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Oh you thought we were done bulltard?

That was just a warm up

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They ain't seen nothin' yet, bobro.

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they arent ready

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There are people on this board right now buying "the dip". Kek

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they will perish

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i sold at 32, did i do the right thing?

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I sold at 41. Cozy bear here

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I don;t think so.

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wow look at those really radical cool guys up there on stage oh my listen to their crazy deep voice so scary. Wow look at that long hair he twirls around very scary boom boom guitar noises

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Sold at 39. See you fools at the bottom

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>he listens to niggershit

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is it time to sell I don't want to wake up to a shitstorm again I want to sleep well tonight
also can anyone post that picture of the double camel back you k ow what I'm talking about

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I’m actually kicking myself for not buying at 32

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>he doesn't listen to Chet Baker and then switch to Peppa Pig on a week day

Fucking plebs.

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