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LCX is going to the fucking moon gtf in here

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oh yeah? why?

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bros the LCX fudders finally shook me out from my 65k stack I hate /biz/.

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Usd dollars are losing value again. Lcx will moon. Btc will go up again.

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This is my favorite pepe pic god i hope i wont leak anything stupid im not rly good with pc

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nobody knows about this stupid project. what the fuck are we doing?

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we are the first one to the cake and you can eat so much cake, how much cake do you want? eat that much.. there still so much cake because its big and there is almost noone around

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I have been eating so much cake. Might buy another 100,000 tomorrow.

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get some cake before they start to round up all the cake and then sent it to camps to work but in reality they will burn 20000 cakes every year to "better the economy" and "slow down inflation" seems sketchy to me but what do i know, just simple maharaja

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Give us a TL;DR faggot

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Great reset will happen, buy anything by wef

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this is big info anon
where did you get that

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Woops start od october 4chan, very similiar version of france exists

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4chan, its in archives dated to oct

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Donr mind me just.a.schizo ahah

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Someone.is knockking loudly brb

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Q predicted this

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wow this anon was appsolutely right

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i've got all pictures saved so don't worry
please give us everything you have

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Italy stole usa election.

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I have this man reading this>>25865175
on video

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This whole call

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have you posted a thread on /pol/ i think the anons there will go nuts

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Yes this info is being pushed by 4 days, most ppl know

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They are talking about huge arrests, first one is supposed to shock the world.. obama/pope

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>you are the names on the sealed indictments
stopped reading this gay larp there

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Usa have to defend its priorities and keep allies.. looks like they arrest pope but made deal usa will stay out of this.. everything points out to first arrest being obama

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god the fucking delusion. q dipshits believe literally anything that supports their delusional ass worldview. you have no excuse, you've lived on the internet for years and should be able to see through bullshit.

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It was worried demoralized anon months ago that gave you this information

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Interesting talk happening in this LCX bread.

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U guys have no idea whats happening

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god you fucking pussies refuse to live in reality because you're scared of it. one google search away from confirming this sort of bullshit lmao. how tf do you even breathe

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Dont use google, use.. hmm.. duckduckgo

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>one google search away from confirming this sort of bullshit
>google search
well i guess you're smarter than all of us here

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>be hundreds of years ago
>also be Jewish
>start the banking cartel
>"I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply." - Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1815
>be in control of the richest nation on the planet
>be in control of the biggest empire the planet has seen since the days of Alexander
>begin installing your central banks all over the world
>control the world from the shadows
>Attempt to install a central bank in the newly formed United States of America
>First attempt is via Alexander Hamilton, our first secretary of treasury
>Thomas Jefferson and James Madison want a central bank to be under government control
>Hamilton installs a private central bank
>Taxes wind up getting so high only 5 years later from this scheme people rebel again
>Whiskey Rebellion.exe
>Hamilton's central bank has a 20 year charter, from 1791 to 1811
>Congress refuses to renew the central bank's charter
>Outraged, the Rothschild controlled British Crown starts another war with the United States
>The War of 1812
>Country is fucked up really badly by the time the war ends in 1815
>Rothschilds get their way again, the Second Bank of America is the new central bank, with another 20 year charter
>1823, Rothschilds gain control of the Vatican's finances
>1832, Andrew Jackson is president
>Jackson successfully gets congress to not renew the charter for the Second Bank of America
>Survives the first assassination attempt against a US President
>Rothschilds have established the banking house of Kuhn, Loev and Co with Jacob Schiff
>This bank finances the Rockefellers Oil, Carnegie's Steel and Harriman's railroad
>Also assist JP Morgan in bringing his banks to Europe
>Rothschilds now control most banking in the United States

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>Rothschilds now control the most powerful men in the United States, as well as Europe
>The plan begins to establish the Federal Reserve
>Titanic is going on it's maiden voyage
>I won't get into the switching out of the titanic and the olympic here but it was basically a giant insurance fraud scheme
>Who did the scheme?
>JP Morgan owned International Mercantile Marine
>This company owned White Star Line, the company that owned the titanic
>Biggest opponents to the plan to make the federal reserve in the USA, such as John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, and Isidor Strauss, board the ship to go to the USA to oppose the formation of the Fed
>They all perish in the sinking
>Federal Reserve is established without opposition
>The Rothschilds now control the entirety of the money supply in the USA
>Rothschilds start world wars to topple nations and expand influence amidst the chaos, to destroy nations and buy up their assets for dirt cheap
>Starting with WWI
>Germany gets blamed for the whole of WWI even though it was started by Gavrilo Princip, a Serb with the black hand, assassinating Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary
>Germany is not in control of it's finances
>Germany starts printing money to pay off it's debts
>economy is destroyed
>the rest of the world economy is destroyed with the Great Depression
>wheelbarrels of cash can't buy bread in Germany
>there is starvation, there is child prostitution and rampant degeneracy
>Communism is rising, there is fear that what happened in Russia to Russians by the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks would happen in Germany
>Out of the chaos and despair rises one man who wants to stand up to the banks
>Adolf Hitler
>privatizes state industries
>issues a new currency backed by the work of the german people
>builds up incredible infrastructure like the Autobahn
>The Jewish bankers in Germany, who had been living well while the german people were destitute, had everything taken from them

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>Then it spread to all of the Jews as the Reich got into full swing
>Despite people like Mao and Stalin being far worse, Hitler is remembered as the worst dictator and mass murderer in our history, because his real crime was against the banks

>Be jews
>throughout history, be expelled from kingdoms, nations and countries
>One of the common threads behind it is blood libel
>one such story is William of Norwich
>a child, tanner and skinner by trade
>disappears, is last seen alive entering the home of a jew
>investigated by Thomas of Monmouth
>Interviews with surviving witnesses say the body was fixed to a cross in a mockery of the crufixion, and he was stabbed and tortured to death
>William's head was shaved, stabbed, and affixed with a crown of thorns
>this type of ritual torture and sacrifice comes up a lot in history
>quite similar to the ritual satanic abuse of children today

>Be 1960
>The Cabal wishing to enslave the world and bring them under their control are now in total control of the developed world's money supply
>Cabal has new weapon: the CIA, which has control of Hollywood and Media via Operation Mockingbird
>they have their hands in fucking everything, money, entertainment, news, everything
>"We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and rutheless conspiracy, that relies primarily on covert means for expanding it's sphere of influence" -John F Kennedy
>JFK vows to liberate the United States
>June 4, 1963 EO 11110 Issue real money without fed, in the form of silver certificates
>November 22, 1963
>In broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses, multiple people fucking brain JFK
>Pin it on their patsy Lee Harvey Oswald
>Have Jack Ruby assassinate Oswald before he can talk
>Ruby is sentenced to death, appeals it and gets a new trial, but dies in prison (Epstein, anyone?)
>Loose ends are tied up

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>elements of our government and military loyal to JFK and opposed to this cabal decide to start planning in secret
>This enemy is dangerous, it is everywhere, it cannot know the war being waged against it
>It will take generations to dismantle this beast that has been rising for centuries
>the real work begins
>be 1971
>Richard Nixon removes us from the Gold Standard
>Our money is not backed by gold anymore
>USA strikes a deal with the Saudis to only sell oil in dollars
>The push for women's liberation is in full swing, convincing them that working a career is liberation
>this doubles the labor supply with a static labor demand
>wages steadily decrease to the point that one man working can no longer support a family, both parents need to work now
>inflation does not destroy our economy despite us printing money like a banana republic
>this is because we force the rest of the world to use our money to trade oil, creating an ARTIFICIAL demand
>the ability to print monopoly money allows us to finance the largeset military force the globe has seen in this iteration of human history
>Edmond de Rothschild forms the World Conservation Bank
>WCB assumes the debts of 3rd world countries in exchange for control of their real estate
>this is 30% of the planet's landmass
>9/11 happens, justification for endless wars on "terrorism"
>Only 7 nations do not have a Rothschild controlled bank
>They are Cuba, China, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Sudan, and Libya
>Afghanistan toppled
>Iraq toppled
>we now surround Iran with a military presence
>Relations with Cuba, Norks and Chinks are not good, they are our adversaries
>Muammar Ghadaffi in Libya announces his plan to start selling oil in gold-backed African Dinars
>You can pull up his execution by an "angry mob" on youtube

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>At this point, Barack Obama is president
>BHO and HRC are part of the Cabal's end stage plans
>The NSA's surveillance state, built on the back of W's Patriot act is one of the last pieces needed for full control
>But resistance is growing
>These people all have blackmail on each other, the worst kinds
>They all partake in the ritual torture and murder of children
>Here, you have a first-hand account of Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard and his rise through the international money laundering rings up until he get's invited to join the Satanic cult, and it broke him:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFAhJ5N7qdc
>AI is getting powerful
>AI is getting so powerful that Deepfakes are becoming a thing
>Suddenly all of the blackmail everyone has on each other to keep each other in line might become useless
>If it is released, anyone can call it a deepfake
>Enter Julian Assange
>Assange has a nuclear insurance file of hundreds of gigabytes
>Insurance file was encrypted and released prior to the existence of deepfakes
>Assange now has the only real blackmail
>The NSA has been able to scoop up all information about damn near everybody in the world
>Now THEY have real blackmail
>Panic starts to ensue among the elites
>The plan has been in full swing for quite some time
>The parts of the military who have been watching and observing know how the elite work
>They know about the satanic pedophile rings
>They know our elections are fake and rigged
>They know the show was supposed to end with HRC starting a nuclear war with Russia
>They know everyone's MO
>George W Bush pardoned himself and his cronies of any potential wrongdoing on his way out of office
>They know Obama will do the same (and he did)
>Now is the time to put the plan into action
>Epstein was investigated in May 2005 for fucking a 14 year old girl
>Investigation reveals up to 36 underage girls involved

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>Investigation reveals up to 36 underage girls involved
>He gets a slap on the wrist, 13 months of jail time, mostly with work release as part of a plea deal
>FBI was not happy with Palm Beach PD's investigation
>FBI begins their own investigation
>Epstein knew several billionaires, millionaires, politicians, actors, celebrities, supreme court justice Roberts
>Just go through his little black book and you'll see tons of names
>Everyone is tight lipped, nobody cooperates with the Feds
>Except for one man
>A prominent businessman, a billionaire with a house hold name
>The military has now identified someone they can run against HRC
>someone with so much money he can't be bought
>someone who wasn't compromised with blackmail
>someone who was willing to cooperate in an investigation against one of the child traffickers who was a lynchpin in the elite's blackmail scheme
>Someone who was good friends with the Kennedy family
>He is a billionaire, but he isn't one of the elite
>He talks like the people do
>"You call women you don't like fat pigs!" "Only Rosie O'Donnel"
>"You can just grab them by the pussy, they let you"
>Despite having an apartment of solid gold, he eats fucking McDonald's and loves it
>The people see themselves in him despite the vast class difference
>becomes massively popular
>utilizes meme magic to win the presidency in the same way he used it to build his brand and become a household name
>November 8, 2016
>The Cabal has already decided Hillary won
>Their presses didn't even bother writing stories to cover the possibility of a Trump victory
>Hillary didn't bother to write a concession speech
>Now the military acts
>The voting machines were supposed to switch the votes like they did in 2020
>But white hats working against the Cabal hacked into them and stopped it
>cue the screeching "THE ELECTION WAS HACKED!"

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Combo breaker. Can we get back to lcx please.

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>They know it was hacked
>Because she was supposed to win
>and their machines they used to cheat didn't work
>They have to keep screeching that Russia did it, because the plan was for a war with Russia
>They can't produce any evidence of their allegations
>The only way they know there was interference was because they lost
>Obama pardons everyone
>Now Trump is in office
>The show begins
>Declassifying JFK files
>Trump merges the Fed and the Treasury
>The elite release Covid-19 to destroy the economy and provide endless justification for lockdowns, to give money to destitute people to keep them dependent upon the government, to gain the control they so desperately crave
>It's now an existential war
>they have been backed into a corner
>there is no way out
>people are waking up to this reality at an unprecedented rate
>if they were winning they wouldn't be trying to get Trump out of office with less than 2 weeks left
>if they were winning they wouldn't be trying to prevent Trump from commanding the military
>if they were winning they wouldn't need to deplatform and silence Trump and his allies
>if they were winning there wouldn't be so many faggot shills here
>Q Anon was meant to start slowly revealing information to the public
>Q Anon is run by military intelligence
>People can't handle the entire truth at once if they've been asleep
>They needed a slow drip
>They needed to see for themselves what these people would be willing to do to the country when they were worried about losing control
>They needed to see for themselves the elite playing their hands, releasing covid, the blatant election fraud, the BLM Riots for destabilization to justify further control, the calls for purging their opposition, the calls to deplatform and ban everyone they don't like

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Get it yet?

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ok...i duckduckgo'ed it and found the same results. your worldview is like a shitty x files episode and you should have focused on epstein but instead you just make a bunch of shit up and throw some dates around. see you on jan 20 when biden is sworn in as president you clown fucks.

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Now the spoon feeding

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Only two options.
1. Q is military communication - its true and trump will pull thru in few days.
2. Trump is controlled opposition, he lures qtards to one past push and they will be greated by antifa/police/black squad on adderall.. then trumpists will get massacred, farmers will break supply lines in protest, cities will starve out.. then they hunt rest of americans in woods

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you know the story of jack ma now right?
look up
Prof. Dr. Shoucheng Zhang Advisor at LCX
he also "suicided" shortly after working for LCX and being shook up when asked about taking lcx to china in one long interview
he did talks with multiple cryptos and google about quantum computing, ai, and blockchain
comfy watch i feel bad for him maybe he was one of the good guys that defied the ccp

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Yea anon but at least we will be loaded

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Or 3. Take your meds schizo

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Unironically going all in on LCX now.

Thank you based schizo poster. May Christ be with you.

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clown bitch, the third option, the most boring and obvious option you sorry ass clown bitch, is that biden was elected president and will be sworn in as the 46th on jan 20th lmao. what the fuck happened to your brain

>> No.25866256

anyways, heres my referrral code


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Yes.. very normal world we live in.. usa antifa have dirt on most trumpers, know where they live, have their private photos and videos

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oh fuck, sorry, you actually have schizophrenia. i thought i was just talking to a normal qanon/trumper idiot.

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Jewish star or no?

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This is only start. They will tokenize everything. Bank a have asset in tokens, bank b have machines in tokens, they trade tokens, done.

>> No.25866372

According to Mr. Guo, Zhang in the past received research funding from Jack Ma, head of Alibaba, the giant online retailer and conglomerate, and under Chinese President Xi Jinping received a secret national award for his work.

Mr. Guo said he suspects foul play in Zhang’s death because the physicist knew secrets about China’s technology expert program and that he refused to return to China as requested by senior party leaders.
Him and Jack Ma were going against their orders out of fear

>> No.25866403

7BMGf/U6, you are incredibly based

>> No.25866437

what i don't understand about you fried brain qanon/trump people is why you have to a tie a story like this, a conspiratorial story solidly planted in reality, you have to tie it into the rest of your shitty xfiles episode that makes no fucking sense.

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Dont forget that lcx was created as dumping place for billionars.. they are fed up with cashing out at 10 different exchanges, also whales are loaded on tokens for 0.001 so they will have trading fees basically free

>> No.25866472

Where are u on this chart?

>> No.25866484

this all seems extremely based
i hope to one day be as based as these guys and have my own dynasty

>> No.25866493

I think I understand this
So they plan to make investors an active producer.
Hollywood can't make money like it use to with covid
this fixes the problem if movies themselves are like stocks we fund. Like a go fund me but we make money off of it

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Normies monthly: 290$
Whale monthly: 30$

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It all started on napkin

>> No.25866653 [DELETED] 

>ignores free

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Own some btc to keep balance in the world

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>> No.25866789

Soon its time to enjoy a small token burn pump

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Who is rly trump?

>> No.25867028

what does it mean

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>> No.25867050

We will ha mc donald tokens everything.. pepe tokens... anything you want

>> No.25867064

Did you even read anything about this? There was nothing to worry about after we confirmed the exchange is real

>> No.25867078

the first official pepe token will be the rarest

>> No.25867090

Wef schwab /monty shilling new type of capitalism, you should probably read up on it.. basically if you have bitcoin you can sign stuff just cause its like colateral.. like roman society - plebs and slaves.. fiat money will be used only for bread etc

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>> No.25867423

Here's the guy reading affadavit aloud

>> No.25867482

United States of Soviet Canada coming soon

>> No.25867665

im feeling sleepy

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Everyone investing in LCX is a complete crypto retard literally begging to get scammed.
tl;dr learn to use Etherscan

>> No.25867821

This is every crypto's problem lol pajeet who are you trying to fool?

>> No.25867825

thats what all cryptos look like in the beginning

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Absolutely not, shills.
Top 8 holders are controlling 45% of the supply, they are one conf call away from rug pulling you.
Compare with the Top1 volume trading token on Uniswap, released two weeks ago. See the difference? 52% locked in liquidity on Uniswap. Top 8 holders control 9% of the supply.
>9% vs. 45%
>52% locked in Uni Pool vs 0%
>"all crypto look like this in the begining"

>> No.25868396

And this is..

>> No.25868463

the biggest traitors of future: yang, gabard, crenshaw, musk, alex jones

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We're creating a monster here /biz/ join us the poltards on both sides will go nuts for this shit soon

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When I go to a doctor I specifically look for a Jewish last name. When I see a crypto made by Jews I instinctivly back them.

Also top left, definitely a yellow star. But I still think my nose is bigger than his.

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Holy Israel!!! The big blue star at the bottom. Oh my oh my...

>> No.25868832

U want to keep low, cant have half wallets nazis

>> No.25868865

Gg.com/4Q3V8EG discord

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>tries to warn me of LCX rugpull
>shills me wisetoken instead
>pic says otherwise


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Love this forum. Been a /b/ tard since teen years, then a /pol/ tard, now a /biz/ tard. I feel like this is the natural progression of ones 4chan life. From this board I've got LINK, LCX, PNK, XLM, along with some others. And of course the big boys, BTC and ETH. Without this board I'd have honestly just bought BTC only. As a result, I watched yesterdays crash with absolute indifference; and could not be comfier knowing the long term prospects. Unironically feel bad for all the people who've gotten into crypto during the recent hype in this new year and don't know about this board, don't know about HODL memes, etc. I bet loads of them sold yesterday and are kicking themselves today. All of us GMI. See you poolside with your favourite cocktails in a couple years, boys.

>> No.25869069

Fuck it. What’s a suicide stack?

>> No.25869086
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Here's to a better future for all of us Anon.

>> No.25869295

Thanks. Saved.
So if I dip my toe in at angel investor (28k-ish), how do you think that looks in 3/6/12/24 months?
Getting the sense that this is long term, but I’m liking that they seem to be targeted a professional/regulated market: that’s always going to be where the money is.

>> No.25869619


Nobody really knows what it'll look like in the future, and I say this as someone who is at Angel Investor for LCX. Currently its marketcap has a ton of room for growth if it takes off.

They are definitely structuring it towards a professional/regulated market, like you said. I will say though that it's a longer hold, as the exchange is very new and the volume there isn't super high yet.

If you end up making an account on the LCX website and don't have someone you know with a referral code, I can you send you mine if you'd like, Anon.

>> No.25869862

Thanks anon. I already set up an account a couple of weeks ago, but got distracted by something else.

Here’s an absolute beginners question for you: can I transfer ETH to my LCX wallet from Binance using BEP20 (BSC) or do I have to use ERC20?

>> No.25869874

I don't think you understand that LCX is backed by big banks and the deep state? No shit they're holding 45% of the supply, they want to OWN you.

>> No.25869930

dont discriminate

>> No.25869976
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Even though i'm pretty politically extreme and would be considered a "nazi" I'd agree. Most people who dive into political extremes don't have their affairs in order, so most likely don't have the money to invest

>> No.25870163


Note: Please do not take this as a final answer or as advice. I'm just another anon and would encourage further confirmation/knowledge.

I believe the ERC20 is the way to go, because I don't believe that LCX's wallet accepts BEP20. BEP20 is Binance's chain, and there's a way to be able to move your ETH via BEP20 to Metamask first (then to LCX exchange) by adding/connecting the Binance Chain to it, but that's pretty convoluted imo.

ERC20 would be the way to go, I believe. Other anons may confirm or deny. G'luck!

>> No.25870385

Cool, thanks. Will just go ERC20, to be safe.

>> No.25870998
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>gets utterly destroyed
>immediately move the goalpost
That's not a rugpull anon, here's what a rugpull looks like.

>> No.25871333

>Investors worth over 500 billion backing into it
>Rug pulling a few tens of thousands of dollars tip scam panjeets and /biz/tards


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