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my first swing trade..... sold all my eth @ 1015 thinking it would keep dropping........ what is life??????????? is this real???

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>fell for the swing trading meme
anon, I…

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ur supposed to buy at 1000 lmao even i know that and i just started lurking last week

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Why would you swing after it drops 20%?

Study more before you invest money, retard.

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Fags like OP will drive us back up over 2k

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Don’t even try and call that a swing trade,
Swing trading is done with tact

Call it what it is op you panic sold, and that’s okay just learn from it and move on we will recover maybe not today or this month but we will recover just hold

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>selling after 30% drop

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That's why you just use a small stack for day trading and HODL the rest.

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>sold at 1030
>sent usdc to kraken to buy
>kraken goes offline
>it's over 1030 now

I don't actually feel dumb for trying to swing, I feel dumb forgetting kike'd again. It's ok tho I just put all of that usdc into BTC at 34 and it's time to pamp eet

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are you going to wait for the next dip or buy back in immediately?

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well we were jumping from 900 to 1k for a few hours so I thought I'd take a chance and get some free eth

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the fuck are you doing retard

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I am disappointed in you, anon.

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thx 4 the money faggot, keep playing

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now leverage it on a short nigger, then you'll complete your initiation. BUY HIGH SELL LOW BABY

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It was your first shakeout, not swing trade. Hope you learned something.

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This is a story you will tell your cats!