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i will not panic sell.
i will not panic sell.
i will not panic sell.

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you bought the top don't you?

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I am inevitable

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Why you should just buy HEX and stake thst shit bro so your pussy ass weak faggot hands cant panic sell

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I literally cashed out a good 10% of my porfolio 2 days ago.
Nothing feels better than selling at the top, not even buying at the rock bottom right before a golden bullrun. I wonder why.

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no, but seeing my portfolio dip 20% is a heartstopper no matter how much 10's of times i've experienced it

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I can feel the build up to the next batch sell.

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i cashed out 75% but then again its only 160$
however i am still angry that i held out for 2 days waiting for the alt boom to sell, only for it to happen yesterday

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