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This is bullshit. Fuck the bogs.

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Just don't buy mondero

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dump harder payday is 2 days away

111 masterrace

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fuck i really need a couple of days for the price to stay low or i won't be able to load my bags

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All crypto is garbage and you’re all gonna get fucked

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this is absolutely bullish for PirateChain
huge upside potential

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fuck off nocoiner faggot

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Why isn't Monero dumping?!


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cmon baby i know your value but just do a little roleplay pretend youre something worthless like piratecoin or zcash

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Is it on the darknet yet?

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>this fucking price action
we're going to ATH by the end of January

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Is it... a moment of truth? We are only green coin among red shitcoins.

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It feels good bros
It feels so good

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Don't invest money you aren't willing to lose. You don't get fucked if you abide by this rule.

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why is monero so bullist i still need 2 days noooooooooooooo

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why the fuck would i be willing to lose any of my money

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Because you need to spend money to make money. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life is a gamble.

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imagine being a turbonpc

live laugh love

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That's not an NPC sentiment, because NPCs are weekend warriors that don't invest. I don't see how big money is going to fall on anyone's lap without time and money, unless you get lucky.

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contrary to popular opinion Monero is used in less than a tenth of darknet deals despite being available since 2014.
BTC is pumped by ASICs and fake cash.
Monero is legit. It's CPU-only now too.
Some other question.
I have over 10k in crypto, should I get an i9 or an AMD Threadripper and mine it? is it complicated?

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>contrary to popular opinion Monero is used in less than a tenth of darknet deals despite being available since 2014
this is changing fast, the number 1 market as of empire exist scamming is monero only