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>mfw we could dump to 1.8k and I'd still be in profit
how are my fellow comfy bros doing?

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Big dick cuz small dick?

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MFW we could dump to $10 and I'd still be in profit

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except for the tax effect, not selling for 40k is literally the same as buying for 40k

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I'm not american

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Im going to to pay taxes on whatever the total amount i cash out is

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>mfw we could go to zero and id still be in profit

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>never taking profits
>always staying poor
You must be retarded.

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you don't get it

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If you have that much, why don't you sell and go enjoy it? It's pretty much infinite money if 1800 is still profit

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Same here, holding to the grave

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And? By not selling at 40k you miss the chance to increase your stack immensely in order to make huge gains next bullrun.

It's like you people are autistic hoarders or something. Fucking make a move or you'll never make it.

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picrel is 10/10 in bongland

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I didn't say I bought at 1.8k
I've sold enough that my average is reduced to 1.8k if I calculate what I put in

this thread is for comfy bros, if you are not comfy please leave

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Except for the not investing 40k, you fucking retard.

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Why would you remove the feet?

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If I need a new lambo I will buy it with BTC directly, I will never trade my crytpo for government shitpaper

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>he thinks unrealised gains aren't real

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How many do you have?

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Finally retired, now I'm bored.

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How many sats are you holding.

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>cashing out before you get citizenship in a country that is more friendly to gainz

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Didn't buy it in America though. First you get raped by taxes. Then by healthcare. Then you let your democracy get stolen. Truly the worst country in the world.

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just over 6 and a couple more worth of alts

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You're insane for not selling everything at 35-40k, tax free mind you, and buying back in at literally any lower price.

Cost basis is almost meaningless with something like BTC, where you know that years from now it will be worth big bucks.

You do know (obviously) that it's going down lower than it is now. You've been in long enough to know that. Why wouldn't you increase your stack greatly? Having a 1.8k basis means fuck all if you are only holding 6 coins when you could have 10 or 15 or 20 right when BTC tops 100k.

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I'll be in profit too because I'm shorting :)