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nooo sirs wrong id am not gay

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sorry, kek wills it. dubs confirm.
now go suck some cock you faggot

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Hehe, gay.

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Sir you have to redeem yourself by buying more PNK token on uniswap

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>go look pnk on coingecko
>nothing has happened

Why do you do this to me sirs?

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>he GAY?

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top kek

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Do the needful, on your knees rahjad

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Brainlets looking at the USD pair

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I was only able to buy a pathetic 20k stack. i'm never going to make it again

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You’ll be fine. Number of holders still low

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how does $200,000 sound?

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sirs how much PNK for buy golden shitting street for my family??

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Suicide tier. Tell me there is going to be a better entry price sounds better

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you may have missed best entry in the USD pairing if you were going to get in with more fiat, purely because ETH is pumping. But on the PNK/ETH pairing, this is the bottom

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pnkies why arnt you pumping hard like the rest of the top 200? could it be that ur use case is a meme and its only #152 because of a passing comment by vitalik? if he thought ur court of law was actually viable wouldn't he had mentioned it again by now?

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Thanks, just bought 100k

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