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Better stablecoin than Tether

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I am financially stabilizing

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that's a very nice wallet, I may use it one day if I ever buy parsiq

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>Literally only in PRQ and XCM
I am dump proof.

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also ngmi proof

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Smart triggers will connect the real world to blockchain. 5$ end of February.

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>Faggot Club ID
You hold GRT, I take it?

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Wait no I'm sorry I read that as make it proof.
I take it back faggot club bro. Wagmi.

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high iq anon here:
remember, link got his real run after the bitcoin hype 2017, prq will really go forward after bitcoin season. dont panic sell u packs,be strong and wait 3 years. u will gain 10x and more. i promise that.

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Just wait for lending.

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then sell prq and buy btc, 6 six months before the next halving, sell 1 year atfer halving and u got the fuck you status in life.

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Why do fudders keep shrinking Anatoly??

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fucking kek

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what do people use stablecoins for?

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You mean Analtoy?

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Based as fuck. Thank god I'm all in this and never selling. My portfolio is stable during a bitcoin crash

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I hold both PRQ and GRT, because at least one of these shitters has to take off, no?

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Yeah I wonder which one it will be hmm if only we could look at their market caps and tokenomics hmmm I guess they're basically the same thing

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I have 20k am I gmi

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Stacklet here, this is a pretty comfy hold desu

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in 1-2 years yes

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How does half a million US Dollarinos sound?

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The iron supoort during a market crash is bullish as fuck but I am slightly concerned about the general downtrend. However, I can't imagine a better hold than PRQ right now, it is absurdly strong

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hi telegramfag

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higher IQ anon here. Gonna do that but with ethereum. Bitcoin WILL fall and eth 2.0 coming.

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>faggot club id

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Hi father

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wait how is the anatoly size pics fud
people really sell because of these funnyass pics?

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actually not me, but almost.

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RLC also works, shit's been at $1 for ages

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>eth 2.0 coming

Yes, but when? It's getting unusable, the fees are fucking absurd at this point.

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I'm sorry? Is Bitcoin usable? Or is there a fsster network that is more scalable coming to save us all that is 1) Turing Complete 2) this scalable 3) This widely adopted?

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have faith in the slavs prqchads

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I'm starting to suspect the 'iron support' is the result of bag holders who cannot sell due to high gas prices on uniswap. If PRQ was on major centralized exchanges it would follow the price action of BTC a lot closer.

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interesting theory, how much luckier could we have gotten jesus.

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>he thinks $200 gas prices is prohibitive
>he gambles lunch money from his mama
>FUD from a 14 year old
>stay poor

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also we are all systems go for the payment processor. stay tune d

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The gas fees are absurd, yes, but your theory does not hold up. People keep buying despite the gas, which indicate strong support. And why would you sell a coin going against a crash? What would you sell into? USDC?

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Give me a quick rundown

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/biz/ is unironically a faggot club though.

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I dont understand this pink wojak wave on /biz
Is it because I'm all in PRQ, DEXG and XCM?

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control-f "payment processing company"

talks are being settled this sprint. enjoy your gains

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Makes no sense. There's enough PRQ/EUR and ETH/EUR volume on Coinmetro to support your degen swing trades in a matter of seconds.

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"A payment processing company and its subsidiaries
To be announced."

You mean this one? That's old news, question is when it drops and how big it is.

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apparently biz needs to learn what a sprint is

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I know what it means and I fucking hate it. Any sane dev or PM who knows what it means should hate it.

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> eth 2.0

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USDL is going to be the best stablecoin by miles. For the communitym, by the community

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hint: Starts with a V and ends with an A

parsiq is partnered with algorand. which Circle (maker of usdc) uses.
Circle is working with Visa to impliment USDC onto its credit cards

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right. now tell me what you are going to do knowing that payment processor discussions are nearly a close this sprint

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Vagina's don't make credit cards, they only suck the money out of them.
I am going to vigorously sell everything I own and then buy back in at the top.

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Why does it vaguely resemble a swastika

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It's the official /biz/ bastardization of the coin.

Also, if it is VISA+Binance we are going to be rich. You can't sell the news on that one. However, what are the odds? Sounds too good to be true. And what does a "sprint" refer too?

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biz do any of you actually pay for the motley fools stock advisory shit? is it worth it?

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I only want to give so much away because any retard too lazy to click on this link doesn't deserve to make it.

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>mfw my ID is 5 Plus billion + 0 regrets.

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Thats the PRQ effect

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baste and redpilled

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How do we know the Parsiq team uses this workflow, and how would we know where they are in the process even if they do? Am I missing something?

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I would think the whales that guide the price do not care about $100 gas fees on their $20k dumps so much

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Yeah, I don't know; their article says nothing on when it's being announced or whether or not they use Sprint workflows. Sometimes I assume anons know something from telegrams and such that I don't, as I don't use them.

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God I hate this fucking Telegram group

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where do the visa rumours stem from, out an anons ass or something substantial?

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Why anon? Its better than most I've been in, at least it has no arabs and pajeets spamming dumb rocket/moon gifs 24/7.

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same it's full of fucking faggot retard boomers and redditors

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I have no idea. Binance/Coinbase listing seems very plausible atleast, but I have no idea where the VISA partnership rumors come from.

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Everyone is either very smug in a Reddit kind of way or just plain retarted

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AMA #4 from October, you Parsiq newfags.

Be happy that its an overwhelming majority of white guys in there, thats already too much to ask from most Crypto Telegram groups.

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>Visa, Ubisoft, traditional banks
Holy shit I'm gonna NUT

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It's some random blog post they said they talked to VISA about their product. I was curious too so I looked it up a month ago
This doesn't mean they secured it. Maybe they just talked to some random sales manager who said "yeah sure ill pass it along" and Parsiq mentioned it for clout, who knows

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Correct, the fact that people think Visa is the first payment processing provider partnership they will announce on a brand new product is naive. They admitted themselves that these types of companies move very slow. It might be a thing for the future but they are most likely not ready for it yet.

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>Be happy that its an overwhelming majority of white guys in there

Basterd bitch

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I have no complaints with this. I'm a poorlet, I don't even have 2k. If it stays stable under a dollar for at least 6 months I'll feel better.

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It will be 1$ EOM sorry bro

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Yeah, I know that deep down. But if it's as good as I believe it is then anything under $5 is still great opportunity.

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What do you guys figure worth of a token could be in 3 years? I think 20

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I don't understand why people want this shit to pump early so badly. Don't you faggots want to accumulate? I'm not gonna lie, i've been helping out with the FUDs because I'm trying to get to 100k. I want this shit to blow up in 3 years like LINK

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I assume people who are finished accumulating or are close to and want gains now, or have some goals in the short term.
Back when I browsed this place in 2017, I didn't listen to LINK shills. They proved me wrong so I don't automatically assume anything by a coin anymore heh.

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We had a 3 month accumulation period from end of August til start of December. It crabbed between 10-13c constantly in those 3 months.
Im done accumulating honestly.

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Too much FUD can bleed a coin to death

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I doubt half the people who browse this board have even 20k. I'm pretty sure it's all the autist newfags who want this shit to moon immediately. You faggots need to understand that every dip is a blessing and the price staying under a dollar is also a blessing.

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>We had a 3 month accumulation period

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I sold 100k worth of bitcoin yesterday and I'm seriously thinking about dumping all of it into PRQ.

I'm I retarded or a genius?

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I got into the party late, I only have 4.2k. Also kind of a poorfag. Hoping to get to 5k. It's the only coin I truly believe in. The wallet is actually such a solid idea from a business standpoint.

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This meme is the perfect FUD killer.

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Whats so funny about it?

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I doubt you would lose money long term, but it might be a measly 2x 1 year from now aswell. Also, the swing whales will dump on you the second the price goes up.

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You really think we're staying below 1 dollar eoy?

I mean obviously who fucking knows, but I've been out of the telegram and general PRQ loop for a little while so I want to hear more from the community. I'm a 4200 PRQ stacklet but with 100 grand in my back pocket after a successful post-covid BTC bullrun I'm looking to make my next move into something new. Bigly.

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scam coin, stay away from it.
you'll get there. Keep accumulating and don't get discouraged from this not pumping like the other retards.
because if you think 3 month accumulation period is a long time for a coin from it's release date, you're an absolute retard. It has ~50m market cap, most people aren't finished "accumulating" newfag

>> No.25850762

Also what's the cheapest way to accumulate PRQ? I've done coinbase wallet conversions from ETH and uniswap conversions as well. Coinmetro keeps rejecting my ID fotos and selfies (I think my face is just a weird shape). It's so goddamn expensive tho.

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1$ EOM
2$ EOQ1
10-20$ EOY

These are my predictions. Parsiq is going to be one of the biggest performers in 2021. But then again Im all-in so I might be biased. Not going to tell you how to spend your 100k I suggest you do some research and get updated on their progress.
Wouldnt wait too long though because in this month they are going to announce a partnership with a top 3 Defi Protocol which I think will send it to 1$ (If BTC and ETH stop shitting the bed).

The only thing I can give you for now is these messages from a Parsiq team member about the prospects for 2021.

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I bet you must be a former Link Marine, theres no fucking way Parsiq is going to take 3 years like LINK.
The difference here is that before Parsiq even came on the market they already had a fully functioning product, a full team, and a clear roadmap/direction they want to go in. They have already made progress at lightning speed, gathered impressive partnerships like Bitfury and Binance, received millions from the Binance Accelerator Fund etc.
2021 is going to be their biggest year and accumulation is over. If you think otherwise you dont know enough about Parsiq and you're applying confirmation bias because of your previous Chainlink experience.

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holding 22k prq bought between 0,11-0,28.
this is literally the best low cap tech u can get. it is really like link 2017.
we accumulate now since few weeks between 0,4-0,5 after 2-3x, this increase happens in crytp often suddenly. we stay 2months at 0,4 and then in 2 weeks we are at 1-2$.

pro for this project is:
the tech. even binance give them a support fund (google it)

we are not listed in a big exhcange like coinbase or binance

many new news will pump it

low cap, so high chance for 10x and more

good team, they helped many users at the coinmetro hack

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the moment it will be listed on a big cex, all the fud about liquidity will go away and wales will buy in.

I expect 2$ after a big CEX listing and 10$ EOY

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yeah. prq is my chance to get a bag of btc. hope for 10$ so i can buy 10 btc with it.

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Yes, I'm a linky, but that argument has nothing to do with what I said? I don't doubt that PRQ can potentially reach 1b mcap within 1-2 years, but saying that accumulation period is over at 50M market cap is just plain retarded, no? My main point is that there's no need to rush a pump on something that's guaranteed, and buy dips. You predict that this will get to $10~$20 EOY, yet accumulation phase is over at 50c. Fucking lol

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I said for me personally accumulation is over. Ofcourse theres plenty of time to accumulate for latecomers.
I have no plans putting more fiat towards it anymore since I already threw all I had at it for 3 months straight, unless it happens to dip below 20c again which I highly doubt. So I dont care for crabbing or dips I just want it to pump now.

>> No.25851333

USDC obviously

>> No.25851487

i expect 1-2$ BEFORE a big cex listing, after that 5-10$ pump, then i dump back to 2-3$ same day and then we will rise slow, until the next defi euphoria starts

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>"I said for me personally accumulation is over. Ofcourse theres plenty of time to accumulate for latecomers."
>2021 is going to be their biggest year and accumulation is over.
>I have no plans putting more fiat towards it anymore since I already threw all I had at it for 3 months straight

So let me get this straight, it's at 50c right now and you're shilling to others here that you believe this project will get to $10~$20 EOY, but you're done accumulating? You're so confident in this project to do a 20~40x by end of the year, yet you don't have any plans to throw ANY more fiat in? Do you hear yourself retard? You're one of the active trannygram member, aren't you?

>> No.25851584

I have more than 100% of my networth in PRQ and I am not selling one single parsnip until $500 each

>> No.25851722

based, and neither will I. Some of these newfags shilling this shit are insufferable though

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Why so agressive nigger, its not that I dont want to put in more fiat, I cant. I worked overtime almost every day at my minimum wage shit job to put as much money towards PRQ at 10c as I could.
But I got fucking sick of it so now that I have already made a 4-5x I went back to working just enough hours to cover my rent and bills, so I have no more fiat leftover.

So yes, for the third time, my accumulation is O-V-E-R

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>tfw only 470 parsnips

>> No.25851829

How does 94,000 sound?

>> No.25851903

>2021 is going to be their biggest year and accumulation is over
because you generalized that accumulation period is over in this specific sentence by replying to my initial argument saying "3 month accumulation period is not long", faggot. And you sound more and more like a pajeet than a legitimate shiller

>> No.25852022

>He calls others insufferable
The only insufferable cunt in this thread is you. But thats a general trend with Linkies they have become arrogant faggots who think they run /biz/, everybody else is a 'pajeet' or 'newfag'.
Just shut the fuck up already

>> No.25852061

>And you sound more and more like a pajeet than a legitimate shiller
don't say gay things like this

>> No.25852081

Now now boys, we're all PRQ Chads with our own goals, aspirations and timelines here, let's not fight.

>> No.25852109

Now you're just going off tangent after being called out. Keep being a pajeet though. Guys accumulation period is over, but this'll do 20~40x but I won't put any more fiat unless it goes to 20c! You're doing god's work though, anon. Hopefully others see your messages in this thread and sell their PRQ

>> No.25852144

Yeah, this.
Unless it's for more PRQ, then the fight club is on. I'll even take my shirt off

>> No.25852187

250$ in 2022

>> No.25852293


I like you.

>> No.25852533

proud to be a prq chad. never sell, never panic, never be poor anymore

>> No.25853115

Checked and based, if this VISA anon is right our harvest is coming much sooner than expected.

>> No.25853348

50k holder and I'm panic buying all i can until T1 exchange listing.
only token I'm willing to toss fiat at and feel confidant in,

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Parsneed chads unite!

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prq is the ultimative token für biz to make money and have a chance to get btc in longterm.
i dont understand, why people don buy it. did biz lose so much buypower

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>a chance to get btc in longterm.

>> No.25854078

i see altcoins as chance to get a big stack of btc without paying a fortune.
Parsiq is Link 2017 right now, take u 94k and make a Mio, then buy btc and make 100Mio from that.then thank me later

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if more people understood how this can be used we'd already be at $10

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9 out of 10 Parsiq holders themselves dont even fully understand Parsiq. Most havent even watched this AMA yet. Its a shame really.

>> No.25854289

Ah yeah, my retarded brain misunderstood

I watched his entire AMA. Refresh my memory on this bit?

>> No.25854367

no problem chad, u are a high ig anon with this stack.

>> No.25854487


it's around 1:23:00, he's talking about the transformations of the stream of events.

The kicker here is that you can also build a "state" for the entity you're grouping by (through the aggregator).

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>> No.25854583

This is pretty common in the industry. Sprints are fixed in length, that's the whole point. At the end of the spring you decide which items are fit for production and which require further work. Those that do are moved to the next sprint, but you will not change the length of a sprint. So you can easily guess when PRQ's next sprint will end if you know the duration of their previous one.

>> No.25855016

Thanks guys
Also, anyone know how much PRQ you need to stake? I'm a 4.6k coinlet

>> No.25855372

Just bought 10k of this, sold at 60c a while ago and been waiting for a sub-50c dip which happened today. Not selling again until $2, I'm done spending hours a day on charts I will just be holding going forward. Feels good to hold a project with actual value proposition.

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Goddamn swingie, you better hold on to your stack this time

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