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Hey guys! I noticed my name coming up a lot on this board and I just want to defeat any speculation here and now.

ALL of the tokens deployed from the contract address are simple annotations of transactions which will take place in the future.

These transactions have yet to take place, and thus the tokens moved are not yet in circulation nor have been sold. Please understand this speculation has made it's way directly to my desk which means the rumor I'm selling these tokens must have gotten around.

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This is SN by the way. If any of you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. I have free time until another meeting in 30 minutes.

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Who made this?

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that's nice

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was the Netero vs Meruem fight the peak of all anime fights?

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Wasn't me sir.

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When steak?

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If you're referring to "staking", we have some news regarding this coming up in the near future

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Will you Autograph this mug?

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No, Android 17 vs. Piccolo was better (DBZ)

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Fuck you sir gay

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What's your rough estimate on projections of network growth and are there any big players you've been talking to that you could disclose here?

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I can't disclose any information on upcoming partnerships, but I can confirm we are growing exponentially. There will be a lot of news this year.

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Price eoy?

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Do you like the LINK memes? How do you feel about link marines

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How tall is Ari?

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Why are jannies cleaning up all the stinky OTP threads? $1000eoy?

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I don't really pay attention to this

Haven't looked at the price in months frankly, just focused on developing.

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A lot of anons think that you have a bachelors degree in betrayal and that link's price is pegged to a cup of coffee. Can you say anything that could dispel these concerns?

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Come on! We've got to be closer to 4 cups of coffee by now!

And Lol! Betrayal? Who have I betrayed? I've been loyal to the crypto community for 10 years

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So you develop too?

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what email

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This is fake, I never wrote nor said this.

I rarely, if ever talk about price.

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Nice Larp

0/10 effort

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I need to know how tall Ari is immediately. Otherwise this is a LARP.

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You don't sound like a Russian

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I have not seen Ari in a while, but I believe he's around 6"

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How much do you pay for a cup of coffee? And who is your favorite person to work with at Chainlink HQ?

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Shit larp, 1/10

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A cup of coffee shouldn't be more than $3

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What’s the difference between analytic philosophy and continental? Which do you prefer?

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Kek. I love nufags buying Link above $12. $5 LINK in 2021.

LOKI / OXEN is my daddy mac now.

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You sound like a nigger

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>Haven't looked at the price in months frankly, just focused on developing.
you missspelled "dumping", because clearly he doesnt pay attention while he unloads 1 millie per week, doesnt matter the price, he just fuckin duuuuuuuuuumps to keep insolvent network up and running.

OFCOURSE all of these nodes are cherry picked companies so thats how you run a scam 101.

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minister you satoshi

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Holy fuck I just sold my house for chainlink

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Vitalik is 6' 1"

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No, but I know who Satoshi is. He's already confirmed Craig Wright

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He's getting up from kneeling. He was sucking Vit's cock this is a mid motion picture

Nice try though

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He said 6" not 6' which your picture corroborates.

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Hmm, this either isn’t Sergey or he’s stooping to appeasing the lowest of the barrel biztards. Not sure

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based if real Sergey. What are you working on now?

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We're working on creating master nodes for Link which will serve a purpose in staking

Also upcoming announcements with some big name partners in the future. Not this month, probably in 3-5 months

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Whoever you are, I will use my link to put a contract on you. You are no Sergey; you Sir, are gay.

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Haha haven't heard that one before

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sounds great. What's going to be the big thing for 2021?

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Based sir gay. I'm thinking about spinning up my own link node, do I have to fund it with my own eth?

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We're going to be gang banging a porn star in the office while doing a boat load of blow off her asshole

have you seen Ari's cock? holy fuck man it's huge. I think vitaly's gonna pop in as well

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How many inches? I need to know IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise that is your third strike.

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based I can see I made the right decision
Hope it's a big one. Take care.

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unironically you can tell ari is packing. alpha as fuck, huge jaw, wiry forearms

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Fuck you larper you disappear after i ask something technical

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Can I have some free link?

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>I have free time until another meeting in 30 minutes.
>We're going to be gang banging a porn star in the office while doing a boat load of blow off her asshole

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Oops looks like I'm the asshole

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why are you such a scamming thief?

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can i get some advice?
already have a 1.5k stack... want to increase it to 2k and i have the cash to do so
this feels like the 2017 bubble again. i feel like the prices everywhere are too inflated
plus the whole covid BS. it was supposed to be a recession, but (((they))) kept the stock market intact by fucking over the lower classes and printing money.
when i look at the charts, i can't help but worry about buying the top

i planned to go all in last year with my wages while link was ~5$, but i fucking lost my job thanks to covid and had no money
the prospect of getting in now that link went 3x annoys me. but if it goes up another 3x thanks to staking and adoption, it's gonna be even worse
thoughts? should i just start dropping a few hundred each month and see how it goes?