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>Go to Mexico once or twice a week
>Buy all kinds of mexican candy from factories (literally pennies)
>Bring back to US
>Sell it to white bois for x12 the price

Why arent you guys doing this?

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Cuz I am diabetic

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Im not a poor spic that needs penny gains

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Profit margins for drugs sourced from Mexico are way higher.

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Because I don't live in a shitty border town.

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stop making this thread, weirdo.

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Is this some kind of daily paid promotion?

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>go to tijuana once a week
>fuck a decent looking girl for $22
>eat delicious tacos with ice cold beers
>go back to US
>disregard women completely and forever

why arent you guys doing this?

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Because mexicans are subhuman animals and I wouldn't risk getting a sexually transmitted disease from a mexican whore.

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>fuck a decent looking girl for $22

Yeah, be careful, bro. That shit might eat through rubber.

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i used to have the misfortune of working in vending. I doubt you are actually doing this cause this is like the third time i saw this thread.

But im imaging how fucked you will be if someone eats your candy and gets sick. You got liability insurance? lol

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The entire budget of the Mexican Ministry of Commerce is being spent on these posts.

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I did this in H.S but with Chinese wholesalers. Products were US products like starbursts and various sodas . They bought in super bulk and usually sold to 99 cent stores so I bought a ton of shit. Sometimes even notebooks and pencils for cents on the dollar. School I went to sold candy and soda for 1.50-1.75 range. I made my prices a flat 1.00 for everything food related. Notebooks were 2 bucks and pencils were 25 cents. Eventually the school went crazy and tried to stop me via suspension but they couldn't because they didn't even have a rule about it because it never happened before. Eventually the distributor they used got pissed and cut prices to 1.25...which I STILL came out on top. Eventually kids started to do the same but they weren't making profit because I know the price of things and they definitely weren't coming out on top. They had the type of operations that they would use mom and dads Costco cards to buy in bulk then sell...MY difference was I was buying from legit wholesalers, like the ones that sell t othe wholesalers.HELL I would even sell instant coffee to the teachers who also had to buy their shit in the lunchroom (or bring their own)

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Eventually school really didn't like it and threatened to suspended me again for disrupting school learning hours and they actually had a good case. I would often end up doing business in the halls because I got greedy and to eager to wait till lunchtime or recess/ free period. SO I stopped during school hours and waited a couple of hours after class to study and get rid of w.e was in my bag...anything that was left went to anybody who needed it or was hungry/ couldn't afford it.Around the middle of my 4th year my distributor closed shop and moved so I was like fuck it I need to focus on getting into a good college. Eventually I moved to teaching people things like reconciling their checkbooks and teaching kids how to manage bank accounts and how to navigate and sign up for credit cards. Also how to pay bills electronically and via check. I did this during weekends and usually held like 2 or 3 "mini classes" of about 1 hour each maybe 5 people...really small groups so everyone could get attention and ask questions. 1 class guarantee to understand the basics so they can get themselves set up for college and w.e.

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Why are you responding to pasta?

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Nice pasta. Third time in a week I've seen this thread. Well kek'd virgin

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loved lucas as a kid.
got thyroid cancer legit at 14

never got pity sex

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no one wants your diarrhea candy

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IDK. Just felt like sharing my story I guess.

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I just read it that's pretty smart of you.

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It was fun. I enjoyed doing it and thank all of the people who were patrons to what I could provide. Without them I couldn't have been able to have some comforts during college that I had. I also enjoyed giving back to them via freebees and the lessons were really fun , I sometimes get calls to this day about random banking stuff so its fun catching up with old classmates and whatnot.

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stop reposting this thread

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All STDs cured when?

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Because as a britfag, I can still follow a '2,000 year old business plan' - smuggler swag style!

I don't do this anymore but I could if needed -

hop over to amsterdam or France, be back in under two hours or stay a couple days on cheap deals anywhere in Europe, (because fags are scared of muh terrorism, instead of the 10 thousand other things that will kill you first, like the bucket of chicken you're eating while watching CNN.)

Option 1 - low risk, high return - 'cheap cigarette-hijacking punk' mode - buy cheap fags and tobacco, return to UK, sell at anywhere up to 200% markup. Instant market, guaranteed sales.

Option 2 - higher risk, higher reward - 'hash mode' - go to Europe, buy cheap hash from Moroccans or Jamaicans. Forget weed unless moving volume. You can sell at 500 - 2,000 + markup back in UK to white students lol. Black's usually pay less LOL I got my nigga connections lol so I don't.

Fuck brexit scaredy cats, a few £pounds in your pocket change means 3/4 of the world would still work all day or suck your dick or sell you a child, meals or lodgings for the day, etc and that's what counts.

Humanity matters, but money always counts.

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Oh shit, one more thing.
OK, let's keep It Simple -
Back to the candy, soda, etc.

I work at a mail depot, one guy brings in candy, chips, soda - he just buys bulk packs and offers and deals, 2-for-1''s etc - then brings them into work in a backpack, and sells at 200% markup. Sounds expensive? Nope. He undercuts the vending machines there by 25 - 50%. He still makes a 200% markup. And drinks are stored ice-cold from his freezer a couple hours before work.

And the managers have no interest in protecting the vendor's profit - (they have no exclusivity contract - 4 different vendors compete) especially when you can sway their opinion with some casual bribery, such as slipping them a cool Pepsi or Snickers for free when the vending machine only takes correct change, or is out of stock. They come to depend upon you as an emergency resource and for ensuring the team has a backup reserve on standby. Supervisors start to buy stuff from him to boost their team's spirit on a busy night, etc simply because he is in the right place at the right time.

But honestly I should have paid more attention.
I mean, he ran it like an actual micro-business when he actually realized just buying a bit more stock and doing some freebies, loss leaders, and a credit line, increased cashflow and profit, like, 200%!

People love a free wrapped chocolate candy or chocolate biscuit as a 'throw-in' to stash in a drawer or pocket for later.
He was making a consistent minimum of £100 a month for almost no effort, tax free, WHILE at work. Then when he made a tiny bit more effort as above, it was a consistent £200 a month ($300 Or so?)
If you visualized it as paying for your rent, mortgage, or travel, or a car payment, you can then try selling other things.

Also, by doing it as 'favours' 'incentives' and 'giveways' from a personal income, nobody reports or interferes or cares. It's pretty formless. No records..just sayin'

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Posting in mexican candy smuggling thread.

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Pretty neat anon

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I feel they should aim in this direction -
That's some good copy there, it needs a little finesse -
'in Mexico, Even J-Lo's Cost Way Low!'
Meh, I actually do copywriting on the side, but this is an on-the-spot deal before breakfast...

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>making up unrealistic scenerios

Why would someone get sick