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Thoughts on the AMA?

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Very nice
The fud that Andre left the project will finally stop now

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just watched it, it sounds like they are in it for real but results should be in the medium and long term, it's positive that Andre is involved almost on a daily basis, their presence in Afghanistan at the highest levels is very awesome and mainstream, however I wish their approach would be more worldwide, to have initiatives in all regions of the world. If you have unique technology for mainstream adoption, why limit yourself to just one country? Also they don't give roadmaps and definite timelines but at least give us an indication about when Fantom Finance gets released etc. All in all I think it's a solid investment in the medium and long term and things should improve with a grassroots approach and community involvement, but I can only see it pump in the short term if there is a crypto bullrun where everything pumps. Just my two cents, what you think OP?

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you both have same color ID's what a coincidence. It looks very cool!

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I think they are focusing on one country to show the use cases of blockchain tech in the real world so hopefully more adoption will come shortly after.

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>His shitcoin doesn't fSoon run an entire country
NGMI non fanters.

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yes, but that means investors need patience, I'd rather see a more general approach to incentivize other parties to start building on Fantom worldwide so that gets the party started in the short term already, investors get excited and involved and that in turn motivates developers to get more involved with Fantom and that in turn gets investors excited etc. Then you get a reinforcing circle of money slashing around and mainstream adoption happens quickly. Right now it's like they are sitting on an oil field and instead of becoming billionaires they take a shovel and start digging for buckets of oil whereas they should just drain whatever oil is in the ground.

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good ama. reinforcing itself as a multi-year hold

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I agree with you all, its a long term hold with great potential, i agree that they cant pump marketing up until they have fully finished products to market to mainstream users. I would like to see devs start to move some eth products over to opera to showcase its capabilities. But great work i look forward to the future of the project

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its a scam thats why its nicknamed scamton

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Great AMA and a hidden gems.
Most promising Andre's project BY FAR

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Andre's been working since the beginning, it's just the schizos who were screaming he abandoned it. This was his baby before YFi.

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