the dollar before q1 ends. With help from reports like those we have seen, they bring new wallets and new money. Nothing wrong wih that. It also provides a new floor as these guys buy in at the high and don't sell like the whales who are already in massive profit.

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Thanks frens, I'll just wait until it swings back closer to 50 cents and pick some up!

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Meh. I don't think anyone takes those "buy in" research reports seriously. Think Stansberry had it at 50c but it got below 39c 2x and below 50c countless times. I don't think it'll create a new floor with the new research report out, but I guess any publicity is good. I just REALLY hope the team doesn't over pump the coin with listing, big news, tokenomics, and etc in a short span of time like GRT did. Otherwise it'll probably dump as hard. Slow and steady is fine, but everyone is so antsy about this, and I hope the team isn't pressured by it.

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Forgot to tag you too, woops

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I'm also happier with slow and steady but the pumps along the way are nice to remind us just how much we stand to make during crab times.

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Should I dump my DOT stack for more parsnips?

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Just fomod into a 9k stack. When’s the next announcement for this shit?

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2 announcements in the next two weeks then more to come through Q1 including a L1 protocol integration and the launch of the new tokenomics and a lending platform. Keep stacking if you can.

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so we can agree it's probably a pump company doing the research etc
BUT they are right with their research, no?

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i sold the top

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No you didn't. Imagine selling when a top 3 defi integration will be announced in the next 14 days.

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>just 2 more weeks

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Congrats, my very first screencap from biz for the purpose of delayed smug.

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Serious question guys, I already got myself a fat stack of parsnips, but my tech-oriented friend keeps telling me that their use cases are limited, and that what the project purports to do can easily be done by a dev or can already be done on the existing eth blockchain. Am I missing something?

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Well, he's not wrong

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Companies outsource many, many operations all the time.

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This is anecdotaland I'm not a blockchain developer but a traditional web developer/consultant. Clients will generally go for cots products when they can over custom development. Generally because it is usually cheaper and less potential risks.
Parsiq seem to be targeting more traditional companies to help ease adoption into crypto by offering a service that works with established financial systems by integrating with things like Xero, Salesforce and potentially SAP.

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who cares about the technical shit, im here to make money baby. $50 is FUD

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5 is fud
16 is priced in
30 is ath

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But in all seriousness, yes $30 would be more than enough considering the stack I have. I do still believe that this could reach $50 within a 12-24 month time, which is my holding period.

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I'm scared by these numbers lads. That would make me a multi millionaire.

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Do not worry fellow chad, we shall prevail with our mission of the settlement on the moon. We might as well make a quick round-trip to Mars before Elon gets there first.

12-24 month period with strong hands is all you need. When we have reached $30, you stay strong soldier. $50 is when you start selling. After we have successfully sold off all our holdings, we shall begin our new gambling adventure and start finding new low MC gems shilled on biz (that gets zero replies) and putting in a larger amount of capital into it with our newly found wealth. 75% of my profits shall be going back straight into funding my gambling addiction, the rest will go towards ETH and BTC.

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Gem hunting the dark corners of biz in the wee hours of the morning has been very good to me. Will see you on the dark side of the moon lad.

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No thanks lad, SSRIs send me hypomanic.

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DOT is solid too but it depends on your risk profile. PRQ more upside, I'd consider them both sure things so I'd do it

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thanks frens


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Truly it seems like a boring project I don’t get the hype

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the safest bet in all of crypto

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Will it truly never go back sub 40? That run up was crazy

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Alright, you lads have nearly sold me, when's a good time to jump in?

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no idea, just sad i didnt acoomulate more than 25k

asap, binance listing should be within a month

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2 announcements coming in two weeks plus so much else in Q1?
Pick a dip lad but make it quick.

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>Have to transfer GBP to either yuros or ETH (king of shitcoins) just to buy
Annoying, but probably worth it, realistically when should I start taking profits though, and should I balance my portfolio and equal amount in DOT and PRQ or just go balls deep into PRQ - leaning on the latter right now XD

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I'm balls deep in PRQ as are many, not much better out there. I have a small bag of a cheap low cap as a moonshot just for a laugh.

>> No.25914367

Polka dot seems really promising too, these two are the coins which really seem most likely to 50 or 100x this bullrun
I also have 2 (two) BTC which I intend to keep in cold storage until they're worth 1 mil each

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There's a lot of slightly dumb money flooding in, I assume from GRT refugees. Worrying actually. I have a feeling you niggers are gonna dump at binance listing news or at latest $1 rofl. Good luck stupid fucks.

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see you when you fomo in at $5 and still make a 10x

>> No.25914479

PRQ is my ticket to freedom

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Retire at 1.4 mil???? How

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kill me

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I think we all wish we bought more.

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Don’t you realize that 30 bucks would require a multi billion dollar mcap? Over twice of LINKs?
I feel like this is hopium, and a heavy dose of it at that

>> No.25915048

The entire crypto markecap as a whole is inflating. All will increase over time.

>> No.25915112

i sold all but 6k at 10-20c also

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Massive oof lad.

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I pulled all my money out of eth and link and went all in on prq
Only have around 10k prq so not much but if everything is inflating then aren’t either of those a better bet for my money?

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Im going to make it when this hits +100$

>> No.25915263

With PRQ you are getting in early. Like buying link for 60c. It's a no brainer, not even on a big exchange yet. Still got major announcements to come. Just not going to see that potential with older, bigger projects IMO.

>> No.25915282

Would require 2 billion less than Links current mcap.
Fully diluted supply would be 3x links current mcap.
Supply will not be fully diluted for minimum 2 years

>> No.25915288

prq higher risk reward, btc eth lower risk reward

>> No.25915292

Well, finished the coinmetro identification, your welcome taxman
Hope the stories about them not letting you withdraw funds are just memes

>> No.25915331

They are, it is the best exchange there is.

>> No.25915366

Keep going anon I’m almost there
I literally have zero reason to live other than my prq bag
I want to buy some land up in the woods and start building my small cabin. Been watching cabin building videos for weeks and can’t wait.
But realistically, no hopium involved, we’re going to have wait at least 3 years for this price to hit? Give it to me straight boss

>> No.25915427

Is XCM worth investing in or should I keep going all in on PRQ?

>> No.25915474

I swapped my XCM for PRQ then it pumped. I'd say PRQ has the better upside but XCM is a good buy too.

>> No.25915548

This keeps me awake at night.
My portfolio is entirely PRQ and XCM (because I'm sub100k poorfag). XCM will 4x to 1 euro but PRQ I really don't know how high it goes.
I believe it's impossible for fully diluted supply as well now from their latest blog post I think max supply that can actually circulate is in the 300m not 500m someone please correct me I do all my reading from the wage cage so I only skimmed

>> No.25915658

How long have you been in crypto?
I only really seriously started autistically getting involved this past year, because I finally got a few k to play around with, and been involved in around 20 shitcoins.
I don’t know if I’m just a newfag, but for some reason PRQ is by far the comfiest hold I’ve ever had, barring LINK, which I just sold for prq.
Is this dumb? Am I being stupid for having this strange sense of calm about PRQ?
I’m 100% confident it will hit at least $2, which will be the best return I’ve ever had. I just have zero clue about how high this can REALISTICALLY go. But I’m very confident it will at least hit $1-$2.

>> No.25915851

>Is this dumb? Am I being stupid for having this strange sense of calm about PRQ?
dude, consider yourself not only lucky but fucking blesses.
Yesterday i was in a lcx thread and people bought lcx AND grt for their first coins
it was a fucking bloodbath, one guy wanted to seriously harm himself

take it from me, i've been in crypto since i was 15 and the only project comparable to link is prq
I was shilling prq so hard, even made little movies about it

this is it for people who missed out on link, this is /out turn/

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How long do we have to hold though?
I have 10k, am I going to have to hold for 5 years?

>> No.25916100

I expect €1 soon, €5 end of year, €16 maybe 2021

>> No.25916200

Also nice videos bro, really enjoyed them. Good work
My average price buy in has been around .49 so I got in late but I’m throwing everything I have.
About to drop my $600 goyim stimulus check in

>> No.25916237

appreciate the kind words anon
im going to make one final one with all the new defi and ncase shit so i dont have to keep posting 3 videos
and then maybe a 5th one in 3 years to look back

>> No.25916309

Are you all in?
Or are you “””””diversifying your portfolio””””?
Everybody i talk to all my friends think I’m crazy for not spreading my money around and I think I might be crazy too.
I’m not an educated guy, but from my limited IQ the use case of PRQ just makes sense.
I don’t know if I’m chasing a beggars dream or what but this is all I have. And yet I think at the very least If all of this shit doesn’t end up happening, I’m still going to get at minimum all of my money back. It’s a strangely calm feeling.
I just don’t know how long I’m going to be able to hold, because I am poor. But I would rather sleep on the street than sell off my little bag.
Thanks for taking the time to help a stupid nigger out

>> No.25916425

All in ride or die nigger and buying more if your holdings drop is the only rational response to crypto if you have less than 6 figures. You can always get a job flipping burgers and buy more.

>> No.25916452

yeah pretty much, I get the feeling the price could correct, but I don't really care for the short term.
It "ticks all the boxes" - based kevin, and big research organizations are writing long papers on how good it is, desu one anon said it yesterday and i agree, he said
>It feels good to have your own thoughts verified by international research firms
wish I had some eth but that's it, im 50/50 in prq and xcm

>> No.25916470

I've been all in since 19¢ DCA every week. Just bought some near 60¢. I'm gonna DCA to $1 at least. It's all going into their Staking loan tokenomics. Planning to hold for 5 yr+. Not sure how I'll use the interest. Even if it's a 5% return I can retire when prq hits $15 but I'll probably wage cage and hold out for $60. May actually never sell and just cash interest.

>> No.25916557

Just saw that you can convert ETH to PRQ on Coinbase Wallet. Do they just use Uniswap? Or how does it work? Seems like an easy way to buy some more, still dont trust Coinmetro

>> No.25916698


>> No.25916815

>still dont trust Coinmetro
You don't trust the exchange that hosted the IEO of the thing you want to buy?

>> No.25916956

Wary of everything that gets shilled too much on here. And the liquidity is still pretty bad afaik

>> No.25916997

Liquidity issue due to be resolved this month and 5x margin trading for PRQ launched too.

>> No.25917115

XCM is one of the only things on /biz/ with genuine discussion in the threads instead of brainless shilling. The only reason /biz/ knows about this is because the autists who watch the weekly video AMA's from the Coinmetro CEO told them about it.

>> No.25917141

tell me why I shouldn't

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He'll rope lol, let him swing

>> No.25917530

Where can I find info about the announcements coming within 2 weeks?

>> No.25917622

look in ur urethra

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>> No.25920082

If you had 1k, what would you buy now - PRQ, XCM or QNT?

>> No.25920528

I don't know anything about QNT but I'd choose PRQ over XCM even if I'm in both.
I feel that PRQ's use cases mean it has a higher maximum payout than XCM. But I'm in both to be safe.

>> No.25920779

I'm in all three. but yeah I agree xcm will probably struggle after reaching 1€. QNT is the smallest and riskiest position, but could bring even bigger returns than PRQ. Its a great project and I suggest you at least have a look at it.

>> No.25921082


Polka dot? 50x to100x? 500B to 1T mcap? I mean, really?

>> No.25921371


Its the opposite you dumb fucking brainlets. Parsiq literally has infinite usecase. Do better research before you speak

>> No.25921796


Look through the AMAs

>> No.25921837

Just a wallet bro

>> No.25922025

Care to share some knowledge? cause to me this is IFTTT prentending to be something new, with the only missing functionality being the built in transaction trigger. Which in reality is pretty easy to do for any developer.

>> No.25922133


Watch Anatoly himself explain.

>> No.25922173

I hold both. 17k PRQ and 270 QNT. I think QNT is going to absolutely melt faces if it moons, but is definitely riskier

>> No.25922317

I agree, this is pretty much just a notification bot... it checks the blockchain for transactions then notifies (triggers) whatever event..... this is already done by many devs... what do you think triggers whale alerts, discord bots, and price changes on cmc etc

>> No.25922391

The report is unironically FUD.
Prq 100 2022 eoy

>> No.25922552

> here watch this 3 hour video of a stuttering Latvian

>> No.25922614

>cause to me this is IFTTT prentending to be something new

Its IFTTT but then from blockchain data -> real world actions. Its not easy to do at all.
Take the Parsiq wallet for example (just a wallet btw). What could the Parsiq wallet offer that other crypto wallet services cant offer?
Easy integration with the business' other applications by taking the blockchain data (the payment) off-chain. This would allow automatic data storage, automatic invoice creation etc. All these things that would have to be done manually otherwise because blockchain data cant integrate with the rest of the business' infrastructure, but with Parsiq, it can.
Except that all this other notification software has notifications as sole goal/usecase, whereas for Parsiq its just 1 potential thing out of thousands of usecase.

Its the bridge between real world and blockchain

>> No.25922719

You want to potentially invest in PRQ, but you cant make yourself listen to a 3 hour explanation by the head dev of Parsiq?
Bet you come here waiting to get spoonfed instead, unironically never going to make it lazy nigger

>> No.25922730

>he doesn't know
>he still has not seen the light
>he wants to be spoonfed.
Watch the 3h AMA

>> No.25922760

looking for this to dump again so i make my big dick swing again

>> No.25922957

I already own thousands of parsnips and am never selling, I just don't see it being as revolutionary as all you coomers are stating

>> No.25923100

You do appear to be in a very small minority. There are a lot of very knowledgable people saying exactly that. People are starting to notice us. It is still so very early. End of Q4 will be the revolution.

>> No.25923221

I'm really bullish on this one!

>> No.25923285

>I just don't see it being as revolutionary as all you coomers are stating

>Bridge the gap between blockchain and real world
>Allow businesses to finally accept crypto payments without a bunch of hassle and extra work
>Literally would make it possible to integrate crypto payment into anything
For instance, lets say somebody has a business idea, he puts Tesla cars all over the city and allows you to rent them, technically Parsiq would make it possible to cause a crypto payment to unlock the car automatically.
This is just one potential usecase but the usecase is infinite.

How is it not revolutionary when its LITERALLY the key to unlocking mass adoption of blockchain technology and crypto payments in the real world.

I dont know why I spend my time and energy spoonfeeding a lazy fuck who doesnt bother doing his own research

>> No.25923569

>pump company
there aren't enough paying subscribers to affect the market.. stansberry and simetri are legit. they called LINK in 2018, BAND, PRQ etc

>> No.25924051

I legit stopped. They don't deserve to know. now I just fud them out; fuck them they can go buy graph or something. No point hard carrying retards to wealth they don't deserve.

>> No.25924147

I'm sold. Doubling my parsnips stacks. Hey lazy niggers like me will ultimately pump your bags so I think its worth the extra 5 minutes of typing at the end of the day.

>> No.25924234

Ok Mr legit calm down

>> No.25924273

>cause to me this is IFTTT prentending to be something new
100k in info right here

>> No.25924316

How much do you hold that you expect to retire at 15%? I suspect I have a larger bag than you and am less deluded.

>> No.25924555

So I know a lot of people would love to see a $20 valuation within 2 years.
But what do we think of 3+ years? I'm a poorlet. If I'm lucky I'll wrap up my stack at only 2k (currently 1500). For someone like me, it would be ideal to iron grip it to at least make over 100k. There's no value in me taking anything out below even $10; $15k is chump change and I have no debt.

>> No.25924662

2 years? I think we will see 20$ this year already.

>> No.25924722

$20 valuation within 24 months? That’s FUD retard

This will be above a measly 2b MC within 24, that’s for certain.

Besides, $15,000 for you would be huge. If you made those breadcrumbs, you can ape into any other new low MC coin and have a fat stack from the start and then just hope for a x100 and you’ll be good to go.

>> No.25924741

I like to err on the side of caution. But let's say we hit $20 in 2 years, and $20 this year, what do you think are the timelines beyond $20, inclusive of the entire crypto space?

>> No.25924766


>> No.25924778

Good point! I think the issue is whether or not we can count on a steady supply of low MCAP gems. I don't want to just assume that another PRQ will swing around one day, and only like investing in 100% safe bets.
I'm DCAing between PRQ and XCM right now but good to plan for later.

>> No.25924797

>Stansberry created a floor at 50c
There’s no proof of this anywhere, the original report stated that the buy in price was 0.25c and then some tg retard said they updated it to 0.5c without providing any evidence

>> No.25924942

People are retarded and have no idea what they're talking about when they come up with these target prices.
I don't know what the exact price will be, but I know it's going to be a LOT more than $20, THIS YEAR.
All you have to do is do a little comparisons with altseason in 2017 when bitcoin was at 20k, to understand and realize THIS altseason that is about to hit us in the coming months is going to almost 10x as big....
With all that being said, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see PRQ in the multiple hundreds of $s at the end of 2021/start of 2022, because bitcoin will most likely hit 200k+.

>> No.25924955

If this year has a bullrun, Im talking a real fucking bullrun like 2017 it will hit a very high top this year, Im talking 20-40$, and then it will drop down and crab at like 5$ or something for years until the next bullrun brings it to 50-100$.

You should know by now crypto is never a straight line up. Theres no guarantee PRQ will be worth more in 2022 or 2023 than it will be in 2021.

But thats just my theory, 2021 might not be like 2017 at all now that instutions are invested in BTC

>> No.25924964

more than 30k

>> No.25925045

Shit, That is true. I legit forgot. Fair play.

>> No.25925074

this would make me a Multi-Millionaire
and like 10b+ mcap... i dunno, to much hopium

>> No.25925182

I appreciate the estimates, just don't blame me for still being cautious of getting my hopes up too too high. And the warning about 2021 vs 2023 is great; it's true, look at what happened to dozens before, BTC especially.
This year if we do hit it big will be highly dependent on timing. Thanks bros.
With that said, I'm only in PRQ and XCM; I can't fail, but I can choose the lesser on accident. I think I'll focus on PRQ for at least the short term. XCM's estimate value of 1 euro EOY is less impressive than PRQs potential in my opinion. I'd sell my XCM to fatten up my PRQ but I don't think going all-in is a great idea.

>> No.25925326

Parsiq has been around since 2018. These blockchain companies that started 2019, last year or even ones starting this year, will go un-noticed for 1-3 years time. By that time, we would have all sold our PRQ holdings and started investing in these new low MC coins that’ll be set for success just a few years down the line.

Besides, we’re all still early in and until cryptocurrencies and the solutions these companies provide start getting mass-adoptation by the masses, we still have plenty of time to make extremely massive gains.

People have been saying it’s too late to buy Bitcoin for 8 years. Sure, it’s a currency and a hold of value, but these other coins will have added value as the market expands and technology improves. See it as the dotcom era 2.0

>> No.25925330

I really don't think it is. I've tracked a lot of altcoin prices in 2017, and I understand how the flow of money and human psychology works. I'm pretty damn sure bitcoin is going to AT LEAST 100k this year, but probably more. It's not just crypto basement dwellers that are saying this. MAJOR institutions are literally calling for 400k bitcoin and shit. So even if you're conservative and say it will only go to 100k, well, that's a 5x from 2017 high. So literally 5x the amount of money from last time will flow into altcoins.
Now when you also consider that altcoins (mainly ETH) are WAAAAY bigger and more relevant this cycle, then it's safe to say that this coming altseason will literally DWARF what we saw in 2017.
Now if PRQ is a legit project that can climb the rankings, and make it into a top 20 spot (I think it can), then I could see PRQ EASILY hitting $400+
It's just simple math, and understanding what humans do to try and make more money...

>> No.25925453

Good luck bro. I just hope you don't sell too early. I'm pretty much only in PRQ and IOTA because of the fundamentals, so I understand the approach.

>> No.25925519

Can prq and link co-exist in the future? Don’t they basically do the same thing?

Trying to decide what to invest in, leaning toward prq just because the bigger potential gains

>> No.25925536

I think your estimate is a bit too high anon. Dont get me wrong I myself compared it to 2017 aswell, but if you look at one of the top performing coins of 2017, the BEST ones did at maximum a 5000x from their starting price.
Now if we consider that PRQ started at 1c, I consider 50$ the absolute maximum it could reach in 2021. Not because the project wont 'deserve' a higher mcap, but because you have to move through so many sell-targets in such a short period of time to get there.

>> No.25925566
File: 117 KB, 1128x1280, photo_2021-01-12_23-52-48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek, $400! You don't want to know the size of the number that would pay me. Lol.

>> No.25925586

Nah anon its actually the opposite, they are kind of counter-parts to each other, they co-exist perfectly.
This article wrote it down pretty well:

>> No.25925636


@the both of you if Parsiq is legit I see both Parsiq and Chainlink becoming 100B coins. That would Parsiq at 1,000. The problem is I think this will only happen in 5+ years. Also if retarded boomers and zoomers shift the narrative to ethereum and eth 2.0 we are going to be seriously fucking rich anons.

>> No.25925650

I made a thread about this a few hours ago:

As I understand, PRQ and LINK are a bit like opposites of each others. I have to admit I see more usecase in LINK though but PRQ has more room to grow, much it is riskier than LINK.
Short term should be PRQ, but I think the price of LINK will rocket as soon as they introduce staking. Also, the LINK chart looks bottomed out after months of bleeding sats, so either way you can't go wrong.

t. viewpoint from someone that has neither of the coins

>> No.25925774

how much parsiq to officially receive the Whale title?

>> No.25925900
File: 64 KB, 1080x1080, 2020-12-22 13.23.27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25925919

200k+ I suppose

>> No.25925923


2+ make-it stacks.

t. suistacker

>> No.25925983

This is in contention though, there is a revised version somewhere, not sure how many accept it.

>> No.25926050

anyone have rough eta of when we will see prq on larger exchanges?

>> No.25926106


>> No.25926109

>easily $400+
if this happens i ll remember

>> No.25926206


2 or 3 months.

>> No.25926366
File: 84 KB, 573x430, 1550480809771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aaaaaand INSHALLAH we will NEVER go below 60c ever again!

>> No.25926432


inshallah brother, but those autistic price swings better cease soon...

>> No.25926507
File: 150 KB, 1200x675, index.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys I really need help, people are asking me how I find new coins. I do want to help them but this is all I know + research after. Thanks Frens.

>> No.25926542


>> No.25926627

It sucks being a poorlet but I'm thinking anything under $1 is a good deal at this point.

>> No.25926742

Don’t say that akhi, I still need to buy in.

>> No.25926750

An absolute steal.

>> No.25926828

Looking to buy some prq today. What’s the best place to buy eth with a credit card in the US

>> No.25926865


coinbase, binance, coinmetro

>> No.25927001

To be very desu, I'm pretty comfy in my eth holdings. I have made some very stupid fomo decisions in the past (like buying GRT at 0,38) so I'm not letting this get to me. If I miss this train then so be it, I MIGHT fomo at 55 but i'm looking to go any lower than that desu

>> No.25927098

This entire shill thread is a sell signal.

>> No.25927128

See ya bud, ill eat your dip personally

>> No.25927172

total shit coin

dont be scammed

>> No.25927189

To be fair, people said the same about LINK and look at where those retards are today.

>> No.25927196

Sell then nigger, lets see how you feel in a month

>> No.25927325

Happy I didnt buy this garbage, totally organic thread you have here after dumping for 2 weeks, Pajeet.

>> No.25927382

whats a good price for GRT by the way? I'm brand new to the crypto game and i've been hearing about graph alot

>> No.25927403
File: 235 KB, 799x843, 028F89F0-DFD2-4E8F-8B32-999539AF77FB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck parsiq scam coin

>> No.25927448
File: 261 KB, 785x1000, 845686548456845684654856.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25927475

Zero seems about right.

>> No.25927489
File: 156 KB, 600x600, FF9E5298-19F2-48D9-A0A2-DE6F07F0BBF7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This project has been around for over two years and was heavily shilled months ago too. I boughted & made a lot of money. I’m never fucking selling. Dumb newfag.

>> No.25927526 [DELETED] 









>> No.25927614

Bro, your meds?

>> No.25927617
File: 443 KB, 1121x997, 1606355665956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now was all that really necessary anon?

>> No.25927758

if you've been around biz for longer than a day, you should recognize that the fud/shill ratio and quality of said fud/shilling for PRQ is a giant flashing neon buy signal.

i dont know why else you would come to biz if not for shit like this.

>> No.25927798

All the shills in this thread please don't spoonfeed /biz/ niggers especially that right now they are re ddit imigrants. They dont deserve to hold PRQ

>T.chainlink 2018 holder

>> No.25928027
File: 108 KB, 600x431, Eric-Wade-Stansberry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

strong 2018 chainlink vibes. GRT threads on the other hand reek of reddit.

>> No.25928139
File: 279 KB, 1246x909, 1610486084563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember kiddos ppl pay $103 a mo for this stuff.

>> No.25928229

And 5000 a year for stansberry. Who fudded us a 1bn mcap.

>> No.25928316

I don't know

>> No.25928456

If you're new then I'd avoid GRT honestly. It's a stablecoin staying between 29c - 35c (if you ignore the pump that was only because of btc pumping). If you want smaller cap coins then I'd go with coins like PRQ. Look at how much GRT coins still aren't in circulation. I think it has strong fundamentals, and I believe that it will reach ATH again one day, but that day will be very far ahead in the future because of the fucked up tokenomics

t. ex-bagholder

>> No.25928526
File: 333 KB, 1120x767, 1610264075034.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The source of info has no relevance on the veracity of the info my authority biased midwit newfriend.

>> No.25928650

thanks anon. I'm still learning what that all means and I appreciate the hand holding. I'm looking at Aave, dot, and prq since thats what most anons seem to be recommending and I (probably foolishly) trust a large number of anons over like 1-2 random articles online

>> No.25928859
File: 117 KB, 1128x1280, photo_2021-01-12_23-52-38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, I've been promoted from community retard to midwit. I've finally made it lads!

>> No.25928902


>> No.25928950

>I (probably foolishly) trust a large number of anons over like 1-2 random articles online

Me too man. But it works sometimes. Other night I was drunk and some anon was like UKRAINE ADOPTS XLM, it was at .15 and I threw down 500 bucks and went to bed, woke up next day with it at .4, took some poorfag profits and now I'm up and holding due to future adoption indicators. You just browse threads and look for legitimate use cases and ignore get rich quick schemes.

>> No.25928970

I cannot sell this coin. I cannot trade or flip my suicide stack. I cannot. Because at 5 dollars a suicide stack is a veritable make it stack.

>> No.25929070

youve made it at 50k?
where do you live anon? sudan?

>> No.25929096
File: 58 KB, 945x745, photo_2020-12-29_16-32-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fair comment but been in here all day and I'm out, wait, no. One more left.

>> No.25929157

to who ever was swinging and got fucked yesterday

>> No.25929196

Dale for sure.

>> No.25929226


no moron, I meant it BECOMES a make it stack at that stage not that I'm cashing out jesus christ.

>> No.25929250

Curious what made you pick Sudan out of all the shitty countries?
t. Sudanese living in the west

>> No.25929281

kek, I don't look at the telegram but I know who that retard is

>> No.25929308

I specifically told people to swing prior to the pump because I expected news (just a usecase tutorial on the blog). Swing on rope swingies this coin deserves respect :^)

>> No.25929359


>> No.25929386


a 20% increase isn't a rope incident. We need to stabilize in the 70+ cents range first

>> No.25929452

Aave and PRQ are solid coins. I haven't look that much into DOT so I can't say a lot about it. It's hard to explain but you just have to read about more projects, and at some point you will just "know" that some projects are more valuable and contribute more to crypto as a whole than other coins. Read a bit about LINK for example, that can actually have a real world use, while you have coins that are (IMO) shittier and don't really have a use case such as LCX even though a gorillion anons shilled this coin a few days ago

Note that shitcoins are still able to moon, but coins with strong fundamentals are just more likely to moon and become profitable on a long term. If you don't know what you're doing, then I'd recommend you to stick 80% of your portfolio in the safer top 10 coins

>> No.25929508

Parsiq will announce a top 3 defi integration in the coming days, rumoured to be AAVE

>> No.25929554

Noooo I just need one more dip to finish acoomulating noooooooooooooo

>> No.25929691

It's more likely to get hit by the defi news and pump again than drop to 45¢ for them to re-enter without loss lol. Imo this week is the last week before it starts pricing people out. I could be wrong but I think we're about to see some shit.

>> No.25929710

thanks anons. I've already seen very small poor gains. I just hope one day I just start to see things other anons do and go "yep, that's legitimate" vs "yep, that's a shitcoin". It'll all click i'm sure, eventually, just a new thing to learn.

>> No.25929748

Unironically how I've been making my money, the worse the fud, the better the coin usually

>> No.25929855
File: 95 KB, 667x415, 412412124241421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut up Jon dont ruin the surprise

>> No.25929861

Just be aware that I have personally made 25 fud threads this week and will continue until I hit 100k. Do you have a second to hear about how it's just a wallet and the team is made up of know scammers that dump thier bags so you'll lose money?

>> No.25929862
File: 443 KB, 828x1792, 1609621683892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah it's a payment processor with lots of subsidiaries. My schizophrenic pattern recognition makes me think it's circle (or visa if we get really moonboy) parsiq team is heavy friends with circle, algo, and usdc.

>> No.25929887


what is the announcement pipeline looking like anyway? is the defi cued for next week? When are we getting that massive influx of teased partnerships?

>> No.25929889

hnnnnng stop
It'll take time anon, just don't fomo in coins that have recently mooned a gigantic amount without correcting and don't let the shilling get to you! You can do it!

>> No.25929931

god no please
i really, really need this to crab until february. if it can just hold this range until then i'll be so fucking rich.

>> No.25929960

I'm kind of a newfag, but I did deepdives into all the coins being shilled here. Out of most of them, PRQ seems to be one of the most legitimate. I mean, listening to Anatoly's 3 hour long AMA solidified that. But they have a working product from the get-go that has already prevented two companies from hacks. Even if it doesn't go crazy, it is, at the very least, a working product with a functional team. You step into a STATERA thread, for example, and it's like a different world.

>> No.25929961

Oh, and also know when (not) to sell at a loss, but also don't become too emotionally attached to a coin. Those are also important things that I've learned.

>> No.25930302

That is the other announcment. There are two incoming this month.

>> No.25930646
File: 19 KB, 444x324, 1609095525685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not an insider or anything. Just autistically vigilant on getting info. They're finance integration force them to push back two announcements. The payment processor went to January and another one to February. They're currently hiring 20 devs. And they're picking up people out of Stanford and shit. They're not fucking around. I get the feeling that the team will not announce an exchange listing until the moment it goes live.

The pumps are probably as follows:
-Jan payment processing
-feb announcement
-pre tokenomics corporate market buys
-march tokenomics
-exchange listing.
By Q2 pretty much every announcement will be a pump because the company will be buying tokens for the service.

>> No.25930652

i uh don't even really know what fud threads are so sure

Hah my first trade went immediately down 3% and i had to stop myself from panicking, it felt like i was throwing money into the wind and hoping a lost pet would come home. But my pro investor friend told me to chill, that it was normal the first time, and that once you push through it it's all okay and that the worst part is just that initial feeling.

Yeah PRQ seems kinda intersting. I just need to figure out how to get money onto kracken or wait until its on coinbase

>> No.25930695

I feel like PRQ will be successful just because of the sentiment it gets around these posts

>> No.25930826

January will also 100% have the top defi partnership they already confirmed it

>> No.25930929

You can buy it on Uniswap or Coinmetro. Just gotta have some eth to trade it with

>> No.25931345

Where buy?

>> No.25931378

CoinMetro. But they have shit liquidity for the time being.

>> No.25931629

prq chads, we will never sell our packs. stay strong. buy and hold. i am holding since end of september. first i bought at 0,28, then it falled to under 0,2, i bought then at 0,18, then at 0,11 and 0,13, now i made over 3x, cause i am a fucking chad.

>> No.25931728
File: 269 KB, 945x745, drnss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25931853
File: 89 KB, 701x1024, 1603450969546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice try bud let me show you how it's done

>> No.25931890

You guys suck, checkem

>> No.25931952

Tried to get some prq on uniswap, but apparently there isn't enough liquidity. I'm not even buying that much, how do you anons buy it? Had to use the etherscan contract as well since prq doesn't come up in the uniswap search bar otherwise.

>> No.25931961

Pajeets are out in full force to shill that shitcoin

>> No.25931981

Yes it was.

>> No.25932006

I'm a retard but I just EUR deposit on CoinMetro and buy them outright, never had an issue.
Pretty sure I'm normally paying a small premium though since their liquidity is shit.

>> No.25932170

You are trying to buy the old contract, we hard forked after the Coin Metro hack to mitigate losses. Here, use this.

>> No.25932277

Do we think a dip or correction will come? I want to buy a bag of this but not at 60c.

>> No.25932306

can you guys keep this extremely cringe numeric failure away from here, I think you're spoiling my parsnips

>> No.25932337

Would be good, also looking for an entry

>> No.25932447

People bought link at 60c.

>> No.25932450

nice try faggot but no dubs for you

>> No.25932459

retard the correction has been the last two weeks of crabbing at $.40-$.50, that ship has sailed. Might as well get in now, we have bare minimum 2 more announcements in January you're playing with fire not buying in.

>> No.25932502

kiss me retard i love you, i'm buying at 60c and if i lose money you're awaiting the same fate as rihanna

>> No.25932552

alright, pucker up faggot. Anything under $2 EOQ1 is FUD.

>> No.25932596

if it reaches $2 EOQ1 I will suck your fucking gooch alright little gay

>> No.25932597

What contract do you guys use to buy PRQ? Searching PRQ on uniswap doesn't bring anything up.

>> No.25932829


>> No.25932841



DO NOT use anything besides above mentioned addresses. Check the wallets should be over 10k.

>> No.25933129

i'm quite confident we'll go back down in the coming days

>> No.25933134

Yeah that's the one I've been using, uniswap says there isn't enough liquidity though, despite the fact that I'm only buying a little. How do whales even stack this? How do you guys get any? Do you literally have to spam refresh until someone is selling?

>> No.25933220


>> No.25933245

I have $103. Who this?

>> No.25933281

Plenty liquidity on Uni.

>> No.25933320

Poorfag. NGMI

>> No.25933661

whats wrong with just using the coingecko listing on Uniswap and picking PRQ from there?

>> No.25933871


>> No.25933996

When Coin Metro got compromisedPRQ was hard forked and old contract abandoned. New contract is easy to spot, just check price and wallet count. Still some idiots trading the old contract.

>> No.25934071 [DELETED] 

yeah but you can still use the coingecko one cant you

>> No.25934148

I have a fat stack of fiat for when this shit flash dumps to 25 cents

>> No.25934229

Kek, keep waiting then faggot. Ngmi

>> No.25934250
File: 35 KB, 220x211, 624326326262636234.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In your dreams anon

>> No.25934306
File: 11 KB, 260x194, gypo ogumbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give me some of whatever you are on?

>> No.25934417

Refresh the page its a visual bug I get it too sometimes. There's over a million dollars in liquidity.

>> No.25934816
File: 26 KB, 320x430, 155366287586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How come we aren't back at .50 again? I was already used to seeing my stack wildly change value during the day lmao

>> No.25934829


the hack did not inspire confidence. but Parsiq fixing it however sure as hell did.

>> No.25934874


you alright there swingy?

>> No.25934921

Everyone's holding, it's the same as christmas, People aren't retarded and know what's coming for coins in the next few days.

>> No.25934969

Not a swingy desu I'm too poor. I don't even have enough ETH to cash out kek

>> No.25935035

Based. You are going to make it.

>> No.25935070

More exposure, good news around the corner, all the good stuff, enough crabbing, the chart looks ready to break out again.
1$ EOM I stand by it

>> No.25935832

I just want us to fucking crack ATH already so the turbosperg whales stop.

>> No.25935899

I want to accumulate a bit more, fuck off.

>> No.25935989

Maybe when the news is "sold" it will dip a bit. Well, at least I hope so

>> No.25936172


you had your time.

>> No.25936231
File: 86 KB, 500x500, pride-mobility-s74.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can just see you at 70yo. Riding a second hand mobility scooter you can barely make the payments on, still waiting for that life changing moment. NGMI.

>> No.25936396

I'm very comfy all in eth atm, if the price increase goes too quick I'll just pour my money in a different lowcap or just sit on my eth, I have the patience
But I am NOT fomoing fuck that shit

>> No.25936431

There's never enough time.
Even if I'm reduced to $100 lunch money buys I want as much as possible.

>> No.25936649


dont you get fucked on gas and spread?

>> No.25936689

Probably a smart choice. It'll likely dip to 50c again, I'm comfy with my stack but I'll buy one more dip when it happens. Don't ever fomo into anything crypto, and gl fren.

>> No.25936802
File: 114 KB, 400x300, 1602939190206.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You too fren. There's a possibility that it won't touch 50 cents again unless the bubble pops again, but I'll risk it
We will all make it in the end

>> No.25937276

I buy directly using EUR on CM. It's one of the only decent places I can make a deposit (Canadian) sadly.

>> No.25937545
File: 795 KB, 660x495, 1606973371117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am financially stabilizing

>> No.25937884

We need more FUD threads and for the price to drop so I can keep accumulating since I am one greedy motherfucker

>> No.25938489
File: 55 KB, 615x814, Yank tank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think you missed the boat greedy guts,

>> No.25939330


>> No.25939782

You had 2 years

>> No.25940182

Anon, if it doesn't go back down, accept it.

>> No.25940419

I am going to slaughter the dumpers

>> No.25940646

You’re a literal poorfag if you think 1 million is enough to retire
Only poor people think 1m is a lot of money

>> No.25940716

1 million is more than enough...

... to continue feeding the gambling addiction. You’d only need a x10 from there and you’d be set with fuck you money.

>> No.25940765

Hahah exactly this. Every time I set a profit target and reach it the euphoria lasts about 10 seconds then I’m ready to invest it all in again...and again....and again

>> No.25940865


um. prolly cash out at ten but good luck reaching there in the first place...

>> No.25941326

New to crypto. Don't know anything. I wanna get in on this before it gets big. Where can I get a wallet for this?

>> No.25941526

Tbh if it hits 2 I’m gone

>> No.25941559

m-m-m-metamask + uniswap

>> No.25941570


>> No.25941733


>> No.25942064


son there is literally no way Im not cheapmaxing until I hit 10M.

>> No.25942330

I am in serious need of murdering someone if this suppression I mentioned 18 hours ago keeps continuing further for ages like it did at 50c.

>> No.25942841

I'm holding to $25

>> No.25943149


idk. Holding to 1000 here. delusional? maybe. ride or fucking die.

>> No.25943273

if link can be projected to get to 1000, so can PRQ
likely? no

>> No.25943429

Truth be told I wanna hold to 1000 too

>> No.25943460

It's also highly dependent on stack size as well.
If you're a stacklet, why sell at $1? It's lunch money. But if you HODL for 5 years until some absurd price ($50+) then it's big money even if you were a poorlet.

>> No.25943486


whats that last bit anon? with the "likely? no"? Are you saying it IS likely?

Right lets say Link reaches a grand. That would put it at... 400B MC with the current tokens. Not fucking happening. Lets say a more realistic target of 100B. Now that puts its price at 250$. Right. Not too shabby but Parsiq is also 4 times lower in supply so at 100B what we're looking at is $1000 per Parsiq...

>> No.25943712

did you guys see that shit? that fucking sell wall was crazy.

>> No.25943957

>Giant whale sell walls
>Paid groups shilling it hard
>All white Slav team
>Unfiltered autism leading the charge
Bro's, I'm thinking we're gonna make it.

>> No.25943994

yeah, it's gonna be real tough getting through that poloniex wall, fuck

>> No.25944424
File: 40 KB, 303x375, bq-5cb89714590bc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Complete newfag here. Looking at PRQ, DEXG, XLM, maybe AVAX and ADA
Good entry point for PRQ? When should I look to buy?

>> No.25944579

If that giant sell wall on Poloniex is broken down, probably right then and there. If we can't break it, it'll probably dip to 50c range again. Buy accordingly with that information

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