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I can't take it anymore. Every time I buy a coin it crashes and as soon as I sell it goes back up. What the fuck is wrong with me? I've lost half of my life savings.

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Happens to me too.

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just fucking hold god damn is everyone on this board retarded

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>I've lost half of my life savings.
lmao. from a 12% btc correction? HOW?!

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this. HODL for at least a year

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Stop aping into things and learn how to read a chart. Pick your entries based on the charts and levels up support, set a price target and stop losses. There are plenty of opportunities, if a coin never hits the level you want to buy it at you can always move on to the next project.

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buy and hold for at least a month
just do your research before buying a scam

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Dude if you're investing with savings just do safe stocks instead of coins jesus christ it's not that hard.

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Why the FUCK would I hold.
Fuck off back to Robinhood and enjoy your financial devestation

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>as soon as I sell it
thats what wrong with you brainlet

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>his investment style isn't lethargy bordering on sloth
you literally invest like a woman

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*levels of support

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Controlling your emotions isn’t easy, look at all the tether threads from plebs who sold low

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you've been

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You're not the only one. Literally the second I bought it crashes. I haven't touched memecoins in a year or so, but I guess this was to be expected because during the 2017-2018 pump, everything crashed after newyear.

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If you invest you’ll get rich, problem is people trade in and out of positions and most traders lose money and nearly all underperform the hodler

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ignore this guy. do NOT set stop losses lmao such an easy way to get priced out. happened to me in 2017 multiple times
>what is a scam wick

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If you’re planning to go back in, BTC and ETH only, then go fucking disappear for 6-12 months you weepy cunt.

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BTFD you dip shit

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Same I want to kilo myself

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I only have a small amount to invest so I had to buy shitcoins and hope for them to moon. The tiny amount of bitcoinI could buy isn't going to be enough to get me to lamboland even if bitcoin does 10x or 20x.

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stop buying or stop selling.

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>just fucking hold god damn is everyone on this board retarded


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Learn to read a. couple indicators so you understand wtf is happening on both micro and macro timeframes OP >>25804306

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Because being able to predict short term price movements is a myth and bitcoin rises like a force of nature.

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keep at it. buy at the next peak. that's when you really know it's doing well.

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I think the net gain of avoiding getting rugged outweighs the potential of missing out, but yeah you don't have to use stop losses, I generally don't but also haven't loss half of my life savings trading crypto.

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Unironically don't pay attention to the charts until your 1 year anniversary.

If you're looking for money buy a suicide stack in any coin that's not above $0.25. You won't even be losing much money if it fails.

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I make the right decision according to my plan and then fuck myself by doing the exact opposite.

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Shift your sell-buy cycle by 180 degrees.

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I have lost a thousand dollars mistiming 3 shorts on BTC in the last 4 hours AS IT FALLS
I am being BOGGED as we speak