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I've got a couple of grand to drop on a low-cap altcoin. Looking for something with a strong roadmap for Q1 & Q2 2021. What would you recommend /biz?

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Join the algobros

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That's it

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If you know, you know

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Jew coin that will work with the great reset
The Great Reset will create a demand for anonymity

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team appears to be anonymous. that's a big 'no go' for me.

I don't see a roadmap on their site. What do they have cooking for Q1 &Q2?

same question as above.

>privacy coins in the year of intensive regulation
no, thanks

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yeah but I got dubs

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observe my digits >>25866888

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>OP wants low cap altpicks
>biz says nano and graph
you all re mentally retarded.

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none of these are low-cap though.

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ADA, big line go up in March

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its dexg mate
thank me later

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Pool on Statera. This way you hold major coins + collect passive income while doing so.

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checked, but no. none of these are even sub-billion mc.

same as above


dead shitcoin

looks interesting. i'll look into it further. thanks.

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RSR will 75-100x from here

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>i only invest in sub-billion mc coins
you are in for a rude awakening

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maybe I already have a bag of some of those coins and now I'm looking to diversify into riskier coins? that never crossed your mind, did it?

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Defi integration to be announced this month.
Layer 1 protocol to be announced next month.
IQ Protocol to be released Q1 which will allow lending for holdings and also lock the services to clients unless they buy or lend the token.

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Unironically, you are looking for DEXG or eRSDL...

Or Both

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*allow lending for holders
*unless they buy or borrow the token

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I'm not surprised that a Parsiq holder gives the most elaborate answer. I already have a hefty bag of parsnips. thanks anyway, desu.

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No problem. Heres something interesting to consider about dexg (see pic). Dex release is next month too.

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barn bridge linear finance rook

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All in NKN

Sleeping giant once marketing starts

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Noia dyor

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Dexg is biggest altcoin

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I'm mainly in Parsiq but my moonshot coin is CyberFi.

They are essentially trying to build suite of automation tools for defi. Things like taking out liquidity of one coin if another coin rises in price 10%. The price has been bleeding at the moment but I think it is just lack of adoption due to the product not publicly released yet.

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Let me ask a related question to OP:
Is there any coin that came in the last 18 months and where there's an active github (and preferably not javascript)?

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Just got on coinbase custody

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RLC before february and ETH.

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probably Digital Reserve Currency. it's been getting a lot of FUD lately and that's usually a sign people are accumulating.

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300,000 stacker here. Good I want to believe you.

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CORE. Dirt cheap right now, ETH pool, wBTC pool, DAI pool, a new protocol (ERC95) released for wrapping dozens of coins together, DEX on the way (the last one is huge and could guarantee a double digit X alone).

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Clintex $CTI is actually looking really strong for 2021. Great team, clear roadmap.

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Been on the edge about Parsiq for a while. There were so many goddamn posts I couldn't tell if it was a PnD or not. I know it pumped a ton, think there's a lot more room to grow?

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looking good. thanks.

I've been keeping my eye on CyberFi as well. Don't have a bag yet though. Btw are the devs anonymous? I've only managed to get info on one of them some time ago.

Good question. DEV protocol comes to mind, but I think it's still js. Then there's Aleph.im which were actively building shit on python last summer. I'm not sure how active they are right now.

Barnbridge might be interesting. I'll look into it as well. thanks.

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Apollo Protocol

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I think $3 - $5 is realistic price by EOY. Maybe $10-$20 could happen if everything went well.

The way I see it is the have tokenomics coming in Q1 next year that will force PRQ to involved with everything they offer. This will also allow for passive income for holders to be earnt and for a number of the tokens to be effectively taken off the market as the clients use the services.

The smart trigger functionality will be used to capture on chain events to trigger something on chain. There is the meme about it being just a telegram notification service which is easy to do since that is a simple use case. They plan to increase the amount of products that smart triggers integrate with such as Xero, Salesforce and Quickbooks. They've also been in discussions with SAP but doesn't mean much until confirmed.

Most people were underwhelmed with the wallet but I think has potential as it will utilise the rest of the parsiq ecosystem so it will use the tokenomics and it can perform the smart triggers. A company could use a ncase wallet and receive a payment in ETH or BTC which would be converted to a stablecoin for them so they don't lose value. This could then also execute a smart trigger which could record a payment in Xero or SAP to then help with invoicing and reconciling payments.

Downsides are that I don't think there is a fiat off ramp for the wallet so that could restrict usage, the developers will start unlocking tokens soon and distributing, and the coin isn't on any major exchanges so liquidity is an issue.

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LTO network - B2B blockchain solutions
>Partnered with IBM, United Nations, Dutch government
>Q3 Oracle collab with stinky linkies
>Bought VIDT outright
>US exchange soon for the burgers.
>severely undervalued by high number of transactions to low mcap (50mil) http://coinstats.network

45% of circulating supply staked (122mil / 270mil LTO), iron hands.
Digital ID's for Q2 will be huge. Take 1 look into LTO and how under the radar it is and you will be amazed.

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I've only got info on the CEO Geralt. In an interview he said he is anonymous because he has existing corporate obligations to finish up with first before going public. I don't know much else about the team but he has been the main figurehead.

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No mentions of ALBT yet? wow

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Lowcap with a strong roadmap: DEXG
Future make it coin top 5 projects: Quant, GRT

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I doubt you can kind a better projects than poa, price and tech wise

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As another post stated, it is a damn good project and will go to 2-5$ EOY. Right now is a good time to buy, but beware the relentless swing whales. This coin won't reach 1$ until it's on a bigger exchange (probably next month).

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Please don't mention it in this thread. I blew my chance to buy at 6 cents and now I wanna rope whenever I see the ticker.

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it's up 7% anon

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To be added the coins inability to leave the 0.4-0.6 range is memeworthy in itself at this point. Market dumps? Normal curve for parsiq. Market pumps? Nothing changes.

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Hex ofc

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How many times do we need to tell you Newfags? Hex will outperform the Market this year aswell.

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This. And umx.

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also, JRT

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ersdl, gonna be pretty low till June/July when max cap is reached so can probably flip some other shit till then and just keep your eye on it

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Hive blockchain


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>this far into a thread and noone has mentioned BAT
holy shit are you all just trying to scam eachother?

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Not posting the name as i’m still accumulating.

If you glow, you know.

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Good time to get in on LCX

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ELF for its exit pump

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nano algo
oh great 2031 time traveler

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PRQ is worth a look.

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still hopeful on his predictions
should have bought nano lol but im holding my xrp to see what happens

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If you only have a couple grand, go all in something.

Union (UNN) will change the De-Fi space if they succeed. Caps only 8M.

Hold to a 50x then diversify.


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Wonder if Nano's recovery of today was due to this dude. Algo & Nano might be the biggest gainers in a potential alt season, such low cap, but fundamentals. Idk this dude is fucking with my brain

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old school but over due

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lol same
time will tell, right?
give it a bit of leeway and see how many of those threads tangle together

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and when marketing starts? dont give me bullshit like: soon

In my opinion they just grabbed token cash and they dont give a fuck about what happen to token so you are ethernal bagholder just like me.

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>Good question. DEV protocol comes to mind, but I think it's still js. Then there's Aleph.im which were actively building shit on python last summer. I'm not sure how active they are right now.
Okay, thanks!

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Monero. you can close this thread now.

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Im in AMPL and RSR
Looking into algo maybe

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what makes you think you'll be alive after the reset?

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>privacy coins in the year of intensive regulation
buy low, sell high

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PNK, has an actual use

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Get a bag of GRO, and stake that shit!

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TAR will auto moon from fucking over arb bots.
Corlibri is the long term play though.

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nimiq. albatross release and nim/usd swaps uncoming

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BUILD. 2M mcap gem. See here:


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