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you taked profits right anon?

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Nope. I haven't taken my profits yet because I think it will go lower (Short position)

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yes just waiting to buy back in

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Sure, only an absolute cretin could not see the top. Now we'll wait few week for a new dip and then buy.

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Nope I cope by telling myself I’ll buy the dip at sub 15k

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Absolutely sirs. I took many profits sirs. Will buy back in at 2/3k sirs.

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Holy shit the IQ on this board hurts

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Why yes, I am a genius that sold 1% of my holdings at the top. How could you tell?

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newfag nigger

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go back

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Absolutely filtered. Embarassing.

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sirs, I..........

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no </3

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Shut up nufag

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Yep, sold BTC at 33k and sold ETH at 1.1k.

Where did you anons exit at?

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Yes, I want it to dump lower so I can buy more

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3 BTC at 41k

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I just did, unironically

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I took a tiny amount of profits from the Bitcoin I bought in 2015 a few weeks ago at $23k so I could get fiat for down payment on a house. Big mistake in retrospect if I had held I'd be up another 40%

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Oh yes I did thanks for asking anon.

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no, I did boughted more

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they were small but i did.

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All I'm doing is farming with BoringDAO. All year. That's it.

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You won't stop what's inevitable

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If you held you would have thought that it would moon to 50 - 100k like the rest of these idiots, be glad you made some money.

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breh if you can put a deposit on a house with a "tiny" portion of profits, you're good. I feel your pain, but you have many gains to come that will far outweigh these blips...

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how do you "take profits" when the IRS will "take your profits"?

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you're the /biz/ version of giving up at the taurus demon

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I didn't take profits. Again. I either miss profits by selling to early or I miss them by not selling at all. I'm not even kidding this always happens.

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20 to 40k in a week
who the FUCK did not cash out?

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just bought more stay mirin

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bought at 18.8k sold at 37.7k, this shit is too easy

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No sell, only hodl

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$300 worth

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Hodl Wavessssssss

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Sure did. Was determined to not be a pathetic bagholder this time. Will be swinging my whole stack back in at a comfy 4k

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Yes but I could have taken more

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I took profits when btc was 8k
now im buying the top and never selling

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if dubs, economic crash imminent

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Low quality bait

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No I didn't taked

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>imagine tanking out only 10k

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Sold @ 40k lmao

When do I buy again?

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Nope I am a hodl fag to the bitter end. Drop to 0 already so I can stop having this shit crowd my mental space!!

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50% of the posters here are chink and pajeet shills

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nah i havent sold anything since i dumped all my link last year

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