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Post your worst regrets and how much they cost ITT.
>be me
>try swinging XRP to take advantage of normans
>lose 8 eth after sec news.

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>january 2018
>start losing everything
>completely demoralized
>doesn't touch crypto until january 2021

Eh. I should have kept buying and trading

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is that you zai?

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>convince wife to drop 5k in bitcoin
>her coworkers say it's a scam
>its dipping and she wants to sell

I married a dumb one

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I got cucked by CBDAO

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You told your wife to buy at the very ATH achieved trough non-organic pump? She really is dump for listening to you

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>try sending $50 USDC to Swissborg for their reward
>sent it via wrong network, so lost 50 dolers
>send $50 in BNB
>get $2 reward in BTC
>swap those $50 BNB into $50 BTC
>send $52 BTC back to my wallet
>$15 fee for transfer
>tfw lost $65 because of $2

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I was buying eth and ltc at $90 and $20 respectively. I had to sell all my ltc a while ago when it was like $50 or something because i had $0 in my bank. Feels retarded man

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I accidently gave my friend 0.1 BTC instead of 0.01 and he ghosted me. We were best friends since preschool so it was really weird. I went to his house to confront him but his mom said he moved away. I told her that he ghosted me for 0.1 BTC so she hugged me to cheer me up and then my boner she felt it and then we banged. Later she was asking me all sorts of questions about crypto currency and bitcoin.

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I bought mine at 2500 and hold $500k+ worth. Nice try, kid.
The point is I regret involving a normie in bitcoin

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>Put £300 in BTC when it was below £9000
>Forget about it
>Look again in December
>Haha I remember what happened 4 years ago, i'll swap the profit into a series of altcoins I know fuck all about!
>Lose most of it paying ETH while panic selling shit coins
>BTC still climing to ATH
>Realise I could have just held onto BTC in the first place instead of thinking I was Billy Big Bollocks coming in to take some scalps and ride the altmarket to victory