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Bitcoin will be worth around 1 million by 2028. Cap this and come back to me in 7 years

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Help me out anon, how would crypto end up with a market cap several times that of gold? Even if it completely supplanted gold as a store of value, who is going to put in the money to propel it to several times that, and why?

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Then what was ethereum

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If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry

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do you have any gold?
do you know anyone who has gold?
would you buy or sell your gold to random people?
how much gold can you carry with you?

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Bitcoin is more scarce than gold.
Also consider this

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I think this is very possible

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In 7 years I'm gonna be 40, I don't have that kind of time

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your id looks like a turd

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Then put all your money in bitcoin.

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I'll be 36. we can ride around on our lawnmowers together

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Tesla is to GM as Bitcoin is to gold.

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uh guys aren’t you worried about the anarchy bloodbath?

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how many dollars were printed in 2020 and how many will be printed till 2028?

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mhh yes op, and if we wait long enough, bitcoin will be worth one quadrillion dollars, as we all know the pattern will repeat infinitely

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Based hodl

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This. These old charts didn't foretell the money pump. Bitcoin is going much higher.

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Doesn't matter how old you are when you have money.

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If BTC is worth $1M then Satoshi would basically single handedly rule the world

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The genesis block of Bitcoin is a headline regarding quantitative easing, Satoshi thought this through 140 years out.

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>because something is scarce its value will increase
Go back to high school economics

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Sorry to say but Satoshi isn't some libertarian hero, he's likely going to turn out to be a part of some old money cult like the Rothschilds and they're in control of his 1 million BTC wallet

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the queen of england controls like 30 trillion worth of land in canada alone. 1 trillion USD worth of coins isn't a big deal in the scheme of things

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If Crypto didn't exist - Gold would be well on it's way to a $30 - $40 trillion dollar MKTcap

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lol - dude you can buy HGH at 40 and live like a God

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>cost $8k to mine
>hmmm let me just buy it for $1M instead.

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Fuck this shit, im not waiting 7 years for that, 300k and im out this year

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Hopefully I'll be dead by then.

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>Even if it completely supplanted gold
it's more of a when than if

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not sure if bait or actually this retarded. well done i guess

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Can you explain why they can produce 2 500 000 documents but not an audit?
Can you explain why they claim to have $22B at deltec bank in Bahamas while entire Bahamas only have $5B in foreign deposits?
Can you explain why we should trust anything coming from Deltec bank if Tether/iFinex since it seems like they own a large stake of it?
Can you explain why large institutional investors would pile in $22B into a shady bank in Bahamas?
Can you explain why they initially lied about transferring $850M to Bitfinex without telling Tether holders?

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Might be a noob question, but how do I get BTC back into USD?

I'm in the U.S... And banned from coinbase

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How many Tethers were printed to pump Bitcoin? Exactly $26B

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Gold AND bonds. Printer still going brrrr

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>Can you explain why large institutional investors would pile in $22B into a shady bank in Bahamas?
i have lived in the Bahamas, that much money means bribes. only reason you'd EVER do business in the bahamas is if you wanted to bribe people to cover shady fucking shit. Freeport is chinese owned, so there's that connection too.

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But anon, you don't live that long...

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First of all, market cap doesn't mean what you probably think it means. Not everybody holding BTC is going to sell it at the same time, and if they did, the market cap would not remain that high while it happened. Market cap =/= net worth. Second, genuine new wealth is created all the time. It does not rely on money printing and in fact fiscal easing tends to 'eat' the value of newly created wealth before it can truly be felt in the world. If you don't understand the concept of value creation remember this thought experiment: if it was never possible to create brand new wealth then, somewhere, there would once had to have been a billionaire caveman.