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I've decided to fake my bachelor's degree and apply to jobs. What type of jobs should I be looking for and how can I succeed in faking my degree?

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they're going to ask for a copy of your official transcript from the department of education, can't really fake that
if you're applying to good job, that is

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1st background check and your job prospects are over. My advice, don't.

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You've got balls kid.

Front desk, secretary, assistant type work. Maybe data entry, basic writing, or social media work.

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My first job right out of college asked me for my transcripts and stuff, 8 years later, my second job didn't ask me for shit.

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apply as an sjw professor and make sure you wear blackface, they'll never suspect a thing

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I faked my first entry in to bullshit corporate hellhole. After getting my letter of recommendation I just wave that arround

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Tell them pro Assad forces bombed and burned your university and you had to leave all your records behind to start a new life in USA

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What's your (((degree)))?

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I’ve hired at least 15 people and never checked their degree. I’ll call their job references though.

After your first job, your job experience is 99% of what people look at. College degree is a check the box at that point.

I’d say shoot for a small growing company, 200 employees or less.

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Look for civil engineering jobs

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pic related

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Just say you got your BA in african american & jewish transracial studies. They won't dare question your credentials.

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No one checks unless you work in a regulated industry / a big corp. And even then HR doesn't really pay attention. I have gotten away with lying about a degree multiple times, even I got caught by HR twice, no fucks were given.

No one does this in America (besides maybe internships.) unless you apply for a position in Academia, but why would you do that in the first place?

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I work for the DoD. They required an official transcript.

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if they ask, say you accepted a job elsewhere
don't be retarded and try to fake an ivy league degree, pick a large college
don't pick a job where you NEED a specific degree like any engineering
works best for jobs that use degrees as a filter

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Bro after working 5 years in 2 jobs no one has asked for my degree. Make them laugh in the interview and talk about your hobbies.

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OP here. Is it possible to lie about my degree if I want to teach abroad or some shit? Feels like that's a field where they would check. Maybe I'd be better off not going into that field.

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Yeah that's a regulated industry.

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topkek, no they don't. The only jobs that actually directly check that shit are government jobs. That and if you require any form of licensure (like in healthcare) the state board will need to be shown proof that you got an accredited degree. But for the vast majority of jobs, literally nobody bothers checking that shit.

And protip: same goes with work experience. If you're in the catch-22 of "can't get a job becaues no experience, can't get experience because no job" just make some shit up. Or completely and ridiculously over-embellish what you have. If they catch on, oh well, on to the next one.

based OP is based. Good luck with your scheme, because fuck wasting tens of thousands of dollars and 4+ years (and associated opportunity costs) of your life on a scrap of paper that only serves as a thoughtless checkmark for HR ladies screening CVs.

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Surely you've outsmarted the billion dollar scho system of higher education by simply lying about your degree on resumes. It's not like they can request a copy from the University. Fucking idiots. You're right though, your indian job on fiver and upwork won't be asking for your degree, congratulations, you played the system.

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university is a scam

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This is not true. I worked as a mechanical engineer for a year and no one ever asked for qualifications

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>works best for jobs that use degrees as a filter
Which nowadays is most jobs. Yeah, if you work in a specialized field like healthcare, engineering, etc, you probably shouldn't (or it's impossible to bother if your job requires a license that itself requires proof of having a degree).
But for the other 95% of jobs out there, having a degree doesn't matter in terms of actual job ability. You learn everything on the job anyway, and like you said, employers just use degrees as a filter because it's a buyer's market and they have fucktons of applicants.

they legally cannot. You would need to provide that access for them. And I've literally never had a job besides government where they actually want you to submit transcripts.
The university ponzi works, despite all the holes to subvert it, simply because the vast majority of people still have trust in the system, and only a tiny minority of people would even think about lying about it.

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I did this and I am literally the director of a multi mill company and no one knows

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curious, why only for a year?

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I know someone who works for a company where the ceo lied about having a doctorate degree to get the job. The fucker had a batchelor apparently and lied about the whole thing. Not only did nothing come of it but people still have to call him Dr. kek. Higher education is one of the biggest swindles of this age, playing the system is where winners are made

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I hated the fucking job and left. Sitting in front of a computer 10 hours a day looking at specs, drawings, excel sheets and cad drawings while chucking out to a neurotic boomer chief engineer who bean counted every bit of money spent on a project is taxing as shit. Would not recommend.

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I work for the DoD too. GS-12 . They ask you to upload a copy of your transcript on USAJOBs. After hire they ask for the same copy to keep on record. Never asked for anything direct from the school. CPAC is peak government efficiency i.e. not very.

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Should of held out my man. The mech e wfh life is the GOAT

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There was recently this lady who got convicted of impersonating a pharmacist. She worked for walgreens for 10 fucking years and nobody in upper-management there even bothered to check and make sure she actually has a pharmacist license.

And we're talking a highly regulated field here, with state boards specific to the profession, licensure requirements, actual laws about it being illegal to impersonate a pharmacist or to dispense medications without a license, etc etc etc. And she STILL got away with it for 10 fucking years before anyone even noticed.
Now imagine what it's like at normal jobs with no licenses and where nobody really gives a shit about your college degree.

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If I would have known this plandemic shit was in the plans I might have been able to survive till then. I'm a neet now anyways working on some personal projects

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Why are so many alphabet fags lurking these boards? Oh wait...

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they just needed an upload? Back when I worked a government job they required actual sealed transcripts mailed directly to them.
Yeah, gov't shit is the one area where you really shouldn't bother trying to fake a degree. It's also the only place where they want past employer information so they can contact them.

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Surprising they are so stringent since my personal experience with all government employees have shown the amount of incompetence present in our government makes me wonder how this shit is still functioning.

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I know all to well, friend. Sounds like you were a design engineer - mechanical/plumbing systems or similar?
I worked for an MEP design firm as a mechanical engineer for 3 years. Drawings, specs, cad, revit, the whole 9 yards. I didnt like it either, but the majority of why is because I never liked engineering in the first place. Didnt even choose it myself as a major, got pushed into it.
Spent 3 years at that job and left a few months ago for a project management/construction management engineering job with the government at a wastewater facility. Still hate it and only working for the money - im 27 and making 100k now which is decent, but I feel burnt out every day.
What do you do now?

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It doesn’t function. Why do you think there’s so much waste, fraud and abuse (20% of the annual federal budget according to the CBO)?

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Unless you are applying to jobs that absolutely need a bachelors degree then just make some shit up. They literally won't know.

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You are right on the money. I feel you fren, just don't get stuck because of the money or you'll dig yourself into a hole of despair. I always wanted to be an illustrator so I'm trying to work on that and trying to start some side projects doing it. Engineering cam be soul draining, or maybe it's the fact that'll like you I didn't really enjoy it. People think there is prestige behind it but its all a big lie. You could always stick it out for 10 years and retire if you think thats feasible. What would you really enjoy doing fren?

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I'm not surprised. The government is the only place where I see incompetence is promoted in order to get it out of the way. Sure this goes on in the private sector sometimes, but not quite to the degree I see in the government. We have literal retards running our infrastructure agencies.

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not really, people lie about this sort of thing all the time.

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then you are in good shape, because the chance they check is even less

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dont go over the top, dont fake something which is easily disprovable , fake something that is believable give references to yourself, dont antagonize anybody (be nice to everybody) or they might check up on you and find out you are a fraud

then if you have money, actually get legit certs that are more valuable, nobody will give a shit about your degree once you have those

best of luck

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So it's probably best to pick a subject I can at least talk about if I was asked?

I was thinking something basic bitch with tons of graduates like Biology from the biggest Uni in my state

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nope, dont do that, people will ask you biology shit if you do that lol and if somebody asks you about a test like SDS page you ll be fucked

choose a field which you are slightly familiar with already, something with IT probably, but not something which requires a huge brain so people who have a huge brain dont get jealous/suspicious
for example, IT engineer or IT systems engineer, or IT etc.

and dress the part , wear flip flops, grow long hiar, nobody will give a shit , in the worst case people will think you are incompetent, then you'll just swap jobs

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I meant to apply to a completely unrelated field though. Just as a "hey i have a degree" sort of thing. I feel like IT would actually require me to know more practical things that would be expected as opposed to something broad.

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What jobs are you applying to? Just take classes at a community college in that field and put down on your resume you're working towards an associate's.

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Sounds like you already have the skills and the tools to be an illustrator, I hope it works out for you. I think honestly, if you enjoy what you do in some respect, or are interested in it, you can continually improve at it and become better or more valuable. It's when you genuinely don't care for something that you'll never be the best you can be.
I totally agree with you about engineering. I mean, when I worked in design I had bosses and coworkers who lived and breathed it. They loved it; they would do it outside of work. I was the complete polar opposite. I wasnt even interested enough to research it outside of work for my own benefit. When I got home there was nothing engineering related about me.
Part of the reason I don't like it is because I've never been convinced that I'm capable of being an engineer. Not that I'm not smart, but I just dont have the type of brain/thinking for it. And that's fine. Engineering just does nothing for me.
If it wasn't for the money, I wouldve left a long time ago. But now I feel stuck since I dont know how i'd make this money doing something else.
I also feel like imposter syndrome quite often. Like I have no clue what I'm doing but my coworkers/supervisors always give me rave reviews on my work and ability to catch on to things quickly. I think my strength is being able to adapt - I couldve got a degree in anything but I'm a mouthbreather when it comes to understanding shit quickly - definitely not gifted but smart enough to get by in any environment.
I dont know what else I could do. But often times I think I'd take a 50% paycut from 100k to 50k just to not feel the stress and anxiety. Then I think that if I ever want to make it financially or have a family then I have to swallow my pride.

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>they're going to ask for a copy of your official transcript from the department of education
Never had my degree checked once so far across 4 tech companies ranging from series A to $200B

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no, IT is very very broad, there is systems engineering where you are essentially just a sysadmin (you babysit servers sort of) , programming etc. etc. if you pick one where people are

boring, not sociable, not well groomed you are going to have a very easy time and it will actually make you more believable if you are rude and just dont answer questions lmao

dont go over the top of course but if you want to fake something, dont pick something that will get you into trouble with other people , and picking a field with normies is a very good way to get into trouble

pick something boring, where there are many job openings, so the company is desperate to hire you

IT admin, Linux admin, Devops , that kind of shit, just tell them you dont have much experience ; if you still cant get a job then add more and more experience until you get one

and then you can actually get experience

the system is fucked up anyway but youll have to put in some effort and you cant do anything

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I already took a bunch of classes at community college. I have 60~ credits or so. Luckily I got my classes for free and took them simultaneously during high school.

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this is a horrible waste of time

do you want to fucking starve and end up homeless? stop taking useless classes

put in more effort to scam your way into a mediocre paying, boring job, so you can get the certs that matter, and then you can work your way up

its incredible how little criminal energy and life energy you have

and yes, im a pajeet , it angers me to see you so weak

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Worked with someone who didnt get asked about their work permit until their last week on a year long contract. Anything is possible

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I didn't fully explain how and why they were taken. My school made them mandatory. You wanted that high school diploma? You had to be dual enrolled in high school and community college. That's all there was to it. If I had realized at 13 that college is a scam I would've just done normal high school and faked my credentials. Live and learn.

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i can see where u r coming from , but you dont get what im getting at

if you really want to work a proper job, then you have 0 chance to get one

even if you got a real degree, nobody will hire you because ur CV is fucked up

and even if somebody hired you, they would look down on you and lowball you really badly

i didnt read every post but dont do illustrator shit or low paying trash jobs for other people

if you want to do this stuff do it in your free time as a hobby

but if you want to work , then weasel your way into one of the easier IT jobs , unix admin is really easy, you are basically baby sitting a linux server lol you can learn everything on the job

and the pay is great, youll be surrounded by nerds and not normies who will try to make your life miserable

and if you want to move on from there you can do that , but if you actually continue to try to work as an illustrator/artist w/e or you go back to school you are fucking yourself out of very good life years for nothing

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Shit I'm sorry fren, I understand the rut more than anyone else. You are definitely smart but engineering isn't stimulating you like your cohort who find pleasure doing it on their own time. Was there ever an aspect of engineering or stem you enjoyed during school? A class you really enjoyed that you can recall? Also, an engineering background and degree can open the doors for other fields not necessarily directly involved with engineering that you may enjoy more and might closely match your pay grade.

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That depends on his level of ambition. If you are creative not only artistically but also business wise he could definitely make a living being an illustrator not having to whore out on fiverr. It would be easy, bit its possible.

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Dude what kind of fucking highschool are you zoomers going to? When I was in highscool in 2009 they never made us do that shit we just had IB and AP classes like what am I reading?

And if you've got 60 credits and a good GPA, apply for some scholarships and a degree program at a university (part time) then put that shit on your resume that you're working towards a bachelor's and you can probably get a paid internship in whatever field you choose. Like shit nigga if you've got 60 credits of CC what the fuck are you doing?

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Lol. I doubt they'd ask for real

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der gamer

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no no no , he s not trying to take a job away from somebody who is actually competent i.e. people who have legit CS degrees or IT degrees
hes taking a babysitting job that requires a degree for no other reason that somebody copy pasted the requirements from somewhere else

trust me, i've worked as a sysadmin for a wihle, its really, really easy, and if you are new you can always request help and you'll learn stuff actually that you can continue to use in your career

you need 0 ambition to be a unix administrator, or do a systems engineer type of job, i've seen underpaid/outsourced indians (considering im one myself) that literally couldn't even solve very basic problems with google/by reading the manual that did this job

> scholarship
> internship

dont do any of this.... ur gonna waste years for nothing , these degrees are good if you want to actually compete against other people for the top jobs , but do you really want to do that?
every single bit of knowledge that you need to do the lesser tier IT jobs can be learned on the job while you do it

if yo ucan browse 4chan you can become a unix admin

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Hard to recall a class I thoroughly enjoyed to be honest. Maybe heat transfer or fluids, or vibrations. But I think other things besides engineering interest me mostly.
Sometimes I wish I did accounting or something, that way I'd at least only ever be stressed because of the *amount* of work and not because I felt incapable of doing it. Some folks told me to look into an MBA but I dont want to go back to school or get into debt again, so meh. Also thought about sticking it out for a few years and moving somewhere more affordable.
Appreciate the chat, fren. Being an illustrator sounds awesome; sounds like you genuinely enjoy it - I'm sure it takes lots of talent, discipline, and creativity. Wishing you success.

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well whaduuuya know, a hussling pooanon giving others advice. Godspeed my fren

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do not listen to these people anon

illustrator is a horrible job, you ll constnatly have to fight to get paid and even fi you do get paid people will try to underpay you

im the only one here trying to help you and make you stronger

ignore everybody else

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thanks anon you too, don't feel stuck. You'd be surprised what fields you can get into with your degree and expetience. You could get a comfy government as an inspector. work on sales. you may even be able to get into finances if that's your thing. You have a lot of possibilities open to you anon, don't get stuck.

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Sometimes I feel like I faked my degree because I genuinely remember nothing I learned. Not really any different when you think about it.

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Maybe it's just deflating standards. Like no way could I have manged 60ects college tier classes in addition to my normal high school workload lol

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Don’t worry, he won’t even get an interview with those degrees.

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Are you from India or some shit? Good luck faking your shit when they ask you for proof.

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Literally everyone feels the same because school doesn't really teach you shit

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I kind of agree. If you can fake it, AND you can make it, its clear the field isn't so rigorous anyway, and the qualifications it requires are not optional.

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Legit got a visa to work at a IPO'ed tech co. in the united states using a fake degree. They don't look that shit up if ur not from a poor country.

Life really is just a game of who dares wins.

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And Big LOL to all of the plebs who think they have to suck dick to get in the game. You literally exist to make wealthy people feel better about their lives you absolute subhuman filth.

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I always wondered what happens when someone gets caught. You can't even use that job anymore as a reference. kek

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Don't cheat, get rich the /biz/ way. Buy some DDX and hodl.