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I told you stupid fucks to buy POWW.

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BUNDA bros [email protected]

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I wont have any more liquidiy until the end of the week, hope UUUU stays bottomed out just a bit longer so I can grab some cheapie calls

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What's the value proposition on UUUU?

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Delete this thread

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Yeah, for absolutely no reason at all.
The pebble mine is not profitably as it is planned right now.

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Anyone else got GTE?

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> i don't necessarily agree with some of the management choices. [of Palantir]
care to explain?

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Biden is pro nuclear, uuuu is the only american uranium producer, if you want a general uranium play cameco is better but uuuu is specifically the us geopolitics play because they are voting on the creation of a strategic uranium reserve which is going to award uuuu with a bunch of guaranteed government money every year

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Bullish. But is it a meme?

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reporting in

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Based Black Adder OP.

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Sweet summer child...

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It's lil' BIlly Diamondhands looking for fellow bagholders to share his pain.

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Uranium will go up sometime in the next few years, major bull market. But it's not a short term play you got to buy and hodl.

The fundamentals are there, demand is constantly increasing (not by a lot but still increasing) and uranium supply deficits are only going to continue expanding even at full capacity of all mines. On top of that about 60% of existing mine supply have been shut down for covid and they are not reopening until the price goes up. It's at like $35 it needs to go up to $60 for new developments to be viable to invest the capital into. So right now speculators are piling in while it's still cheap.

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4 U

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Ok autistic tranny gash poster I guess you win I’ll stay in this thread

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What's the main attraction to that investment?

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>uhh anon ever wondered what the underlying of BTC is?

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Telos or Suncor? Have 40k to drop. Also thinking ENB for fat divvies.

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What's wrong with that lady's leg? Is she going to be able to walk again?

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One question here....

Don't you find strange that people put their money into FANG and USA stock market like once they did with Bonds and especially with USA bonds because they payed it well?

My question is.... since the stock market is a balloon that goes up up up and then explodes (and at the first sign of USA super power egemony going down this should eventually happen)...
well where to park the mney Into?

To have SOME metals is always a good idea but metals are over all retarded ihmo.. I have the feeling that money will simply move frome USA (stock market) to somewhere else

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What's the GME strategy now?
Waiting for the annual meeting and Cohen's board majority? That's a huge gap without catalysts and thus lot of time for shorties to short.

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If America falls apart in the near future, why would it do that, and what would the people feel they really need above all else?

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>have the feeling that money will simply move frome USA (stock market) to somewhere else
Where is it going anon?
Europe's fucked. China's fucked. Japan maybe. Africa? South america? Mexico might not be that bad but what do I know...

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enough people have been trained to put their savings in the S&P 500 that it will never go down substantially unless there is a major crisis of confidence in the US

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>I have the feeling that money will simply move frome USA (stock market) to somewhere else
You must be new to /biz/. There's 5,000 bitcoin and shitcoin threads an hour. That's where failing economies put their money. Look what countries like Venezuela do.

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The entire world's economy would collapse because America is the sole entity keeping liberal capitalism alive.

More important things to worry about.

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I can't keep up with buying stocks people shill here.

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Capitalism is dead. Not a single country out there running a genuine capitalistic approach.

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Disgusting klinefelter's abomination.
How does Switzerland or Singapore compare to the US? You're not alone in feeling the US is less capitalistic and more socialistic than it used to be.

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That's because he's lying. People here love claiming they knew something that everyone else didn't. It's the part of Plato's Allegory where retards are happy by guessing correctly at random shadows.

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>Europe's fucked. China's fucked
China is not totally fucked SEA is not

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GUYS where do I throw my 10k savings at???

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>There's 5,000 bitcoin and shitcoin threads an hour. That's where failing economies put their money
Ok but btc and stock market have been always correlated

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>How does Switzerland or Singapore compare to the US?
I don't know but those top lists are all memes.
There is no freedom is this world.
>Third fastest aging population in the world
>Avoided all market corrections by stealing from their own people
>relatively poor in natural ressources
China isn't going anywhere. They're overdue for a 10 year depression.

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>t. nigger/spic living off of the white man's taxes
>I don't know but those top lists are all memes.
I know, which is why I asked for input.
>There is no freedom is this world.
I know. I'm seeing more and more /pol/ shenanigans revolving around escapism.
They correlate, but they grow at different rates. BTC has much higher volatility.

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No someone definitely spammed about poww for at least a week

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Give me something that dipped BIG today and will bounce tomorrow.
No UUUU because I don't want to average up because autism.
All the stocks on my watchlist are green expect BNGO but I don't trust BNGO to recover.

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s&p 500

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>mfw NEL ASA is now +3 and I bought it for 0,9405 but only invested lousy 1000,-€

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I haven't seen any mention of it and I'm here every day. If it was shilled then it was done so exceedingly poorly.

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Probably done poorly, but someone definitely spammed it

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Tsla/Tesla Puts

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Bcrx was mentioned on mad money last night, that's why it rose 7% with no news today. Feels good to be in before the boomers

>6 more days.

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Is crypto and stocks just gambling? How do I gain a gambling addiction?

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How come no one talks about MOON anymore? Its literally all the memes stocks you want in one ETF. The distribution was totally different when I bought it, so it changes all the time. Up 5-15%

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This thread needs more anime!

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shill me something like PLUG before it's up 100% in a week

>> No.25898095

All you faggots have either missed ACTC merging with proterra or quietly bought it today and will shill it later.

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Any good leads? Is AQB really going to be a meme pump? I want something with retard strength like PLUG

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why is the market ignoring the fact that Ryan Cohen has taken control of Gamestop and brought alone his CHWY team (CFO and CMO)

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>mfw I'm only 70% down on NAK after today
maybe I will get that $210 back

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Fuck that. You buy and hold and add each paycheck

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how am I doing 2 weeks in lads

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My brother just went all in cciv maybe you should too

>> No.25898154

*brought along

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how do you guys make picks? Looking into some screeners/platforms for identifying good plays but almost all of them are asking for a sub fee.

- any good free software for doing this?
- if not, what is the best premium option, and are there any that can be easily pirated?

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Did darkpool anon post his insider trades graph today at all?

>> No.25898161

why is NTR pumping

I bought it because it had a nice divie yield and chink farmlands were getting wiped out. Big firms keep downgrading it and it keeps pumping higher

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Cannabis market is booming btw.

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Can't turn a company around in a day. It'll crab between earnings now.

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just use finviz retard

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What do I throw my stimulus check at? Gimme some tickers.

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markets are supposed to be forward looking wtf have I been lied to

>> No.25898265

Find high beta tech with low float, then buy 5-10% stake, weight for other momentum algos to pile in then sell after shilling it.
Congrats, you are now Cathie Wood

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I fell for the ICLN meme, sold half my PLUG and rotated into ICLN. Later I found out the holdings don't include BLDP or FCEL.

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what's your rarest feels guy, /smg/

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If you don't want to lose, buy FUSE.

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I stopped spamming it and went into ARKK calls instead. I hold about 100 shares of MOON in my IRA. I think only like me and one other anon were shilling it, but it's actually solid

>> No.25898303

anyone got any more info on VVPR? >>25898141 looks interesting desu

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Post your gains. First for shitty questrade charts/graphs.

>> No.25898323

>normies are all unironically going to do this
Already priced in?

>> No.25898324

Predictions on NAK tomorrow ?

>> No.25898331

I don't have any positions in it, but one that I have been tracking is DVD
some anon came here a few weeks ago shilling it, saying they knew an insider who was getting more nascar contracts
I know absolutely nothing about nascar/the racetrack/racing industry, but it's gone up 55% in the last 3 months, just had a big dip and bounce.. potential there - if you do check it out lmk what you discover

>> No.25898356

100% going to NAK it up.

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Dr. Cohen, I'm Sherman.
Uh... you don't get to bring friends.

>> No.25898365

Heard ZM is gonna be issuing more shares. Think it will go up after?

Also I got some GME 4/21 20C when do I sell this?

>> No.25898371

Most of the info you need is readily available to anyone on tradingview, they even let you access the overly complicated "Full-featured chart" that you don't need but let's you cosplay as a big boy.

>> No.25898377

No options guy hasn’t been posting them day of anymore :(

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Bros, should I buy some Kushner bonds?

>> No.25898406

Only for tech and EVs. :)

>> No.25898411

I only make 12 an hour. I'm very very very broke because I'm retarded. I hate my life I need a new escape and I think gambling is it

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81% of people who trade options or CFD’s lose money, like, all of it.

>> No.25898447

>making jews pay you interest

>> No.25898449

yeah dont ,
how much you working with? just do 50% if you really hate yourself.

>> No.25898457

>Uh... you don't get to bring friends.
Threadly reminder that Jim Grube former CFO of Chewy and current GME director is currently unemployed.

>> No.25898459

I unironically do this for exercise after long flights

>> No.25898466

Wanna get rich? EHang is gonna be bigger than NIO! Buy me a beer later......

>> No.25898483

Er that might be spread betting actually. Whatever don’t gamble.

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>new direction on business
>business will shut down by government order due to Coronita-chan
>10 years late to E-commerce
>fighting Amazon, Wal-Mart and global conglomerates
>PS network and Xbox Store have constantly had sales since pandemic started
>PS gives out about $3K worth of games with PSN membership worth $50($30 when on sale)

I know GME holders want to pump their bags, but can't make money in a dying brand if the business is shut down in a month desu

You been warned, coom cats

>> No.25898493

not anymore lol

>> No.25898495

buy BETZ and make money on gambling addicts
unironically recommended I think this will be huge and you're still early

>> No.25898507

I read that as bombs but it's the same thing really

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that long flat line is me not knowing that pdt was a thing, so basically i made $100 on AMRS then started in earnest in octobre

>> No.25898520

How long yall think I should ride this PLUG & FCEL train for? Already up 40% total

>> No.25898525

I have zero money zero house and 30 and felon. I have nothing to lose I have 100 dollars I'm going to put into some random stock just to get an account going. Wait for the bull run to be done maybe. We're going to go down again soon when the second wave happens

>> No.25898539

fucking kek

>> No.25898544

I do it for fun. I am a simple man who enjoys simple pleasures.
But you can easily identify if someone's doing it intentionnaly or not.

>> No.25898548

Any stock picker services worth paying for? stocktwits has loads of cheap ones with trials

>> No.25898551

Being director is a thrice a year type of thing. He's unemployed. I wonder if GME will not only get a new CEO but also a new CFO.

>> No.25898586

Whats the endgame on VALE? Just hold until oblivion?

>> No.25898588

>admits to being completely ignorant
>admits to being dumb
>no skin in the game
>proceeds to lecture everyone on the future of the market
I love the stock market

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go away samefag pajeet

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Ryan Cohen is a contrarian and already knows the secular risks. Sit back and trust the coom.

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>were going
Why would I take the word of a broke 30 washed up felon on economics?

>> No.25898623

Just buy PLUG then.

>> No.25898629

I have 600 MOON. Performance wise, MOON and ARKK are basically identical.

>> No.25898644

I wish I could be killed

>> No.25898647

>PS gives out about $3K worth of games with PSN membership worth $50($30 when on sale)
>paying subscriptions
The absolute state of this bug eater.

>> No.25898652

I've been assuming that Cohen bringing his gang means they'll all be working full time on the turnaround in some capacity, if I'm wrong that's downside I guess

>> No.25898656

nigger confirmed

>> No.25898663

20% in a couple weeks is obviously good, but to have only made a couple hundred is laughable & hardly worth flexing

>> No.25898700

I'm not sure about Alan Atal. I'm too stupid to read all kinds of linked in timelines. I can't find him on the Chewy website. He (is/was) the Chewy COO, especially marketing.

>> No.25898704

WHY would you want to pay when you have /smg/ right here, the most elite investors and traders posting first class financial analysis 24/7 right here on 4chan. all for FREE. come on, man

>> No.25898705

i do that in 5 min

>> No.25898712

To where? European stocks have no gains and if you invest in China the CCP can just randomly steal your money with zero consequence. Are you going to sell me African stocks next?

>> No.25898720

I don't understand this mentality. People never apply this logic to new players in a space and startups even though the odds are even worse. People love to invest in the new disruptor. Then, for a company with a brand, money, and assets to work with like GME it all suddenly becomes relevant and people ditch that mindset.

If Cohen and pals made a startup that did what they intend for GME to do, it'd see a lot of interest. Don't let the fact that there's an existing business detract from the actual venture.

>> No.25898730

If I had enough money from being an executive to not need to work anymore I wouldn't work either. They're not like us wagies that can't have an employment gap lol.

>> No.25898747

Use all your stock market gains to hire a hitman fren, or go scream nigger in the ghetto that way you get to keep all your gains

>> No.25898748

I think I fucked up bros. I'm gonna try and sell everything and go into BNKU. with banks jews you cants lose.

>> No.25898749

shitskins usually lose money

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Why did you scammers tell me to buy MNXXF? I bought at 0.21, now its 0.19. Fucking die. I'm getting the fuck out of this before it goes back to 0.5

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Are any of you retards even holding FCEL?

>> No.25898794

I get that you’re memeing, but you can make a decent return by listening to our collective autism. Providing that you’re also a seasoned vet, gotta gatekeep the normies.

>> No.25898796

The needful sir
Do it
TSLA is pride of India. Go to moon. MNXXF mine grey rock for new TSLA shares. Then go to Mars!

>> No.25898797
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NWL looking good

>> No.25898804


>> No.25898808

no i hold plug

>> No.25898818
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i should've went on t heir fucking ytoutube page. MNXXF is a big fucking scam! Its bullshit man. Fuck this thread!

>> No.25898844

It's over

big short man is shorting tesla


>> No.25898868

hold until news article containing "TESLA VALE partnership" (end of month imo, this is some schizo shit but I wager musk wants to own a mining company and if he can turn hueshit around he can truly change the world)
dip out as soon as momentum slows to avoid a second major catastrophe

>> No.25898883
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Imagine not going all in on gevo yesterday

>> No.25898894

Will the reserve ever stop pumping? When it does, will stonks plummet?

>> No.25898928

i'm memeing but also serious. my best picks have been from /smg/. PLTR from teens to 30, TLS from 22 to 32. BCRX from 5 to 8 and higher soon. NET, CLF, etc. the stocks i pulled from /smg/ have been my best ones

>> No.25898936

america has no other economy rn

>> No.25898944

Unless you're married to Jay Cutler's wife, then you have to keep working even if you make hundreds of millions otherwise you're lazy and unmotivated.

>> No.25898949

literally cannot even comprehend not doing it

>> No.25898964


>> No.25898968

Haha, I threw a few k into CLF with little to no DD just because it was being talked about here. Fucking love you guys.

>> No.25898981

Tomorrow’s gonna be good boys
t. Holder of $17k in SPY calls

>> No.25898989

I give up on life. Honestly just want to die

>> No.25898990
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>i don't understand this mentality

It's called barriers of entry in a saturated market, fren.

Its a common business term taught in college.

>> No.25898996

Do I
- Buy more NAIL
- Go all in on HIBL
- Go all in on AQB

Or something else. What's the next stupid meme pump?

>> No.25899003

How high could it go if there is a partnership? 25?

>> No.25899007
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>> No.25899011

Welcome back!

>> No.25899021
File: 369 KB, 1226x1555, 58C24E2E-0146-4B9C-8A28-C2CA8109B6F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot picture

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>working full time on the turnaround in some capacity
What has Reggie done so far?
Director roles are often a meme.
I can't figure out his age. Doesn't look like retirement age yet.

>> No.25899052

i also want to know this

>> No.25899054

Futures are 2 points higher than when I screenshotted this like 4 minutes ago

>> No.25899063

Redpill me on hibl and aqb

>> No.25899069

>gf will never dress you up as the maid and peg you
Why even live?

>> No.25899070

I'm glad I got out of GME at $18 a few months ago. I dont think there's going to be a short squeeze, and that capital can be better utilized practically anywhere else, especially from the time GME was the biggest meme

>> No.25899073

> implying the US tax payer isn't going to foot the chosen's bill

>> No.25899075
File: 1.20 MB, 1743x962, dp01-11-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry fren, the dude isn't consistent at all when he posts them. Sometimes he posts right at market close, sometimes late at night and this current one for example wasn't posted till this morning. I'll keep an eye out for today's list and post it whenever he does. Pic related is the second list from yesterday.

>> No.25899089

I've been watching NAIL form a big stupid bull flag for months but I don't know what's keeping it from popping

>> No.25899096

If BCRX shill was right about BCRX, will he be right about MNXXF?

>> No.25899098

god i hope it works out too

>> No.25899103

Literally how do they get this data lol

>> No.25899115

related question, anyone pay for the unusual whales shit? I have no idea what sort of additional information to expect for paying vs looking at their twitter, and I dont want to put money down to find out

>> No.25899134

HIBL is a 3x ETF tracking a bunch of high beta stocks, i.e. recovery stocks like cruise lines, airlines, banks, etc. It's almost back up to early 2020 levels but I wonder how high it can go

AQB is some kind of bio-engineered fish thing, just found out about it on here

>> No.25899141

Thank you sir. Hopefully the s&p does the needful

>> No.25899163

You've been warned.

>> No.25899164


>> No.25899179
File: 38 KB, 293x450, tsry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25899188

>retirement age
I'm saying that if I was paid a million dollars a year at 30 I would stop working by like 33.

>> No.25899192
File: 700 KB, 784x2467, 1583253928269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wasn't 8kun/biz supposed to be our safety bunker? Why is it down?

>> No.25899202

I just dipped out of plug after hours. Started getting nervous because it’s my first big win since I started lmao plus it wa a more of a gamble than faith in their product.

>> No.25899208

VALE is absolutely fuckhuge so it needs a lot of cash coming in to move up, but I'd wager a 10-15% boost from that news alone - I see it at about $23 around earnings, so yeah, $25 seems reasonable by early march

>> No.25899211

dark market trades aren't published, it's nonsense. just laugh at the retards asking for it

>> No.25899223

Fine and dandy but most people don't do that.
Ryan Cohen doesn't do that.

>> No.25899231
File: 539 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210112-200157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just issued more shares to fund construction of new building's to farm their first crop of bio fish in

>> No.25899238

Already mooned
Dump in progress. Why are you doing this to me anon?

>> No.25899251
File: 76 KB, 960x960, 1600823720699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>FB calls

>> No.25899272

too late

>> No.25899282

Best brokerage to use for options trading?

>> No.25899292

Who cares, feds will never close the lid on the their own honeypot

>> No.25899315

My dad sold his business for 8 figures about a year ago, he’s 55 and been bored out of his mind since.

>> No.25899319

Should I buy into GHIV? Feels like its been chillin for a while now. Merger soon?

>> No.25899321

i did my own research on BCRX and think he's legit, BCRX is a very solid play but it's an easy one to check up on yourself

i'm not in MNXXF but i get the impression it's a far more speculative and risky investment than BCRX (which is more of a value play). BCRX has been wrong before about that other biomeme OSMT or whatever it was, so he's not infallible

the TSLA links with MNXXF look legit but that doesnt mean you're assured a moon mission and it could change. if it was me i'd only take a small position

>> No.25899336

Yeah working becomes a choice if something interests you not something you need to do to prevent an employment gap so they let you back in the wagie cagie.

>> No.25899345
File: 1.47 MB, 3024x4032, PXL_20210113_010529593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CLF is always watching

>> No.25899353

I have 2 $15 VALE calls expiring June. should i exercise them and hold VALE, or should I sell the contracts in April?

>> No.25899355
File: 41 KB, 303x566, 6252717F-6A89-4D41-86C0-462229978826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25899358

Td Ameritrade but a .65 per contract
Rh or webull have less available stock but no fees

>> No.25899373

There are plenty of companies entering saturated markets to great success. If I pitched you nearly any fintech meme in recent years it'd be the same.

It's easy to highlight the advantages of existing players, but that says little about the merit of potential competition. If you want to argue that a new GME in a new direction is inherently flawed, you need to start with the actual business model of new GME which isn't even fully realized yet.

>> No.25899403

If NAK goes up, AQB goes up!


>The controversy over the proposed Pebble mine centers largely on the potential risk to the watershed, salmon and other fisheries. Mining opponents claim that the mine poses a significant and unacceptable risk to downstream fish stocks, and could cause an environmental disaster if built. Mining proponents claim that the mine can be developed and operated without significantly harming Bristol Bay area fish.

>> No.25899407

Welcome back bruh. Just got back from mine too.

>> No.25899419

NAK isnt going to get their alaskan mine appeal because of the proximity to the local tribes long standing fishing grounds

Selling rn


>> No.25899422

baby wanna cookie?

>> No.25899447
File: 22 KB, 400x400, 6othuptvbv741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where my Bobo chads at, who's ready for the dump. Triple circuit breakers. My body is ready

>> No.25899458

Even if it isn’t dark pool data (which is the assumption I’ve been using) they still appear to be actual trades with big volume which is useful. Guessing it’s usual hedging but still

>> No.25899475

Is GEVO a go? I can throw a grand at something tomorrow

>> No.25899486


we only recently learned some sea life navigates via magnetism so if the deposits of minerals are depleted theyre likely hyper fucking everything nearby


>> No.25899491

I want to die that's all

>> No.25899498


>> No.25899505
File: 109 KB, 351x1024, 1610302946274m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take out some antifa members on your way out, if you catch my drift. Pump my SWBI stocks fren.

>> No.25899531

I would hold for now and sell the contracts later (probably just prior to Q1 or Q2 earnings), I don't think VALE is a safe stock to hold given their history but I am almost 100% certain that it will continue to creep up over the next few months and you're leaving money on the table to exit now.

>> No.25899534
File: 414 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210112-201034.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25899538
File: 49 KB, 744x711, 1609958801393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

True, but there's zero innovation on GME outside a coom cat meme.

Timing is the issue. They're far behind all competition. Also, physical sales will drop once UK mutation Coronita-chan scales up and we have shut downs.

Unless they start selling KN95 masks, bullets or riot gear shutdowns will bankrupt GME and make the billionaire backing it into a millionaire desu

>> No.25899542

Why BCRX? It has a new (HAE) drug, is it really significant?

>> No.25899569

ok fuck it I've done 0 research and I usually don't buy leveraged ETFs but I'm dumping half of my money on this thing

>> No.25899575

I’m very glad I stopped by biz. Thank you based autist.

>> No.25899610
File: 207 KB, 602x538, 1610225767420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I go to bed? I'm too afraid I'll miss actual useful discussion. Plz send help

>> No.25899618

Zero competition for oral hae drug
500million in sales estimated (that's a conservative number)

>> No.25899621

Every second I'm at work I wish I was home. I can easily fill 16 hours a day with hobbies, reading, lifting, and shitposting with the boys on 4chan. I would never get bored or run out of things to do. The only thing money cannot buy is time. That's why I hate working full-time. When given the choice between more salary and more time off I always choose more time off. My job (cybersecurity research) is not even that boring, I just hate having to have a business justification for every activity and being accountable to someone for how I spend my time. I just want to learn, play, and tinker as I please in between shitposts.

>> No.25899657

If theres 3% inflation every day, but 3% of 365 is 10.95, does that mean that mean you only need to beat 11% a year to beat inflation, or am I a retard?

>> No.25899659
File: 310 KB, 1200x1200, 1600887584032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are the Yahoo finance charts down for anyone else? I can go to the site, but the charts won't load

>> No.25899665
File: 94 KB, 1099x1002, 1610424425881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lads... I'm...

>> No.25899666


NAK is being refused mining license bc its next to Bristol Bay. heres why selling rn is a good idea. NAK doing well = eventually no more S+ tier salmon

On average, 40-50 million wild salmon make the epic migration from the ocean to the headwaters of Bristol Bay every year The Bristol Bay watershed:

supplies roughly 50% of the world’s commercial supply of wild sockeye salmon.
generates more than $1.5 billion a year in economic value, and
employs 14,000 workers.
This world-class resource is at risk from the proposed Pebble Mine, a massive copper and gold mine that would destroy salmon habitat, and cause lasting harm to this phenomenally productive ecosystem. According to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Phase 1 of the proposed Pebble Mine would:

Destroy more than 80 miles of streams and 3,500 acres of wetlands
Create a toxic pit lake filled with 61 billion gallons of mine water
Generate billions of gallons of mine pollution each and every year that will require treatment in perpetuity
Build and operate a 230 MW power plant
Lay a 188-mile long natural gas pipeline over land and under Cook Inlet and Iliamna Lake – Alaska’s largest freshwater lake
Create a barge system across Lake Iliamna to transport mine concentrate
The Bristol Bay salmon fishery is a sustainable and renewable resource, whereas the ore from the Pebble mine is nonrenewable. The ore will be shipped overseas to Asia, the profits will go to a foreign mining company, while the severe and lasting impacts stay here. In contrast, if the clean water and wild salmon habitat of the Bristol Bay watershed are protected, the salmon fishery can continue to feed our nation and power our economy forever. Perpetual pollution or perpetual salmon? An easy choice.

>> No.25899676

by exercise, I meant close to expiration, but I think you;re right anyway. I dont know much about their history, but I dont expect iron prices to remain so high forever. someone said selling a contract about 2 months out from expiration would avoid theta bringing the price basically to the exact difference between the strike price and current price, so thats my plan so far. but if earnings will be a little later than that, I'll probably hold until just before earnings

>> No.25899700

They work for me

>> No.25899701


>> No.25899711

an anime tranny?

>> No.25899714

>uk and canada are more capitalistic

list discarded

>> No.25899741

>Already mooned
Barely beginning. It's not too late.

>> No.25899746

On /biz/, Jesus anon just get some sleep

>> No.25899751
File: 212 KB, 500x363, 1585058271429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you didn't buy the GHIV dip this week for free merger tendies you must hate money

>> No.25899757

If it's not worth reading the archive for it tomorrow morning, it's not useful discussion

>> No.25899774
File: 43 KB, 502x353, IMG-20201211-WA0000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your dad is an unimaginative cuck just like his larping faggot child

>> No.25899791

Yeah but is that already priced in?
Did uranium bandwagonners get too cocky?

>> No.25899832

get a load of this fucking hippy faggot lmao pebble will be mined and there is nothing you can do to stop it

>> No.25899851

BCRX's thing is that it develops oral drugs, so there are several HAE drugs on the market but all of them have to be injected, regularly, into you. BCRX's drug changes that to just taking a pill

Also they are developing other drugs and there's excitement over the Factor D one which is in trials and has multiple applications. They just put this out


the main point is that with all the stuff in their pipeline, the share price should be much higher

>> No.25899855

But then I lose opportunity to ask questions. But yeah, I read archive anyway in the morning to see what's next big brain play.

I will eventually make money with /smg/, it's just matter of few more weeks, I feel it in my bones.

>> No.25899877

Probably. I've bought 4 of 4 Stonks he's shilled and only got burned on OSMT which he never guaranteed

>> No.25899892


>> No.25899893
File: 14 KB, 882x758, 400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>uncle told me to but ZOM at .23
>Told him I don't want to because they do offerings so often
>He said it was a sure thing and I should invest a small portion
>Told he "s-sure..."
>Shows me his portfolio
>literally up 20k
>ask me how much I'm up by
>still haven't responded
Wtf do I I do. I'm so embarrassed. My entire family will laugh at me.

>> No.25899897

How does share price matter if they don't pay dividends?

>> No.25899908

>up 100% since november
feels like I'm going t get dumped on if I buy now

>> No.25899926

the uranium reserve being created is priced in, the other stuff is not really.

>> No.25899936

How the fuck is PLUG at 70!? Last I checked a couple weeks ago it was under 30 wtf

>> No.25899937

Tell your uncle to fuck off with his lucky degen penny stock gambling

>> No.25899954

etfs & options traders and all types of jew shit probably

>> No.25899970
File: 9 KB, 419x263, 1608326521848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Pelosi refuses to invoke 25th amendment
MAGAChads, Trump can still win

>> No.25899974

Koreans apparently

>> No.25900010

>Biden is pro nuclear,
Senate Majority leader Schumer is anti-nuclear.

>> No.25900017

It's overpriced to shit just like everything else. Wait for a dip then buy, because Yellowstain isn't going to let us crash anytime soon.

>> No.25900026

i mean the market cap should be higher than it is, with the estimated revenue they'll get from *only* the new HAE drug

it seems like a strong buy at anything below double figures

>> No.25900029

NLST is awaiting a restart of their lawsuit against Google.

>> No.25900033

No fucking clue but I love it.

>> No.25900041

Tesla is buttcoin and ev companies are the shitcoin clinger-ons

>> No.25900047

Im incredibly impatient and cant forecast any trends into the future.

>> No.25900080
File: 264 KB, 435x367, 1600664064074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have around 500 bucks to throw, what should I buy at open tomorrow?

Throw me tickers

>> No.25900086

just DCA into ETFs then

>> No.25900087
File: 325 KB, 904x583, 1610300229765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the only trend is nasdump to 9k by next week

>> No.25900107

it makes sense, more than half the world would be happy to wake up to news that there is no more Israel only miles and miles of glass in the desert

>> No.25900112

Leader of the party is the president

>> No.25900121

I keep getting burned by bad calls on my part. Like I’ll flip stocks for maybe $100+ profit a day, then I’ll get burned by a call I’ll make on Alibaba for the month, and it’ll negate all my progress. About to just call it quits on calls.

>> No.25900122

Albertan here: Enbridge is the safer bet but Suncor will have a very rocky next quarter. There's a lot less reliance on pipelines to earn revenue so commodity prices.

Telos is incredibly low volume for its market cap. Time your buys intelligently

>> No.25900125
File: 824 KB, 1790x855, vale2021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ya its a shame its market cap is so high and not some meme like TSLA that can gain 60b in market cap in a day. I got calls for 2022 that I plan to hold for a few months. Seeing shit like this gives me some hopium over it continuing to slowly crab up, but we'll see how it goes.

>> No.25900139

Effective leaders aren't senile

>> No.25900140

if you want to buy low right before a take off

>> No.25900150
File: 132 KB, 620x916, hume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dabble in traditional 52-card divination, would you like a reading? Ask me about a position and I will reveal what the cards have in store for you.
Any other anons that want to play are welcome to inquire as well.

>> No.25900182

>buy BETZ and make money on gambling addicts
>unironically recommended I think this will be huge and you're still early

>52W high
>Still early

It's all so tiresome

>> No.25900189

I wish I died

>> No.25900201
File: 23 KB, 473x316, BA10E3F0-2FBB-4CAC-8CC3-C183BF57A8D6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cathie Wood is my Mom

>> No.25900208

Use your $100 dollars on smack and just OD then

>> No.25900210
File: 1000 KB, 1079x1729, Screenshot_20210109-164833_Drive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25900226
File: 328 KB, 1024x655, d05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon are you going to invest in the Biden Surveillance state?


>> No.25900230
File: 45 KB, 471x591, 1604633249962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have CLSK right now. tell me what the stars have in store for me.

>> No.25900242

How big is her cock?

>> No.25900246

That happened to me before, but it fixed itself somehow. Yahoo has been shit so far this year. Gotta keep refreshing the page cause some tickers on my watchlist randomly stop loading so I gotta refresh.

>> No.25900281

I have about 6k tied up in PLTR between stocks, 5 calls for 1/22 that probably won’t hit, and 5 calls for 11/18 that probably hit.

>> No.25900296
File: 56 KB, 284x529, 1591670450826.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for me its the nasdaq and tqqq specifically. *sips* yup

>> No.25900310

>that comedy of a short squeeze on MARA today

how low we going tomorrow boys

>> No.25900326

Look at the main firms they are still holding (jp Morgan, vanguard) I don't remember where I read it but most analyst are saying a 14 target by March. Biomemes are shit but bcrx is a comfy hold.

>> No.25900333
File: 43 KB, 472x347, 59076C4B-38A5-4BD3-B65C-95450D1CDD92.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has two currently
They are both about the same size I guess...

>> No.25900383
File: 135 KB, 1080x1331, DOnKVr2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sold ARKG at 108 and i'm waiting for the 90s dip

>> No.25900398
File: 275 KB, 1242x1867, DBE5EA0B-6B5E-4A66-9D6B-A1EA7A445181.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well /biz/, I decided to sell my ACRX bags today and got BOGGED to another dimension.

>> No.25900420

Your one-card reading: (this is the general trend of your fortune)
8 of Spades. This indicates a crossroads, demonstrating a difficult choice ahead.
Your three-card reading: (these show your immediate, middle-distance, and far futures respectively.)
10 of Spades. Extreme worry and grief.
4 of Diamonds. A warning against taking any significant risks with your money.
7 of Clubs. Feelings of being trapped -- restriction.
It appears that bagholding is in your future, anon.

>> No.25900456

Quit being a bitch

>> No.25900457

Any anons into OZSC? Tesla rumors, I bought a bag today in case it pulls a SIGL.

>> No.25900468
File: 720 KB, 1200x762, chris jackie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy shit

>> No.25900475
File: 56 KB, 990x735, v110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you call a female broker?

>> No.25900480

inshallah brother

>> No.25900496
File: 119 KB, 1024x458, 5FEE2078-5CD4-46D8-A15D-7023588C45B1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Christ they really are oblivion characters

>> No.25900509

2 months in investing daily for 4 hours each. I'm finally getting the it guys. its like swimming in the ocean but the waves are money and you just got to be numb with emotions and dont treat it like money

>> No.25900526
File: 47 KB, 640x357, 1607473784015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25900528


>> No.25900550

Did you buy $CLWD yet, anon? or do you want to be poor?

>> No.25900553

people here shilling CLF and VALE but why not MT? They should see a decent boost too from increased global steel demand, not just US

>> No.25900555

Your one-card reading:
Queen of Clubs. A woman will bear good news.
Your three-card reading:
3 of Clubs. Hard work and stress will lead to beneficial productivity.
9 of Diamonds. Upcoming financial expenditures.
3 of Spades. Bad news.
It appears that short-term gains will lead to overinvestment and loss in the long term.

>> No.25900567

options? swings? scalpin?

>> No.25900577

Y-y-you’ll get em next time Cj-champ

>> No.25900581

I have absolutely no doubt that it's a rock solid choice for this year, and given the tensions around iron ore and steel I bet that there's going to be a catalyst that kicks the consensus from FUD to FOMO within a few weeks - I believe it's the single best iron ore play, due to the nickel production, and with any luck it will gain momentum from both commodities simultaneously and it'll pump hard.

Just gotta hope that there isn't another disaster before then, but each day that passes without one is a step towards massive gains.

>> No.25900583

Probably should in all honesty.
Not a drug addict though. I'm so dumb I tried to buy CBD oil but got heat creme kind so it's useless and wasted 20dollaes.


>> No.25900591

why do you think the amount of time spent every day matters?

>> No.25900593

I'm pretty sure at this point its just fueled by people buying a bunch of cheap OTM calls since monthly expiry is coming up. It crabbed at $25 for like an hour on lower than usual volume then all of sudden it started racing towards $27. Bitcoin did go up during that time, but not by a lot. Anyway, all of today's gains were essentially wiped out during AH, so might be just another repeat of people panic selling at open and then it slowly climbing up for the rest of the day.

>> No.25900597

long ago had to make the decision to put my money in meme eV stocks or cyrpto. Put in crypto and went from 2k to 41k, but now its crashing down and only 33k. Not sure if I should sell yet and sit on my money or sell and finally go all in on the meme stocks. The gov will let crypto crash but not meme stocks is my understanding.

>> No.25900610

Where did you learn this crazy stuff anon?

>> No.25900627
File: 1.83 MB, 427x240, 1600645057102.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25900648

Go 50-50?

>> No.25900661

I used to be a pretty active member of various esoteric and occult communities online and elsewhere, I also read a lot of books

>> No.25900671

scalping with stocks, especially SPACS and buying rumours. Put in $5,000 in a SPAC ex) STPK -> wait for 20%+ , scalp a percentage of gains and invest in another company while you let the rest grow over the months

>> No.25900677

MARA please

>> No.25900702
File: 11 KB, 251x201, 1585898124203.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25900727

never said it matters you retard, just spent that much time browsing on avg

>> No.25900731

there arent going to be anymore shutdowns in the usa and thats the only consumer economy that matters

>> No.25900736

I was curious as to why it was trading like 2 dollars above RIOT all day. that was weird. Especially since last week was basically them reaching parity

>> No.25900742
File: 48 KB, 800x600, 1591404938581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25900744

suck me

>> No.25900750



>> No.25900775
File: 680 KB, 828x1792, 9FBA6842-4A3A-470B-88FC-B10781B12C7F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yup and the prisons too GEO paying a full retard 15% divvie

Big brother and private prisons to the fucking moon

>> No.25900790
File: 1.86 MB, 228x170, 1595070205128.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everyone claims that the market is dipping
>everything supposedly red
>my etfs are all green
>even making small but steady gains
i'll be alright, this dip won't affect me in any way whatsoever...

>> No.25900791

MT's going to crab until a catalyst, anyone who was going to get in on steel demand alone would have done so weeks ago - I think that tariffs will change very soon, since I think an infrastructure bill will require import steel, and that will start it climbing again.

>> No.25900815
File: 22 KB, 478x570, 1586200011778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25900835

Nice digits.
Your one-card reading:
2 of Diamonds. Good news relating to finances.
Your three-card reading:
Jack of Spades. A traitor or negative influence will appear in your life.
3 of Spades. Negative emotions and bad news.
7 of Clubs. Feelings of being trapped -- restriction.
This is an interesting reading: it seems as though you'll be unhappy about holding your bags, and people will FUD you to the extreme, but you'll come out green overall.

>> No.25900870
File: 998 KB, 1080x1331, image0-10 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, Fuck women.

>> No.25900889

Please don’t continue this shit in the new bread faggot. Kys

>> No.25900947


>> No.25900950


>> No.25900959

No mention of GOEV. Yall FUCKED!!!!

>> No.25901012

Ya that dude that got buried killed momentum for a few days. Them mining iron is a bonus, but when I first started looking into them it was because of their nickel mining. Main reasons I wanted that was for EV batteries and stainless steel production for developing countries. I've heard about the TSLA partnership rumors since summer, so it would be awesome if it turned out to be true. If an Elon tweet can send some random OTC stock thousands of %, I wonder what a partnership with another large cap company would do.

>> No.25901175

Could be due to the name. RIOT has blockchain right in there, so you know what it is. MARA's hash rate completely eclipses RIOT's current future hash rate. People say the stock market is forward looking, so maybe that's what happened? Honestly I have no idea. I've been in MARA for the last 2 months, so I welcome the gains.

>> No.25901686

Should be ok then because I already already went all in. Havent had any short term gains yet but Im pulling out if I do.

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