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What the fuck is going on right now.

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Institutions dumped on you, you absolutele mongoloid

>muh this time it's different

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Poopee pooo poooo peeee peeee

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Tether outed themselves as a scam on a podcast

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bubble is popping, US is about to ban all crypto

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The proverbial rug has been proverbially pulled

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i dunno probably due to the tether fud, then tether will turn out okay and we will be back to 40k on 16th

or not, depends on what happens

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niggers bought and we sold

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US waged war on Whites who hold the majority of cryptocurrencies. It's over.

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Bongs already basically did. US and EU will follow. They lways try shit out first with the retarded Bongs, they literally live in 1984 dystopia hell already.

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Hey hey hey! Hey hey hey! Hey hey hey! Whatsawhatsawhatsawhatsawhatsawhatsawhatsa up Bitconnect! Hey hey hey everybody my name is Carlos Matos and I am coming from New York City, New York and let me tell you guys that I am so excited, I am so happy, I am really so thrilled to be right now sharing this amazing, glorious, super, and exciting moment of my life with all of you guys, and let me tell you that we are really changing the world as we know it, the world is not anymore the way it used to be, mmm mmm, No! No! No! BITCONNECT! Wow! BITCONNECT! We are coming and we are coming in waves! We are starting and we are watching go all over the world! We are pelting the entire world! Let me tell you guys that I started 137 days ago with only $25,610 and right now I am reaching $140,000! Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah Whats up? And let me tell you that I am actually earning around one hun- I mean $1,400 on an every day basis, seven days a week! What I am right now independently, financially independently. I am saying to so many people who say that this was going to be con artist game, that this was gonna be a scammer game, “Hey! You’re gonna lose all your money!” My wife still doesn’t believe in me!

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What tether fud again?

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I’m telling him “Oh honey, this is real!” “Oh no no no no no, that’s a scam!” And I said “But wait I’m gonna go to the bank and I’m gonna get my bitcoins and I’m actually gonna turn it into dollars, here there right on the table!” “No, that’s money you took from another account!” And I’ll say “What am I gonna do” Then I said to myself, “You know what? When I am starting to put $10,000 a day on her, right on her, you know on her table.” Then she’s gonna say “Woah!” Hahaha! Yo yo yo yo yo! “OK that’s real!” Hahahaha! So guys, I’m gonna tell you something. Faith and believe is the one thing that we will need to be able to change the world, and right now I believe that in this room, we have the seed that’s gonna germinate and is going to explode into an amazing opportunity for us to change this entire world. I am so proud, I am so honored, I am so excited to be here right now and let me tell you something, that each and every one of you has the opportunity to become like those amazing people that we know here from Vietnam. Hey hey! My group from Vietnam! Making so much money that it could probably that could probably have a real hard time counting it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! So guys, let me tell you, I love, BITCONNECT!

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bro my monopoly money backed by absolutely nothing turned out to be scam.
Xrp is the fist Domino to fall, you think big brother is not going protect usd?
or that sha-256 won't be broken?
or that Satoshi put a back door?

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cucks sold


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Have you been living under a rock in the last 14 days?

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>cyrpto goes up 200% in 1 month
>20% pull back
>whines like a little bitch

welcome to crypto, this is a black friday sale right now, buy more and HODL, you will thank me in 3 years

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no one wants your bags

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He thinks that this massive almost 30% from ATH dip was induced by a few shoeshine boys... Kek

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The internet is about to be shut down, the new world order is beginning January 20th

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based newfag

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But /biz/ yesterday was saying to buy bitcoin because it was about to take off to 100k.

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Unironically healthy correction. The market was absolutely overheated and normies gambling with money they don't have need to be shaken out regularly

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over leveraged longs

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US/UK/AU/NZ/Canada/EU are officially banning all Cryptocurrencies.

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Tether (chinks) bought Bitcoin for free and pumped it to new ATH while everybody else used their hard earned moneys.

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( _ )¯\_(ツ)_/¯( _ )

what I'm going to with these?

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People who aren't degenerate gamblers listened to the Tether podcast and are cashing out before the real crash happens.
Remember, no one ever went broke cashing out when they were still green.

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worse than chinks
they're italians

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So, barely anyone actually uses crypto for anything?

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Based retard. Just hodl until it drops to 1k

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don't forget russians pulled off that STQ coin scam, it's a honeypot for fools

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Institutional money are leaving

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Banning it means that the institutions want it all. If you sell you will not be authorized to travel to Mars or the Moon Casino's.

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unironically yes

cucks sell, price dips. Every bull run, every time.

New ath in a week

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Line go up, line go down, line go up, line go down...

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Bitcoin is a pseudo-pyramid scheme, there is no commission, and the top players obviously have a lot of fun rinsing out paper hands while diamond hands live on to the next ATH. This does not apply to shitcoin which are pyramid schemes/ pump and dumps.

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Crypto being erased and watching all you plebs cry on the way to the railroad.

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You forgot one important factor.
I buy: Line go down
I sell: Line go up

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I knew it was ogre when I heard one of the old Jews on Sunday Night Football last week talking about bitcoin.

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>Bongs already basically did
did we?

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A correction everyone saw coming is happening, did you think number go up forever?

Wallets with 1000+ btc are growing in this dip. Its weak handed faggots selling filling those wallets.

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Babby's 1st crash. This isn't even bad. It's going to rebound then the True Crash™ happens.

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>Babby's 1st crash
wtf are you talking about? BTC has never crashed this hard

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Try buying only.

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>Out yourself as a scam on a podcast
>It's not 3d chess at all
These guys wanted the market to dump. You realize every big player right now wants the market to shit itself so they can get as much of the "MUH BITCOIN STOCK GOIN UP AGEEN" retard money out and get those coins into their own hands.

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dude how new are you

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You are not wrong.

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>Out yourself as a scam on a podcast
It's cute how much you really really want this to be true.

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chink miners are crashing this market with no survivors, plus profit taking niggers, plus shorting to hedge (me), plus overleveraged retards being liquidated, plus normies panic selling

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Y’all think this is a crash? Just give me your coins you don’t deserve them

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bullish dumping

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So you can buy drugs off the DarkWeb ? They won't have any other use dude lol

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>these are the people browsing /biz/ nowadays
cringe. nocoiners are filth

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Isn't the big Tether deadline on the 15th? Probably people doing one last pump and dump before that.

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>newfags getting out too early
>people want to cash out before Biden taxes
if you're not buying this dip then you're an idiot

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Mike pompeo is about to delist BTC from all US based exchanges

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bear trap probably

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how many days until he is fired because Biden is in office?

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BTC is not a security.

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Considering bitcoin is getting banned all across the world and taxxed into oblivion , doubtful son.

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>about to see massive amounts of deplatforming
>just sell! no use dude besides drugs!

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>CCP controls more than 60% of the hashrate
>CCP gets majority of bitcoin mined
>CCP gets majority of transactions fees

LMAO the US government doesn't give a fuck, it doesn't want its money leaving to china. don't say I didn't warn you

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Those madmen actually did it.

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This is the reason, 100 %.
The chance that Tether is NOT a scam is getting really close to 0 % after the podcast they did.
Institutions/sophisticated investors knew about the issue with Tether, but now they know for certain that they'll get fucked so they cash out.

Here's the podcast:

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That won't matter, war has basically already been declared on China by normalizing relations with Taiwan the other day.

Fuck Biden, fuck China and fuck you.

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No they’re not. Fuck off.

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>this is your brain on XRP

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Trying too hard.

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Trump did an EO banning a lot of Chinese companies, that was passed today at 9:30 am. Some of those companies were cryptominers. Cryptomining companies have been selling all their shit lately

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>Considering bitcoin is getting banned all across the world and taxxed into oblivion , doubtful son.
You got a link for that?

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this is the only thing they can spam today adn they all act like it's the absolute truth and you are to dense to not see that

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please refer to

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those pandemic relief checks going to ccp hands who wud have thot

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>btc has been violently correcting 20-40% during every bullrun
bobo: noo nooo this time it's different, this time bitcoin is dead

>btc has always exceeded its ATH from previous cycle by at least x10
bobo: noo nooo this time it's different, this time bitcoin's bullrun ends at x2 from previous ATH

>btc has been following numerous macro indicators for 12 years
bobo: noo nooo this time it's different, this time they will fail

>btc has been following the 2y bear&bull cycle for the last 12 years
bobo: noo nooo this time it's different, this time bitcoin is dead

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i tried to warn them

but they wouldnt listen

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>click sign in
>enter my information
>do 2FA
>get this
thanks kraken

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Keep coping retards. Hold those bags for 3 more years will you

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Bullshit. Germany just declared they'll support blockchain based assets.

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>Institutions dumped on you, you absolutele mongoloid

Told you all this is going to happen. Happy I sold two days ago. If you guys are smart, you are going to buy some XRP. Thank me later.

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protip: dxy

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The globalist crime cartel hi-jacked washington, and they are now in the process of consolidating power and making sure they never again will be challanged by any populist competitor. They will set their sights on crypto, for it challanges their status quo, so you might be on to something there.

Just remember folks, evil never shows itself as some devlish creature with horns and a pitchfork - instead, it deceives by appearing as the ultimate good.

Interesting times ahead. that's for sure.

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if u need liquidity better sell, this shit is gonna tank for a while

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Bear cope

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>Xrp is the fist Domino to fall, you think big brother is not going protect usd?

It isn't going to fall, retard, it will be their savehafen until Sommer; the centralized number on your phone will mark the end of crypto.

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None of that has anything to do with being a security.

And if they want to cut off Chinese miners, then mining becomes profitable again for us regular non-bugmen.
And guess what happens then.

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/pol/fag here just to remind you that its happening

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Truly fucking stupid. It’s called what happens after every coin violently mooning. Pic related also shows that it’s still holding its value in every meaningful way. Holy shit you’re stupid, hold fucking fuck

Actually, unironically based and brilliant response

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I got so fucked buying LRC (looping) I have like 350 bucks at .5 this will teach me not to fomo and buy during moons. anytime have any resources on reading price charts?

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The inevitability of mixing crypto and fiat you absolute fucking retards.

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>3d chess

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That actually sounds more realistic than the tether scam fud, maybe it's a mixture of both

>> No.25835782

then bitcoin will go down to like $100 and fall into the irrelevancy it was destined for

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Buy Boardwalk and Park Place.

>> No.25835860

Enjoy the sale. Atleast now I can buy something.

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One bank not working with exchanges anymore isn't "crypto getting banned all over the world" idiot

>> No.25835872

newfag / /a/tourist here, I was lurking /biz/ this weekend and every recommendation I saw was "it's not a good idea to buy now, we're at a peak right now and it will probably dip soon."

>> No.25835893

Is coinbase down for anyone else? I actually am trying to buy something just to check if everything is in order with my creit card, but it is stuck at "Authorizing"

>> No.25835905

>mining becoming profitable again for normal people who were years too late to mine the fabled bitcoin back in 2011 is bad for bitcoin
Thanks for that turbotard take, turbotard.

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Should've invested in DAI. Sorry pals

>> No.25835939

They do it there because bongs just roll over and let them do whatever they want.

>> No.25835958

Half of the doomfags have to be shitposts. Anyone paying attention longer than a couple of years knows that this is inevitable on the way up. Bobo slaughter needs to be offset by events like this, but the Bobo slaughter is in no way over.

>> No.25836047

and this post is why we are dumping

>> No.25836146

Imagine thinking having the worlds reserve currency and transaction system (aka crypto) so dependent on the power and internet is a good idea. You people dont even know what de-centralized is.

What is a Solar Flare for $500 Alex?

>> No.25836257

Imagine thinking the entire financial system isn't already dependent on power and internet

>> No.25836342

Unironically take you meds

>> No.25836416

I didn't say it wasn't, but it doesn't have to be, it wasn't 20 years ago. we just made it that way for convince. We used cash fine for Hundreds of years, without power or internet.

>> No.25836486

Some banks don't let us withdraw crypto earnings "apparently"

>> No.25836519

What’s an emp from Russia and china for the daily double, all in, alex?

>> No.25836525

sure, hold your worthless fiat bags will you

>> No.25836597

this guy gets it

>> No.25836604

Fucking kike frog

>> No.25836726

I think that's just HSBC, at least that's the only one on the article I saw a few days ago

>> No.25836729

damn, first the "trump won the election" cope and now this, I feel so sorry for some anons, literally thinking reality will magically conform to whatever they want

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Alt Season.
Hurry up and while you can.

This one auto-moons from arbitrage bots and burn on trade.

Telegram: @TartarusGroup

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you bought the top like a fucking normie

>> No.25836962

there wont be an alt-season you inbred nigger
no one gives a shit about your stupid tokens anymore - none of them - literally not a single fucking one has any real world use case
bitcoin is the only crypto that will have any value at all past 2021

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>when maxipads lash out

>> No.25837037



Guess what dipshit - other cryptos can have fixed supply caps as well.

>> No.25837042

Greater Fool theory

>> No.25837077

No the problem is that in the last 3 bubbles it had risen further and crashed harder. What you are seeing right now is an unusually weak bitcoin bubble. It's lukewarm at best. Don't join the market during the bubble if you don't understand that.

>> No.25837091

for a second there I thought something had changed, but its business as usual.

>> No.25837094

Was up 6K in profit now only have 3K in profits, should i just HOLD or sell now and rebuy with that 3K

>> No.25837123

>magical bots giving u money
this is exactly what bitconnect claimed too

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Imagine it goes back right to the open price of the day.

>> No.25837207

>there are people right now who legitimately think it's the end of crypto as we know it
Not happening, this kind of volatility is common

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It literally crashed a week ago before going up to 42.

>> No.25837309

> November 2020
> Securities
What does Bitcoin have to do with securities?

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.. are you saying that any retard can just copy-paste a line of code and print digital gold?

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Why wouldn't they want their money leaving to China? Joe Biden was put in the office by the chinks. China owns America.

>> No.25837380

>Isn't the big Tether deadline on the 15th
what does this mean, "deadline". I know nothing about Thether other than that it is almost certainly a scam

>> No.25837468

This is it.

>> No.25837471

Jan 15 is the deadline by which Tether has to submit docs to the NY AG regarding events that happened two years ago.
Nothing more.

>> No.25837537

This was so goddamn close to best post of 2021

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>BTC has never crashed this hard

Hello newfag.

>> No.25837611

>BTC has never crashed this hard

>> No.25837694

Tapped in

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>> No.25837936

and if they don't submit, we're goign to zero? got it

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Kek kek kek kek

>> No.25838018

They've been submitting non stop since April 2019.
Millions of pages.

And all along, the NY AG's case has been constantly narrowing.

>> No.25838075

There were a lot of cucks since that twitternigger told them all to buy

>> No.25838210

it won't. It will dump to 20k then slowly rise to 50k by the end of the year

>> No.25838284

bull trap is obvious

>> No.25838303

sometimes number go down

>> No.25838348


>> No.25838353

>>btc has been violently correcting 20-40% during every bullrun
>bobo: noo nooo this time it's different, this time bitcoin is dead
>>btc has always exceeded its ATH from previous cycle by at least x10
No it hasn't, current ATH is around 40k, previously it was 20k. You people call every local maximum an ATH.

>> No.25839385

>entire board is whining about muh BTC
>come to smg for other info on dip in stock market
>everyone in the thread still whining about muh BTC

Go to literally any other thread cryptofags, someone explain to me why TSLA dipped today

>> No.25839494

God all the newfaggotry is too much for me right now.. Guess now is the time to break from biz.

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This, fucking newfags disgust me