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Thoughts anons? Anyone going to cash out and hold dry powder soon?

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>just two more weeks until the crash!

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what the fuck is that

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Zerohedge has been saying this same thing for the last 10 years, I swear I have seen this article in like 2015 lol.

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It's a bell pepper you dumb American

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Easily could drop ~20%, but an unprecedented 65% when the vaccine is being rolled out and Trump has all but conceded? There wasn't even close to that drop when 9/11 happened. Maybe Tesla, but it's grown 700% this year.

Stocks only go up, but make sure to diversify into miners/gold/silver and recession proof stocks because we're still not even close to being out of this.

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looks disgusting, how spicy is it?

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i’m going to invest in these and ride this bear all the way down with pm’s and puts.

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So open a large short with a distant closing date? Say 1/15/2022??

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Thanks anon, I might get some miners again I had SILJ and GDXJ, you recommend any? Also holding CLF but that’s steel

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Really? Think you could find it, I’m sure part of it is FUDposting to get clicks still may have merit
If I knew more of what I was doing I would

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Broken clock rubbish.
A correction might be due but we're in a high inflationary environment and the USD has been heading lower and breaking older support levels over months. Nothing in the short-medium term is going to change that, it will only get worse.
The Fed is going to let inflation run hot because the US wants more stimulus and spending. A Biden Government will also not rush any chink flu recovery, which means the economy will need more printing to keep it going for longer. None of this will change any time soon.
USD go down; everything else go up. TINA.

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I'm holding DV and bhs, both silver miners. DV is especially good because 0 debt.

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all this shit dumps when the market crashes anyways

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Why would it crash with Biden and the democrats in charge? The capital gains tax increase might push some people out of stock to lock in gains, but they'll also be inflating the dollar like never before. Since you can defer taxes on real estate the price of property will probably spike.

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>Think you could find it
If you check zero hedge every day you will see an article like that at least once a week

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This is the view that I had, maybe a real crash towards the end of the decade. The market would start to price people out with inflation hence the rise of fractional shares

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Imagine holding cash while people are doubling their money every other month.

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>Why would it crash with Biden and the democrats in charge?
>Biden and the democrats in charge
You answered your own question anon.

Can you feel it? The great reset is upon us. As soon as bull market euphoria encapsulates all of the normies then the fed reserve will hike interest rates. Smart money will have divested by then. Then everything comes crashing down as the wealthy elites scoop up all these primo assets on the cheap. The wealth divide and normies being retarded normies will lead to a push for UBI to create complacency in the masses and quell potential rioting. You will eat the bugs, you will own nothing, and you will be happy.

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>he doesnt diversify through multiple assets slowly "swinging" off of highs as lows build up
If you do that why would you give a fuck. Literal antifragile portfolio. Also we sort of had a catastrophic crash last year. This shit doesn't happen every 2 weeks.
>always do the opposite of leddit

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Add in the $2k handout they’ll pass in february as well. Bet we see more than one of those this year.

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They can't significantly hike rates without defaulting. Won't happen. Also, if that were supposedly to happen it wouldn't be until at least 2023.

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Every market crash had a Republican president you stupid nigger

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>recession proof stocks
What are those anon? I need to know.

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>2000: Bill Clinton
>2009: Barack Obama
>both of these presidents are now republican

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this, fucking >130 iq brainlets

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Not even close. We are literally just entering the new bubble. We have about 2 years of insane and euphoric growth in equities ahead of us. For those of you crypto only fags, I would open up an account with a broker to get in on this action.

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>More money in circulation
>0 interest rates
>Printer crashes value of your dollars

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Kek if this was true the only postwar Democrat presidents were Carter, Johnson, and Truman.

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Buffet ATH

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note to self, if tqqq hits 200k per share, sell

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10 year treasury already above 1% again.

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Zerohedge has been calling the end of the world for the past ten years

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Bbbbbut they inherited it from Bush! And preonherited it from Orange Man bad!

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We are entering an era of hyper innovation that was made possible by the seeds sewn in the dotcom bubble. The internet and big data is ready for prime time, it is as revolutionary as the invention of AC electricity and will effect every single industry and every single business in the world large and small.
Whenever I hear retards shouting "NOT EVERY COMPANY IS A TECH COMPANY! NOT EVERY COMPANY IS AN AI OR DATA COMPANY!" I think to myself were people saying the same shit back in the early 20th century? "NOT EVERYONE IS AN ELECTRICS COMPANY! NOT EVERY COMPANY IS A TELECOM!"

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Imagine being this dumb.
I feel sorry for you anon.

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Holy shit an anon with a triple digit IQ

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It won't happen. In every crash in the past 40 years the fed has stepped in to prop up the markets.
Look up the Plunge Protection Team.


The current SP500 PE is around 40x. It can easily hit 100x before a crash.

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Imagine losing money by investing in that shit.

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I've worked in big data and I've yet to find a productive use for the technology, other than building a surveillance state and violating human rights.

Just sit tight in commodities, there is a giant labor shortage so prices of durable goods have nowhere to go but up. Financial assets always do poorly in inflationary environments unless you buy TIPS. When profits are 0 due to inflation, future earnings are also 0.

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I am big on a particular commodity, for those of you who stop by /smg/ you'll know we are big on steel. Also, we are not entering an inflationary period, we are actually entering a deflationary period driven by rapid technological growth much like that of the early 20th century when the yield curve was also inverted more than 50% of the time.

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I too have highly indebted steel and aluminum companies. Oil will also do well despite the mainstream narrative of climate change, which is analogous to the "cigarettes are bad for you" narrative of the 1990s. While it may be true, you shouldn't make investment decisions on what's moral or ethical. Phillip Morris continues to do well despite the meme. I might even add rubber/tire companies to the list.

Reminder that the greater their debt the better they will do. Owning the companies with the most debt will beat companies that have the most cash (so tech companies will do poorly, contrary to what most people think).

Tech does well in a deflationary period (2008-2020) and it does poorly in an inflationary period (2020-?). Their balance sheets are asset heavy.

Owning actual, durable goods are also a good investment. Buy whatever you will be needing in the next 5 years right now or else you're going to be paying double next year for the same item, which is really a net loss. A collapse in global trade is the biggest risk right now.

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where the fuck is the money supposed to go?

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in (((((their))))) pocket

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Anyone who thinks it won't go down on monday is literally so retarded they forgot last monday when it dumped after the stimulus talks failed.

It pumped because Biden says he'll pass 3 trillion in gibs.

It will dump because Joe Manchin says he will team up with republicans to block it and likely other red state senators like Brown and Tester are very likely to go along with it. A big old dumparoo is incoming.

The anti-chinese eo and the taiwan recognition will fuck up chinese stocks too, while the massive flight of tens of millions of qoomers from facebook/amazon/instagram/twitter/spotify/youtube means that the goog and other companies like it will see a correction. Contrary to retarded zoomer beliefs, the qoomers are the ones with all the consoomer money to spend and will pump whatever third party business they move it to (OANN, Parler) and there's not a fucking thing AMZN can do- someone else will step in and fill that gap if silicon valley openly alienates their customers.

Then there's other stuff, like a million armed boomerwaffen threatening to storm the capital again in a week as revanche for their fallen kameraden.

A market collapse means people lose their jobs and free land to buy up.

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They wrote yesterday that BTC will reach 100K, so opinion discarded. There will be correction because there are too many BS companies out there that are hugely overpriced like Tesla, Uber etc. But there are plenty of solid companies who are generating stable profit, they have good numbers and there is no reason why they should go down. Unironically the boomers who follow their fundamentals and don’t go after the hype like wsb and /biz/ will end up winning.

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It's mildly sweet, zero scoville. You pleb.

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