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I tried to warn you last week.
No one listened.
I told you to take some profits
Now you will see PRQ crash to sub 0.10
Why you never learn /biz/ ?

Also reminder : Just a wallet

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Lost 20k
I am financially ruined
My wife might leave me

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Make sure she gets the prq in the divorce and not the GRT.

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Is this FUD because I thought this was like a reverse smart contract, basically almost as valuable as LINK in the short term with potentially the same amount of use cases in another direction

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I am financially ruined.

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quads $20 boy

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keep it up guys I'm enjoying the new memes.

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This piece of shit need to go to the ground !!!
Bought at .71 and now it keeps going down
I just sold fews minutes ago and will keep my ether for the coming pump
Better chance to do x5

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I actually don't know which level of irony we're at right now.

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I bought the top at €0.90 and now I'm down 60%. Piece of shit scamcoin

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I love this. I keep thinking we actually dumped but we never go below 0.48 at the lowest.
Stablecoin > dump coin, at least.

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Finally people are waking up, we told you from day one that whales and VCs have heavy bag to dump on you and that's what they're doing.

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Also I made this meme

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Me on the left

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Now 0.45
In fews hours 0.40
In 2 days 0.20

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what VCs?

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They appear to be in the wrong thread. This isn't GRT.

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this is the same swing we've seen the past few days, why are you freaking out?

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This is the same level I've been accumulating at all week and it's making me suspicious that it's planned.
I always end up buying at 0.47, and then it soon goes back up. Rinse, repeat.

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this thread is cringe

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i liek numbers go up, y go donw?

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it's because bitcoin is taking a shit right now

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Yeah, I'm aware of that, but it's still been following this trend even when BTC was pumping.
I haven't been keeping track of the charts though so I don't know if there's any singular person or group working in it. Always down to around 0.47 then a brief pump.

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From below .42$ I’m buying all in. Selling my other tokens for it.

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There's gonna be a pump in the near future. But after the pump I may start swinging 10% of my stack if retard dump whale keeps his random dumps going.

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Shut up Jon you mentally disabled bong

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your moms mouth is cringing cause its full of my cum
apparently she doesnt like it, but she doesnt have any say in this

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I just traded all my GRT for PRQ.

500 more PRQ then I hit 5k.. as poorfag that'll make me happy. I genuinely believe in this project. Every time I see Anatoly a foot taller I feel all warm inside.

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bro were fucked
its down to like 42 cents
lower than its ever been
if i kept all my money in eth i would have 10+ thousand right now
instead i have 10k PRQ that ive lost over 1k on now

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You're right, it'll never go up again

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It's over......

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Damn bro's, it really is over, 0.35...

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i hope this thing doesn't moon for a long time like LINK didn't. I want to accumulate to 50k

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oh fuck bros it just hit 15 cents im about to rope my neck while jacking my dick

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